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  1. 32 minutes ago, J1078 said:

    What pisses me off the most about JVS is in a friendly he will have the team playing so much better and a complete different style but as soon as its a game that counts he plays the complete opposite then he did in the friendly. Explain the logic of using a different line up and a different style in a friendly compared to a qualification game. Instead of using a style and line up that will mirror the qualification game so the team can get familiar with each other and the style he completely does the opposite. 

    That’s exactly what I said on another forum. There’s a big disconnection between the friendlies and main games and I don’t know why. I feel like JVS panics in the main games and throws out his philosophy or the players don’t believe in themselves to do it in the qualifiers. In the game against Kosovo we didn’t value the ball and we were letting them have possession, which doesn’t make any sense against a team like that.

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  2. 6 hours ago, J1078 said:

    Even when Fortounis was in the line JVS would utilize him wrong. Here is the most embarrassing stat i have heard so far, Since this campaign started Greece have less then 10 shots on target and ONLY San Marino has less and we have played 2 out of our 3 games against Kosovo and Georgia. Its like JVS changed his entire philosophy of holding the ball and attacking and instead decided to play like we were the underdogs. Who the F*** sits back against Kosovo and Georgia what's wrong with him. We should have been pressing and allowed Kosovo to stay high and take chances and we would have exposed them for another goal but instead we sat back like scared little girls trying to protect as if we were playing Spain. And for the record I'm not excusing our players they were absolutely s%$#! but when you have such a limited talent pool how you keep Manolas and Siovas who are better then anyone we have who would have prevented this goal and the Georgia breakdown when we had the lead out of the line up is mind blowing. I was defending JVS i Liked what I saw early on but now I'm at the point where i want him no where near this dreadful team anymore.

    Feel exactly the same way. How can you go from wanting to attack to sitting back and defending against Kosovo and Georgia. The guy hasn’t learned anything. Still continues to pick players like Bakasetas and Bouchalakis for our midfield. 

    I personally believe JVS and Bakasetas have cost us qualification. JVS is more to blame. I don’t think our players are that bad. JVS just didn’t set up the team correctly. We needed wingers badly this game. The aim should’ve been to attack and go at this team as much as possible.   

  3. 32 minutes ago, AEK RE GAMOTO said:

    I'm so gutted. This is embarrassing.

    Sweden, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, Croatia, and so many countries with the same, or less, population than Greece and they are centuries ahead of us.

    The coach sucks, I agree. But, the players are horrible. I'm sorry. I'm an old man compared to most of Greece's line up and I swear my Friday night soccer league team could have beat them today. It's Iike they have no skill whatsoever. I have never seen such poor quality in virtually any other country. I live in Canada and the team we have now is quite competitive. I'm sure they could pop three against Greece the way they played today.

    It’s sad. Don’t know why we can’t do the simple things right like passing and moving into space. No one in the midfield to lead the team going forward like Fortounis did at times. No intent to attack. Shocking performance.

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  4. 18 minutes ago, kbxk508 said:

    Tough situation, because he had 3-4 injured players, but team should have got max points at Kosovo.

    If you sack JVS what then, bring on new manager and call back Manolas, Soc and Siovas. They all going to be retired by the time we make another tournament. The way forward for now is with Tzimikas, Gianoulis, Tziolis, Douvikas, Alexandropoulos, Hatzidiakos, Pavlidis, Mavropanos. In 2001 we played Finland and lost 5-1 with Karagounis, Basinas and Zagorakis in the midfield. 

    Since the day JVS took over those players you mentioned should’ve been the spine of the team. What’s wrong with picking and rotating CBs like Nikolaou, Retsos, Mavropanos and Hatzidiakos? But no he has to pick 33 year old Tzavellas and a LB like Stafylidis and Giannoulis at CB.

    Tzolis and Alexandropoulos should be starting every time now. Douvikas, Pavlidis and Fountas should be our strikers. Fortounis and Fetfatzidis are still our most creative players we’ve got. Add Galanopoulos, Bouchalakis, Androutsos, Vlachodimos, Tsimikas and Masouras and you have a team. 

    What’s wrong with that? 

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  5. 8 minutes ago, Jimmyp said:

    The coach is terrible sure I get that. But it’s not like he has so much talent to choose from. Tsimikas doesn’t look like a Liverpool player to me. Vlachodimos is so overrated it’s not funny. He’s in no mans land during that last goal. Either come out or stay in don’t just flail at the ball like a fish out of water. Mavropanos needs to retire at 22. Soccer isn’t for him. 

    I’d take Mavropanos over Svarnas and Tzavellas any day. There a reason he went from Pas Giannina to Arsenal at a young age. He’s a beast in Germany aswell. He isn’t the problem. Tzavellas and Bakasetas are the ones we should be blaming.

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  6. 5 minutes ago, Ellada2004 said:

    Disgusting performance! We should have held on though it was a ridicoulos goal to conceed! 

    JVS what happened to his 4-3-3 attack and high pressing?

    We could barely create anything in attack today and we sat back vs this mediocore side.

    JVS should be FIRED TODAY!

    Truly unacceptable. Being content with a 1-0 against a team like that means the coach deserves to be terminated. Seems like JVS has no faith in the players he’s chosen.

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  7. 6 minutes ago, kbxk508 said:

    Can't get a win with Georgia and now Kosovo 😞 This one really hurts. Our WC qualification is in tatters after just 3 matches.

    We needed to push for a 2nd goal and not try to just hang on for a 1-0 win in the 2nd half. In three matches we have had just 2 shots on goal and one was a penalty. 

    There was no movement aswell. No one to take charge in going forward and no one helping. He set us up to defend like we were playing against a Spain. 

  8. Unbelievable. How can he set us up to defend all game against Kosovo? His mantra was all about attacking, possession and movement. Where was that today??

    He set us up for disaster. What always irritates me the most about this team is when we are in the lead after 1-0 we always back off and become too content with the the 1 goal. That’s something I hate. Your supposed to look and try and score another. I said we needed to score more than 1.

    I don’t know who’s more to blame. Even the system and players we played we should’ve put this team away. They were trash. Tzavellas got bullied hard in that last goal. There big striker over powered and towered over him like he was nothing. His height as a cb was always going to be a problem. 

    Bakasetas absolutely terrible in the 2nd half. Apart from his assist that Douvikas put away he did absolutely nothing. Fortounis was missed.

    A player like Fountas isn’t a sub player. The guy looks and shows a lot of quality. He can also score goals. He’s someone that can do a job anywhere you put him in attack. Someone who can be valuable for the team.

    I believe we are definitely out after this game. The Sweden game will most likely end up as a loss or draw which isn’t good enough. Another tournament we won’t make…

    I say bring in someone who knows about our players and talent pool but I don’t think anyone will want to coach us or has the knowledge of our players and knows who is better than who. Truly a disappointing time for us fans.

  9. 1 hour ago, Ellada2004 said:

    Things have gone sideways for the Ethniki yet again for another qualification cycle. We landed in a difficult group though getting Sweden was slighlty better than some other Pot 2 teams and other groups at the time ie. Switzerland and Ukraine based on their pre Euro performances. The injuries to key players especially Fortounis (yet again) is very hard to overcome given his technical and attacking ability that we lack. Also missing Manolas, Siovas, and Sokratis due to utter stupidity hurts our cause too. Coaching has cost us a couple points already as JVS got everything wrong vs Georgia in what was a must 3pts and now with Sweden winning it really sticks out! I just hope our luck can eventually turn around but  the EPO are going to have to find a smart coach who knows how to work with our players and doesnt get involved in this mickey mouse BS that JVS has initiated with our key players that have been banned from the team. We are just hurting ourselves over and over from after the 2014 World Cup. The NT has to be qualifying regularly for major tournaments especially with the expansion of the EUROS and we missed twice. Its frigin UNACCEPTABLE!!

    Great post and I agree 100%. We need to qualify. I’d be more than happy if we qualify with JVS and then get in a proper coach for the tournament. If we lose one of these games coming up then we are out I believe. JVS has made some very poor decisions in the past especially with our more talented players. Even when Fortounis was healthy he was being misused and under utilised. He had no mercy with Fetfatzidis and Siovas and got rid of them like they were nothing. Not convincing Manolas and Sokratis to come back is another thing. 

    This fascination with Bakasetas has to stop. I read online there were squad line ups rumoured for Kosovo. One had Bakasetas in it and one didn’t. I’d go with the line up without him. This one player can stop the team from progressing. Especially the position he plays, which is very crucial in attack. 

  10. A draw or loss against Kosovo should mean JVS gets the sack. Can’t lose against them. Have to win. Sweden will be hard, we might be defending all game like we did against Spain. I just hope we win our next 2 games. That all I could wish for. His trust and loyalty of Bakasetas will make him get the sack in my opinion. Bakasetas shouldn’t and can’t lead us into a major tournament. If we eliminate him we’ll look like a good team and can possibly make something happen and also qualify.

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  11. 13 hours ago, Ellada2004 said:

    Listening to Sport Fm and the reporter at the Ethniki practise said Tzolis could be ready to go for the Kosovo match and that Mavropanos could be fit to play as well. Losing Masouras & Galanopoulos is a big blow and Zeca is suspended for the match vs Kosovo which adds to our problems.

    Wow. That’s great to hear. We need them. Looks like Greece’s chances have gone up now. Now that you say Zeca is suspended, this should mean Alexandropoulos plays. Alexandropoulos is a great CM and I hope he starts against Kosovo which will be a difficult game.

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  12. In my opinion we should see this…


    Androutsos Mavropanos Retsos Tsimi

    Galanopoulos Alexandropoulos 

    Masouras Fountas Tzolis 


    I believe Vlachodimos is our best keeper. Tzolakis and Dioudis should be back ups. Androutsos should be rewarded after his performances in the friendlies, as he was a breath of fresh air especially in possession and when attacking. Mavropanos is our best CB apart from Manolas. He has all the ability to lead from the back. More aggressive than Hatzidiakos and is better on the ball then Tzavellas and Kyriakos. He has performed very well in Germany too. 

    Retsos is my personal favourite. A bit unrealistic that he starts but I believe he should because before his injuries he was in the team all the time. He is also talented and can play across the back line and even defensive midfield. If people have watched him play they’ll know how smart he is and how good he is on the ball. He’s also returned and performing really well. Tsimikas our best LB with Giannoulis as 2nd choice. Tsimikas will also be playing going forward for Liverpool. 

    Midfield and attack is the most important. Galanopoulos is ahead of Kourbelis and Zeca for me. He can do the job defensively and is slightly better going forward than those 2 because he is more technical. Another favourite of mine is Alexandropoulos. This guy should be in our team. He has it all. I also believe he’s better than Bouchalakis. He’s also faster and more skilful. He controls the midfield better also in my opinion. 

    Masouras and Tzolis on the wings. No surprises there. No in is better than them. Fountas I believe has to replace Bakasetas in the 11. I remember Fountas played a nice long through ball to Fortounis to score against Austria in a friendly. He is also currently on fire and has been scoring. 5 goals in 6 games to be exact. Giakoumakis upfront. I would’ve put Douvikas there as he’s had a good pre season. But he can be back up for now. 

    What are your opinions about my starting line up and analysis?

    We have games coming up in September so we need the 6 points.

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  13. 2 hours ago, pash said:

    I think he's banked a grand total of like 40 minutes of playing time in real games (obviously from last season, when he came back from that...loan? pseudo loan? to Napoli). He makes a lot of mistakes and is kind of a lightweight in my opinion. Probably B team caliber for now, and hopefully he puts on some muscle over the next year. Nothing amazing at the moment (and I think the team was more keen on Konstantelias last year anyway). If we get another AM, I would imagine both would be shipped out (unless Biseswar gets cut after he returns looking like he's four months pregnant).

    Thanks for the reply. Seems Liscescu will give Vrakas chances this season. I could be wrong.

  14. 19 hours ago, Brklyngrk said:

    Ninis had his chance overseas, he was at Parma and bombed.  Fetfa as well. Talent alone only gets you so far.

    I agree. They’ve also had coaches that didn’t believe in them. Fetfa was doing really good in Italy and then all of a sudden got benched. Ninis had a string of bad luck along the way. Especially with injuries. I think them not making decent careers for themselves shouldn’t hide the fact that for the national team they are our best. Every time they’ve played they have made a difference and created a spark for the team unlike our current wingers and midfielders. 

  15. 18 hours ago, HellasLEAF said:

    How come Greece can't produce any talent in football.  

    If we are clinging to Fortounis injury this is not a good sign.  He is talented but this shows just shallow the talent pool is.  

    No star midfield or forward in defence yes.  It's embarrassing.  

    There must be a structure issue in Greece. Clearly our players aren’t developing. 

    We need to be playing our best players possible. We can’t afford to be leaving out players with skill and speed. We aren’t Italy, Spain or Portugal. Manolas and Sokratis should still be playing. It’s what’s best for the team. I still can’t believe we are relying on a 33 year old Tzavellas and an injury prone Papadopoulos, who I like and I think he’s still good but he doesn’t deserve to play over Siovas, Manolas and Sokratis I believe. 

    Bakasetas at CAM and Bakakis, it’s a mess. We seem to have good youth but they fail to go to that next step and there development I think is hindered because of the way the academies in Greece are being run. I think Olympiakos is the only decent club with a decent academy in Greece.

    We aren’t nurturing our players properly. We’ve had players like Ninis, Fetfatzidis, Katidis, Gianniotas and Vellios who all showed talent at a young age and Greece have failed to make them evolve into superstars.

    Now I’m seeing players like Tzolis, Alexandropoulos, Pinakas, Tzolakis and Kalogeropoulos perform well in the league and I hope they can make better careers for themselves. As they are future of the national team. 

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  16. 1 hour ago, Dutch Eagle said:

    Pavlidis left Willem II but there will be another Greek next season in Tilburg as Nikos Michelis joins "the tricolores" on loan base from AC Milan for one year.

    That’s good for him. Michelis seems like he has talent. Hopefully he gets his chances.

  17. 4 hours ago, Dutch Eagle said:

    And there is the confirmation. AZ bought Pavlidis for 3 mio € and signed him for four years. Pavlidis has scored 33 goals in 82 official matches for Willem II. He also provided 14 assist.

    Good luck in Alkmaar, Vangeli!

    Great move in my opinion. Gets to play Europa and also play alongside Hatzidiakos. 

  18. 8 hours ago, paokarag4 said:

    If it shows anything it's that it is pointless getting excited over players when they are so young. There is so much development that goes in those teenage years that plenty of guys simply don't translate to being senior footballers. Be it growth, ability, talent or just the other kids catching up and then going past them.

    It is quiet rare that someone hailed as the next superstar at 12 does indeed become a superstar, some become solid professionals but plenty become nothing special and in fact mediocre. 

    Greece rarely produces top class midfielders and attackers. Most of them become average or trash. We mostly produce defenders and some keepers. It’s understandable to get over excited at a 18 year old Ninis or Fetfatzidis or Spanoudakis showcasing top class skill and vision at there age. The reason for this excitement is because it gives us some hope that we can produce top class players like that for Greece. We are desperate to have players that know how to create and finish there chances.  Same with this kid, showed great technique and class but has become mediocre in his career. 

    The majority of our young players end up becoming mediocre career wise. The media and the way the Greek culture is doesn’t help with there development also I think. Players like Fetfa and Ninis are still quality players in my opinion, especially with what we’ve seen from the national team currently. It’s unfortunate that these players made the wrong decisions and also the injuries they’ve dealt with. Don’t know what happened with this guy though…

    Our players that we have on the national team now are too basic in my opinion. I’m talking about Bakasetas, Bouchalakis, Kourbelis, Zeca. Even Masouras, Pelkas and Tzolis are basic but at least have some skill and pace to be useful. Maybe because these players are limited.

    Fortounis is the only one capable (on his good day) to create and score for the team. He’s the only one. Ninis and Fetfa who’ve had mediocre careers still have the ability and skill and intelligence on the field to make Greece look more of a threat to opposing teams. Compared to what we’ve got they still are good enough. But the media and the teams they play for don’t convince some people but if you look when they have the ball at there feet they are great to watch and effective. 

    I’d rather have an 18 year old in the Greek league who knows what he’s doing because of his skill and intelligence than someone who is 26 or 27 playing abroad that can’t even turn his marker because of his limitations. We need to look at ability and heart. 

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