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  1. One gold (Tentoglou) and two silver (Stefanidis, Karalis) medals for Greece at the European Championships.
  2. Also forgot to mention that Zivko Zivkovic and Marcos Antonio are officially gone from PAOK.
  3. The games that have been officially announced are: 03-Jul-24, 19:00 EEST: PAOK - AEK Larnaca 10-Jul-24, 19:00 EEST: PAOK - KRC Genk
  4. Camara agreed to a 3-year deal at 1.2 mil per year and a signing bonus of 1.2 mil, so basically it comes out to 1.6 mil per season. He will be coming to Thessaloniki to undergo medical tests and sign the contract in few days. It other transfer news, Thymianis passed the medical tests and will sign 3-year deal with PAOK. PAOK is giving Kedziora few days to work things out with Dynamo Kiev before making a final decision about him. We also gave Meite a deadline to accept or turn down our offer. I think Meite is looking around to find something better than what we are offering.
  5. Diego Biseswar was released from his contract by his current team SteDoCo.
  6. Rumors galore concerning Konstantelias. Now the Salzburg offer is 17. mil and 17.5% resale. They are making things up as they go. In other news Pelkas resigned with his current Turkish team, so he is not coming back to PAOK.
  7. The latest rumor floating around is that Salzburg's "final" offer for Konstantelias will be for 17.5 mil for 83% of the player, with PAOK keeping 17% share. Additionally there will be 15% of any resale price going to PAOK. It is also reported that Konstantelias has already agreed with Salzburg for a 5-year contract worth around 8 mil. In other new, we agreed with Benfica for Meite, which will cost us 2 mil for him to be released from Benfica. Not a bad deal as the original clause was 4 mil. Things must close to being finalized as it was reported that our new CEO Maria Gonchareva travelled to Lisbon on a business trip.
  8. Our new CEO posing with the coach and the championship trophy:
  9. Today was the deadline for candidates to declare their intentions of running for EPO president in the upcoming EPO elections. Only one candidate has officially declared that he is running for the office. It is none other than PAE PAOK Vice President Chrysostomos Gagatsis. Unless some some big coup takes place, Gagatsis will take over as the president of EPO . As a result of this he has stepped down from his position at PAE PAOK.
  10. Somewhere on Thessaloniki sports radio station I heard that is exactly what happens. Dinamo Kiev has the right to extend his contract automatically by 6 months thanks to UEFA directive. Not sure how true that is.
  11. Ludogorets are a possible opponent for us in the CL qualification campaign down the road (QR3).
  12. All the Superleague goals by PAOK for this past championship season:
  13. Rumors are Camara is demanding 2 mil salary, and we are offering 1.5 mil. If true, I would just stop talking to him now and go to the next player on the list.
  14. Both Zivkovic and Despodov are starters in their respective games.
  15. Few times I saw Liavas when we played Panaitolikos he did not show me anything special. On top of that few years back he had a serious injury which left him on the sidelines for over 9 months. As for Tsiftsis, we might be grooming him to become our no. 1 keeper when we part with Kotarski. In other news we offered Camara 1.4 mil per year for 3 years and gave him a short deadline to reply. If he does not accept the offer we are going to Plan B for that position. Camara is apparently also talking to some Spanish team.
  16. Reports are that only the announcements remain to make the transfer of Antonis Tsiftsis (goaltender) from Tripoli to PAOK official. Apparently we are paying Tripoli 300K plus 30% of any resale for the player. It's also looks that as part of the deal, Lyratzis will remain a Tripoli player on a free transfer.
  17. Upcoming PAOK players international duties: SENIOR NATIONAL TEAMS GREECE – Koulierakis, Tsiggaras 07.06.2024 21:45 EEST: Germany - Greece (Friendly Game) 11.06.2024 19:00 EEST: Greece - Malta (Friendly Game) SERBIA - Zivkovic A. 04.06.2024 21:45 EEST: Austria - Serbia (Friendly Game) 08.06.2024 19:00 EEST: Sweden - Serbia (Friendly Game) 16.06.2024 22:00 EEST: Serbia - England (EURO 2024) 20.06.2024 16:00 EEST: Serbia – Slovenia (EURO 2024) 25.06.2024 22:00 EEST: Serbia – Denmark (EURO 2024) BULGARIA - Despodov 04.06.2024 21:30 EEST: Romania - Bulgaria (Friendly Game) 08.06.2024 16:00 EEST: Slovenia - Bulgaria (Friendly Game)
  18. Looks like Dimitra Tsoukala will get a chance to compete in the qualifying round of the 100 meters after a spot opened in that competition. She was already a member of the relay team.
  19. He is running for some political office in Slovakia.
  20. Yes it's for the 2023-24 season as the Dutchman points out, which determines the teams for the 2025-2026 European season, and thanks to Olympiakos winning ECL we get 5 teams (2 CL, 1 EL, 2 ECL).
  21. Real Madrid winning CL basically means that Shakhtar Donetsk moves to the league stage and unseeded Ferencvaros moves to the seeded side and we avoid being drawn against them in the play off round. Don't really see what kind of advantage we gain. We should really worry about making it to the playoff round first before worrying about our opponents there.
  22. The 13 mil infusion into the operating budget of PAE PAOK is not for this past season. It's for the previous season, where we failed to eliminate Levski Sofia. That was a financial disaster with big losses. As for selling players, apparently the Konstantelias side (agents, family) are pushing for the transfer to happen, however PAOK is demanding minimum of 20 mil. I would hold off on selling him. Increase his salary from 500K to 1.3 mil (same as Zivkovic) and let him at least play one more season with us. If we qualify to the league stage of CL that would be a good showcase for the player. If we get control of EPO through Gagatsis we can install a NT coach that will be friendly to Konstantelias giving him starting spot in the lineup. That will be more exposure for him. That can only drive the price for the player up. Of course keeping him on we also run the risk of a serious injury, which would have the opposite effect. I still believe that we will make at least one player sale, but I don't think it will be Konstantelias.
  23. Kougias is an ambulance chaser and he will suck up to anybody that will pay him. That's why he jumps from team to team. Him and Beos are the biggest clowns in Greek football. There are definitively alliances in Greek football, but they change constantly depending on the circumstances. In 2017 we cooperated with AEK in order to take away the control of EPO from Olympiakos. It appears now PAOK and AEK will not cooperate in the upcoming EPO president elections, where we are pushing our VP Gagatsis to run in the elections.
  24. The championship trophy travelled to Rostov, so Ivan Savvidis could take some pictures with it.
  25. One more title for our youth players. This time it was the U17 team beating Olympiakos 1:0 in the final game.
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