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  1. On 9/9/2021 at 11:34 PM, HellasLEAF said:

    Douvikas Pavlidis Tzolis are players that can threaten for goals nice to see this for a change!

    I think in the 2nd half the team grew with belief and don't fear Sweden in the away leg.  I think they believe they can still qualify or they wouldn't have put in the performance they did yesterday.  I'm expecting 6 points in October!

    Problem is  Pavlidis s%$#! himself in front of an open goal, the fact that he had to shoot. Swap him out for Giakoumakis and hope he is more clinical.

  2. 1 hour ago, Dean97 said:

    Funny thing is Bakasetas has scored and assisted the most out of everyone in the team since JVS took over. 3 goals and 3 assists. I would be the first one to criticise him as I don’t think he’s good enough for this team. I still think he’s not good enough. 

    If only JVS had the same amount of trust and patience in a guy like Fetfatzidis we would be doing much better than what we are. Every game Bakasetas has played he’s ruined every attack we try to make. I wouldn’t have him anywhere in this team. 

    We keep saying this, but nothing changes. JVS couldn’t pick a worse player to put as captain aswell. I don’t dislike the guy as a person but as a player he’s out worst if we’re being honest. At least Bouchalakis can play 1 touch passes and can control the ball a bit better. 

    Bakasetas doesn’t provide anything in defence or attack. He’s slow, loses the ball 9/10 times and passes side ways and backwards. He also has no skill on the ball. He’s only had one or two decent shots on target in 30 something games he’s played. He must have a terrific agent. That’s the only explanation. 

    Turnstile Baka keeps turning the ball backwards or sideways. He like Tziolis in the recent past, have had their career stats boosted because wank managers have stroked their.....egos lets say, by continuing to keep picking them.

    Turnstile Baka should of disappeared last year but no, he was made captain by this bonehead. At least JVS had the gonads to pick a 5 3 2, looking to imitate a real manager like Ange.

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  3. This Euro 2004 movie is going to Premier in Australia. Thats very kavlotic I must say.

    Everyone rightly talks about Melbourne's Greeks going absolutely 'bangers' when Ethniki played the Pork-n-cheese in 2004, with Figo and a young Ronaldo as well.

    I'm in Sydney and I went with my then-to-be Koumbaro to Bay Street In Brighton at around 2am overnight.

    My oh my, there were by memory 3-5 Massive t.v screens attached to the sides of the buildings and there were thousands of men with sons, friends, relatives and women there in an extremely festive time. Street was blocked and no parking for miles.

    When Charisteas scored, the buildings shook from the Roar of the Greeks! I mainly used to watch Rugby League back then but I was overcome by the emotion of the occasion and I bought in ever since, also given my heritage. 

    Didn't sleep till the next morning, wearing my Euro 04 T-shirt they were selling on the street. I still have that t-shirt.


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  4. On 5/23/2021 at 5:31 PM, paokarag4 said:

    Ela re, we are Greek the team doesn't need to be playing for us to hang s%$#! on them!

    JVS is a [email protected]@[email protected], Bakasetas sucks, where is fEtFa???

    See, it's easy

    Good point!

    If JVS continues to pick teams that are not up to the task, and they ultimately fail again, He, as did the other managers since 2014, will fall on his sword. He must picks decent teams or he is getting bad advise and/or is a bad judge and/or politics will show this current administration up as it showed them all up in the past.

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  5. 14 hours ago, J1078 said:

    Not only did we not get into the Euros but after the draw with Georgia making the World Cup is extremely slim. I think JVS get removed after this World Cup qualifications and they will bring someone else in for the Euro campaign.. I’m still so gutted from the Georgia Draw. 

    If Ethniki defeated Georgia but lost that first match in a tight match to Spain, say 2-1, having played very well, we would of thought the campaign is still on track, as expected. I don't think we are way off if we look at it that way perhaps re maik.

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