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  1. A lot of shitty teams like Turkey does not even try to defend well. They just running about on the pitch and apparently want to "play" and get thrashed by everybody. The Swiss team had 30 shots against Turkey, if I remember correctly. Same goes for FYROM. Same goes for Ukraine. Same goes for Switzerland, Wales etc.

    Lesser teams do not even try to achieve good results! They start to attack, their enemy attacks too and then after a while the weaker team concedes one or two and probably collapses. Did you watch the Italy-Switzerland game? Or the Netherlands-Austria game? These weak teams do not park the bus. Strong teams like Italy or Belgium score easily lots of goals and then they look unstoppable.

    Stupid tactics + disastrous defending by weaker team = stronger opponent wins easily and broadcasters rave about their "wonderful performance".

  2. And FYROM lost all three of their games. Their mindless tactics (attack attack everybody) nullified their fighting spirit (they really tried hard). They played 4-4-2 against the Netherlands! I mean, their coach must be crazy to do that, mustnt he?

    If you have a bunch of nobodies as players but you are a hard working team, perhaps you can achieve a draw against Ukraine or Austria, if you try to defend like Finland or like Sweden against the Spanish team.

    I do not wish them well, of course. Sorry for these incoherent rants.

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  3. France has Kante and Matuidi (and several other decent players too). Finland has apparently only one good defensive midfielder. He is their most important player, he plays in an important position.

    Lod? Kamara? Pukki? Ha ha ha.

    We should have played at least a draw in that away game in Helsinki (0-1).

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  4. Sparv should have been killed at the outset of our game in Helsinki (1-0 loss). An injury or somewhat. His backup - Schuller - was a disaster. Sparv played against Denmark (1-0 win) and sixty minutes against Belgium (0-0). Schuller played against Russia (1-0 loss) and in the last thirty minutes or so against Belgium (2-0 loss). It is easy to see now that Sparv, their DM, was Finlands most important player. His backup cannot perform at his level.

    If we would have won that game in Helsinki, we would play now at the Euros.

    If only he would have been injured at that time... I guess if he would have been healthy now Finland would have qualify to the second round. Not against Belgium, against Russia they would have secured a draw though.

  5. 3 minutes ago, Pana_For_Life said:

    Qualification is over and we can thank jvs and his selection the team was disinterested and his selections were pathetic. We were lucky the Spanish didn’t show up last game to get a point and now in the very next game we pull this s%$#! it’s disgusting sorry I’m in the business of winning not developing or looking at the positives that’s what club teams r for. The coach is over his head. He talked a big game saying he isn’t playing guys that don’t play and then look at our lineup mavrias limnios or in the case of giannoulis and bakakis injured guys that had more then adequate replacements in tsimikas and androutsos then he called up alexandropoulos and only gives him 10 mins in a friendly sorry but this coach is an a**hole after the national league he should have been sacked 6 times in 17 games have we had a shut out and only once have we scored more then 2 goals in a game just pathetic!!!!! But it’s okay our future is bright with svarnas and mavrias F*** me man dark ages are back and not going away for a while. Slow no creativity no passion or desire it’s disgusting and not the Greek way !!!

    Tsimikas as the replacement of Giannoulis... hilariously bad decision by the coach, that is. Tsimikas should start! And he would if we would have a proper head coach.

    "our future is bright with svarnas and mavrias" that line is good LOL

  6. 1 hour ago, Rockafeller Skank said:

    Havent seen the NT play so shitte since 2008 i ve been a consistent follower but goddamn we got the point and that's all what we should care for. This puts pressure to Sweden to have to beat us or have better goal difference than us. No way the Spanish , in the middle of the groupstage, drop another point. Another positive : Sweden winning by 1 goal only.

    The defence mechanism of the team was unreal, but realisticlly we didn't play football. We played [don't-let-the-opponent-play-football]ball. [My italics - LM]

    Tsimikas - Tziolis Left Flank can look competitive with open spaces.

    That is a way of playing football. A lot of teams play like that.

  7. 22 hours ago, Euro04Kings said:

    Ive now watched this game again and have been celebrating since the result. A lot of us including me were critical of the XI but everyone played for the shirt today and gave max effort in playing their role. Tzavellas and Papadopoulos were the experience needed and Tsimikas played great. Bakakis also played well and you really cant fault him as that Morata run was just perfect. Lets hope we continue the great results. Bakasettas actually had some really important clearences in the box and I have to concede JVS knew what he was doing. Limnios got way too cute out there trying to show up Ramos but hes the only player i wasent thrilled with. All smiles for Greels today on an important day for us.

    "Tzavellas was [anything] we needed" - and apparently it is true LOL

    Would anyone have believed this if somebody would have said that after the reinclusion of Tzavellas in the squad? 🙂

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