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  1. 4 hours ago, Ellada2004 said:

    Kotsiras picked up an injury in training and will be unavailable for the Kosovo game. Rota should get the start at RB as he had a very good game vs N. Ireland. 

    Why didnt anyone from the staff warn the player about bindies and to not walk barefoot on the pitch hmm?

  2. 7 hours ago, Jimmyp said:

    I don’t think the defenders will be the problem. I understand, he shouldn’t be there. I agree 100 percent. But I think it’s the attack that should be focused on. You can’t win if you don’t score. And that’s a big problem. 

    I hope Gaffer will have the team reflecting his playing style, given he has one. If the players can carry that out then they will win more. There is a continuation of previous regimes though, for whatever reason, injuries aside. None of Manolas, Sokratis, Siovas, Fetfa, Ninis and Fortounis. There is a reluctance in desiring technically gifted and experienced players anywhere near this squad, unless you are Tzavellas and Bakasetas.

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  3. Alexandropoulos and now Nikolau, along with Siopis are interesting additions. The future of the midfield is starting to show some shoots. CDM's aplenty there.

    Another CM or two (like Galanopoulos) would be great to have come through. The Gaffer can call for Vasiliadis as a starting point.

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  4. Galanopoulos (Alexandropoulis as cover perhaps), Vasiliadis and Fortounis or;

    6. Alexandropoulis/Vasiliadis

    8. Mantalos

    10. Fortounis

    There is attacking enterprise there.

    Defence would depend purely how they perform on the day because it is hard to say.

  5. It would be interesting to read who would get the nod for most people, to pick two in each position in the midfield positions for the Ethniki:

    DM:  Kourbelis, Alexandropoulos;    CM: Galanopoulos, (Injured so two others); ?? Perhaps Kourfalidis as one?

    Need someone wth a deeper knowledge of the Greek player market then me in this case.

    CAM:  Fortounis. Fetfa? Other options- Ninis, Mantalos, Bakasetas, Pelkas. I hope they go in a different direction with the CAM position, they might have to look harder for talent. 

    Pelkas does a good job as Left Winger.


  6. As the midfield is the 'engine room' so to speak, Ethniki needs to have mids that are certainly firing, particularly in the 23-28 years age group. 

    Zeca is 33, Fetfatzidis 31, Ninis 31, Mantalos 30, Fortounis 29, Kourbelis 28, Pelkas 28, Siopis 27, Galanopoulos 24, Kourfalidis 19 and Alexandropoulos 18.  There are not too many consistent performers at 18-19 that play for club teams, let alone National teams. It mainly shows a lack of depth that Alexandropoulos and Koufalidis are with the seniors atm. Great potential though definitely. It looks like Kourbelis DM, Galanopoulos (disappointingly very injury prone) CM, and Bakasetas, Pelkas or Fortounis as AM. I chose Alexandropoulos at CM because Gala is injured and he might be the next best option there.

    I've changed my mind about having chosen Mantalos above. I feel that era of Ninis, Fetfa, Siovas, and Sokratis is slightly bygone. Mantalos is just over the other side, he is not in great form either. I still hope Manolas can do the business in future. Can be abit older as CB's and GK'rs. 

    Bouchalakis and Zeca do not impose themselves in matches, not dangerous enough to sit and play 60-80 matches for the team, like former mids that played over a hundred matches, 40 too many, for Katsouranis and 70 too many for Tziolis.

    Poyet needs to look at early-mid twenties players to expose to international matches for the next campaign, for all positions, take a chance even. Alexandropoulos is playing well and perhaps Kourfalidis could get more opportunities now that they both have had some kind of national team exposure as reward for good form so, may as well keep them going for now 'But,'  I'm expecting the eventual drop off in consistency levels, also due to lack of experience at national team level. 

    Generally, very young players, like Donis, Tzolis and maybe even Retsos come in, get banged up with injuries and go back out just as quick. Guys like Limnios and Koulouris found being consistent difficult. They may have absorbed the pressure abit, they are mid twenties now.

    Rushing most young players hardly ever works long term. 

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  7. Team I'd pick barring injuries after two trials under Gus. Some players were unconvincing, like that fall from Mavropanos which resulted in Osmajic scoring the match winner.

    Galanopoulos injured forever it seems and Manolas not in form. Assuming Manolas, Fortounis and Kourbelis show decent form, they get in. As for Ninis, Fetfatzidis, Sokratis and Siovas, their time in the Ethniki may have passed them bye, when we notice the gaffer not picking them in future.

    In a 4 3 3 formation:

                                   Vlahodimos (c)

    Lyratzis        Manolas       Hatzidiakos        Tsimikas


            Mantalos                                   Alexandropoulos

     Masouras              Giakoumakis               Pelkas


    Koulouris  Douvikas  Chatzigiovannis  

    Fortounis  Kourfalidis  Siopis

    Mavropanos  Goutas  Kyriakopoulos. Saliakas

    Paschalakis  Athanasiadis  

    I do wonder if Poyet has a playing style and if he will be

    able to put his inprint onto the national team and soon. 



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  8. 4 hours ago, Dean97 said:

    Some of you guys are not understanding how damaging one player can be on the field like Bakasetas. The guy provides nothing for this team. He is no Fortounis that’s for sure. I understand that we need better midfielders than Siopis and Bouchalakis but they aren’t that bad and we haven’t got anyone better apart from Alexandropoulos who is by far our best CM. That CAM position is such an important position we can’t afford to put someone like Bakasetas there. Again he offers nothing and he’s slow. He is the main reason why we looked awful in attack. We played better in the 1st half agianst Romania without him and then he comes on for the 2nd half and we have no attack at all.

    Some of you that think Bakasetas isn’t the problem you need to open your eyes and realise what your watching. Yes, there are others that are not good enough but Bakasetas is by far the reason why we struggle in attack. All our  opportunities and possible chances go to waste as soon as he touches the ball. We also have Pelkas and Mantalos who are better than him. It’s unacceptable to start him and name him captain. That’s a disgrace. 

    Going forward, it sounds like the gaffer should play Pelkas at no.10 (give Fortounis a chance to string afew good performances together at club level), Saliakas at RB, and Alexandropoulos as CM? Sounds good.

    Btw, who was the Greek player that fell down and the scorer waltzed through and scored, just can't make out who that was.

  9. Three midfielders to consider if they show form when back from injury and not necessarily picked automatically are Fortounis, Galanopoulos and Koubelis.

    I'm lead to believe that Manolas is not in the form required for the Ethniki, Sok and Siovas have still have issues with the EPO (more than likely with technical director Fyssas), and that Mavropanos along with Hatzidiakos are the form CB duo right now. Back ups to them would be Goutas and likely Kargas.

    Saliakas was unlucky not to have been chosen in this lot of friendlies as he is showing good form.

    Vlahodimos is a likely candidate as captain due to his excellent form at SL Benfica.


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  10. 12 hours ago, Ellada2004 said:

    Our first half was very good and we could have been up 2 nil and in the end Greece got the win and kept a clean sheet which is great. Performance could have been better in the 2nd half but as Dean said when Bakasetas came on he hurt us with some poor passes and decision making. He warrants a call up based on his current club play but if he is to be a key part of our Euro qualification he has to perform much better as we can use Fortounis who is hands down a much better #10 or Alexandropoulos. I have confidence that Poyet will not build the team around Bakasetas unlike his predecessor if he keeps having these kinds off performances for the NT,

    How is it that Baka.sek.as.gr pays like a ball-tearer for his club but chews like a cow for the Ethniki? He hasn't been given quality service to do something perhaps because it make no sense, unless blue and white aren't his colours or he isn't following through with packing his favourite socks for gameday or something. Then there is an even bigger problem 

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