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  1. Funny thing is Bakasetas has scored and assisted the most out of everyone in the team since JVS took over. 3 goals and 3 assists. I would be the first one to criticise him as I don’t think he’s good enough for this team. I still think he’s not good enough. 

    If only JVS had the same amount of trust and patience in a guy like Fetfatzidis we would be doing much better than what we are. Every game Bakasetas has played he’s ruined every attack we try to make. I wouldn’t have him anywhere in this team. 

    We keep saying this, but nothing changes. JVS couldn’t pick a worse player to put as captain aswell. I don’t dislike the guy as a person but as a player he’s out worst if we’re being honest. At least Bouchalakis can play 1 touch passes and can control the ball a bit better. 

    Bakasetas doesn’t provide anything in defence or attack. He’s slow, loses the ball 9/10 times and passes side ways and backwards. He also has no skill on the ball. He’s only had one or two decent shots on target in 30 something games he’s played. He must have a terrific agent. That’s the only explanation. 

  2. They had a slow first half and wasn’t so inspiring. Zagaritis looked good. Was taking most of the set pieces. 2nd half we lifted the tempo and were more clinical. Alexandropoulos is too good to be playing u21s. He’s more useful for the men’s team. Good to see the team score 5 goals against that kind of team. 

  3. 39 minutes ago, J1078 said:

    Guys I couldn’t watch the game, did Greece play good or was it more like the Spain game and we got one opportunity and tied it? For those who watched the game what was your overall impression?

    Not so good in the 1st half. Better in the 2nd. Masouras was man of the match. He was very lively and had a few chances to score. Our full backs were solid and I believe Androutsos should continue to play. As per usual Bakasetas kills our attacks and because of this most of our attacks were slow and didn’t pull off. Vlachodimos played well though. 

    Luckily Masouras got into good positions. A decent performance overall against most of Belgiums bench players. I just believe if get rid of Bakasetas we will look better. 

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  4. 9 hours ago, J1078 said:

    At this point I have lost any hope I had in JVS. He gave us some optimism when he first came in and had the team playing high tempo only to go back to questionable player selections and playing confused and not knowing if the team wants to attack or defend. Also decisions he's made in regards to keeping Manolas in the dark and keeping Siovas off the team for his comment is just not right. At this point it looks like another failed qualifications which will ultimately lead to a new coach and back to square one we go.

    Unfortunately I have to agree. JVS once again proven he hasn’t learned anything. These friendlies should be a time to select players in positions that we desperately need improving on. Players who are deserving of call ups. 

    2 hours ago, Jimmyp said:

    Just to play devils advocate here, I wanna see who others would select. 

    It doesn’t give me much of optimism when I see the likes of Bakakis, Bakasetas and Tzevallas in the team. Yeah Bakasetas has done good in Turkey but every time he plays for the national team he is completely lost and ruins our attacks. For me if your club form doesn’t match your national team form then you shouldn’t be selected. He’s had too many chances. After the nations league we should’ve moved on from him. 

    Bakakis has been out of form for the last year and a half and still gets picked over Kotsiras who’s had the season of his life and Giannis Masouras who is a very fast RWB who has skill on the ball aswell. He has also played nearly every game for his club in Poland. 

    Tzavellas for me does not belong anymore on the team. That ship has sailed in my opinion. The biggest mistake JVS did was to drop Siovas. Also not convincing Sokratis and Manolas to play. These players can still help Greece, especially in a major tournament.

    Alexandropoulos who is arguably our best box to box midfielder is left out. Someone who can control the midfield and is the most dynamic. He’s only 19. 

    Ninis, who has improved his game, who is our best passer doesn’t get a look. Fetfatzidis, a player that Greece will propably never produce again, gets ignored. 

    I had hope in the beginning with JVS, but he’s made the team go backwards unfortunately. I don’t know if it’s a lack of football IQ, politics or is getting bad advice. This is unacceptable to be ignoring some of the countries best players and continuously selecting players who aren’t good enough to beat the likes of Kosovo, Georgia and Slovenia. 

    We are not a football powerhouse but we should at least be beating these teams and making tournaments like we used to do. For me play the most skilful and inform players you have. Play players that have been overlooked for a long time. Understand why we couldn’t beat those teams and make some changes. Don’t stick with the same players that couldn’t get first in a easy nations league group or draw with Georgia.

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  5. 14 hours ago, ausgreek said:

    This Euro 2004 movie is going to Premier in Australia. Thats very kavlotic I must say.

    Everyone rightly talks about Melbourne's Greeks going absolutely 'bangers' when Ethniki played the Pork-n-cheese in 2004, with Figo and a young Ronaldo as well.

    I'm in Sydney and I went with my then-to-be Koumbaro to Bay Street In Brighton at around 2am overnight.

    My oh my, there were by memory 3-5 Massive t.v screens attached to the sides of the buildings and there were thousands of men with sons, friends, relatives and women there in an extremely festive time. Street was blocked and no parking for miles.

    When Charisteas scored, the buildings shook from the Roar of the Greeks! I mainly used to watch Rugby League back then but I was overcome by the emotion of the occasion and I bought in ever since, also given my heritage. 

    Didn't sleep till the next morning, wearing my Euro 04 T-shirt they were selling on the street. I still have that t-shirt.


    Great memories. I was really young then but I still remember the craziness in Brighton. Would love to have those memories again. 

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  6. 14 hours ago, ausgreek said:

    Can anyone see Bakasetas as a DM?

    That is a grey area in the team and that way JVS can keep his beloved skipper in the team but Not up in the front third.

    I’ve actually thought about that. We could use him there, but I believe we have others for that role who are better anyway. We need someone faster mentally and physically there. Bakasetas decision making is very slow and isn’t that good technically on the ball like most of our current midfielders.

  7. You guys make good points. But JVS has us set up the wrong way. We should’ve came first in the nations league. That alone has given me big question marks about the coach. We should’ve beaten Georgia. We looked weak in that game from the start. Not good enough. JVS gave us some hope when first took over, but to he has made the team worse as time goes on. 

    He has to get over this fascination with Bakasetas. If Fortounis goes to the Middle East, we can say goodbye to him playing for Greece in my opinion. Which means we will see more of Bakasetas. He’s not the only problem but he’s the big part of it. Bakakis has declined and Mavrias isn’t good enough. We need to sort these positions out first. Tzavellas has done ok but by no means should he be involved in this team. We produce top CBs but we are going to play a 5’10, 33 year old LB at CB. Where the logic there?

    On top of all this undeserving players are starting over more deserving players. Limnios, Svarnas and Mavrias haven’t done anything for there clubs to warrant a call up. 2 DMs don’t work for us. We’ve been doing this for 7 years and we have gotten anywhere. Play a box to box CM and DM... Give time to Tzolis and Alexandropoulos who are young and in form.

    These are things that I think we need to fix. We’ve got the players to make a tournament we just need to use the right players and give opportunities to the players that deserve it the most. 

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  8. 13 hours ago, J1078 said:

    Not only did we not get into the Euros but after the draw with Georgia making the World Cup is extremely slim. I think JVS get removed after this World Cup qualifications and they will bring someone else in for the Euro campaign.. I’m still so gutted from the Georgia Draw. 

    I feel the same way. After that draw, we can only hope that he makes some changes to the starting 11. We’ve got friendlies coming up so it will be interesting who he calls for those matches.

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  9. 10 hours ago, Ellada2004 said:

    Good points, out of those players I wouldn’t bring Koulouris for myself I have seen enough of him and I don’t think he can be successful for the NT. 

    JVS should put Bakasetas on the bench if he gets called up and be used as a sub. He should never start nor should he ever be captain! Siovas eluded to this in his interview as well.

    JVS has a habit of putting together pretty good lineups and tactics in place in friendlies as we saw vs Honduras and even against Austria but then for some reason he starts the wrong players & plays players out of position as we saw vs Georgia. Why did he play so scared vs Georgia at home?  Georgia are a decent side on the upside but Greece should have opened up the game instead of sitting back. I liked how he approached the matches in the Euro qualifiers when he first took over. Lots of quick passing and nice ball movement and heavy pressing up the pitch. Where was that vs Georgia it was a pitiful performance and although we could have won with a gift OG we are lucky we didn’t lose that game. 

    Great post. I agree with everything you have said. JVS wanted to rest Bouchalakis, Zeca and Bakasetas in friendly. Wrong move in my opinion. What we saw in the friendly, should’ve been repeated that same way. Pavlidis and Giakoumakis in the starting 11 with Pavlidis in a second striker role with Fortounis also swapping positions with Pavlidis from time to time. Also Siopis played really well and so did Mantalos as a CM. 

    He sabotaged us before the whistle blew against Georgia. He the tried to protect a draw with 10 minutes to go. Like he didn’t trust in our players. This is what happens with poor team selections. Your relying on very limited midfielders in Bakasetas, Bouchalakis and Zeca to make things happen and yet they did nothing or passed backwards. 

    We always seem to play better in friendlies. Why not continue the same way into the qualifying games. 

    The team has regressed since he has taken over. In the beginning of JVS reign we were playing good football then as time went on we started going backwards in terms of our performances. When you don’t use Fortounis correctly and ignore players like Fetfatzidis, Fountas, Ninis and some others then what are you expecting to happen? Even Alexandropoulos played well in 15 minutes in the friendly. He looked way better in 15 minutes than Bouchalakis and Zeca have there whole national team career in my opinion. Also Siopis seems more consistent then Zeca. 

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  10. Players playing for the big 5 leagues in (England, Spain, Italy, Germany and France) should be looked at first. Tsimikas, Manolas, Siovas, Lykogiannis, Kyriakopoulos, Mavropanos, Limnios, Vasiliadis, Giannoulis, Koutris, Koutsoupias, Retsos, Koulouris and Nikolaou, should be looked at first. Most of these guys are playing week in and week out. They are playing in competitive leagues on a weekly basis. It doesn’t matter to me if some players are playing in the 2nd division of Germany or England, these leagues are still more competitive in quality than the other lower league teams like Croatia or Austria for example. 

    Players from the other leagues like (Greek, Dutch, Portugal and Belgium) should be looked at next in my opinion. If we do that then we are giving ourselves a proper chance of selecting the best possible players. Also we should changing our starting 11s when it isn’t working like Bakasetas. I’m tired of seeing JVS doing the same thing. Yes we haven’t lost lately but that draw with Slovenia and recently Georgia felt like losses. These are games we should have won. The match against Spain we defended well and didn’t have the ball. That’s to be expected against teams like that. But against teams level with us and lower we should be taking it to them, with loads of attacks and shots on goal. 

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  11. 6 hours ago, J1078 said:

    Came across this video of the NT journey to the last world cup tournament they made.. Man i miss this team and players, so sad how low we have  dropped ever since this last world cup appearance.. 


    I recently saw the same video. They were good times. I can’t believe how far we’ve dropped off. 

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  12. I’m not a big fan of having g foreigners in the team. It makes us look worse that we can’t produce good midfielders. We already have Zeca. The coach needs to look at the statistics for each player and see where it went wrong. I don’t think he would even do that. I’d like to know Bakasetas statistics. Probably gave away the ball 99/100 times. 

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  13. On 4/2/2021 at 1:37 PM, kbxk508 said:

    Not everything is lost, but pressure builds with every lost point.
    I think we’re going to need 15-16 pts to get to 2nd i.e. 4 wins out of 6 matches starting with Kosovo. Hope that Georgia can draw Sweden. Our games with Georgia away and Sweden away will be difficult to win but will determine our fate. On current form we can’t win. Time for JVS to take some risks and play a more attacking lineup, and use both Tzimikas, Giannoulis in starting.
    It’s 5 months between now and the next qualifier. I hope we got some friendlies booked.



    You can tell the type of coach JVS is by the selections he makes. Bakasetas, Bakakis, Mavrias, Svarnas, Tzavellas, Bouchalakis, Kourbelis and Stafylidis. These players aren’t good enough and will not take us to a World Cup. If he can understand that then maybe there’s a chance we can go to the World Cup. But he hasn’t learned anything. He makes the same mistakes and doesn’t trust in his players. We need an experienced coach who can evolve the team and that has won a few trophies. Who also understands our players. When we get that coach, I don’t know.

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  14. 20 hours ago, ausgreek said:

    Now that Zagorakis (legend) is in charge at the EPO, Sokratis and Manolas will make themselves available, and I understand that JVS requested their services already.

    I had agreed with the fact a while back, that JVS took the correct course of action and had distanced the team from Sokratis, Manolas and for that matter Siovas for a time. This helped with a reset for the Ethniki, right throughout the Euro tournament whereby the boys ultimately failed and a continuation into the early part of this WCQ campaign.

    I am a fan of the three CB's coming back into the fold now as well. Siovas is not in my 23 at this stage.

    I think I'm ready to see the best possible Ethniki, like most people with the continuation of the WCQ campaign in September.

                                The Boys   (433 or 4 2 3 1)


    Tsimikas    Manolas    Sokratis(c)    Giannoulis


                Bouchalakis          Fortounis

    Tzolis                                                   Masouras


    Giakoumakis    Douvikas    Mantalos    Pelkas

    Galanopoulos    Siopis    Kyriakos    Tzavellas

    Antroutsos    Kiriakopoulos    Kapino    Dioudis



    Not a bad starting 11 and team selection. Maybe you should be the coach 🤔😛

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  15. 18 hours ago, Jimmyp said:

    I’m not a JVS fan or a hater. But I don’t understand a lot of you guys. When he picked the starters, everyone loved the lineup. Now after the draw, everyone hates it. You can’t love it before the game, and hate it when it doesn’t work out. 

    I never liked his starting 11s. In the beginning I was optimistic. I saw us play good football for a change and at a good pace. But as time went on and especially in the nations league we have looked poor. JVS hasn’t learned anything from his failure in the nations league and is continuously sabotaging the team by starting Bakakis/Mavrias and Bakasetas.

    It’s absolutely mind boggling that Bakasetas is captain. He doesn’t suit the team. I don’t know why he likes Bakasetas so much... Playing 2 defensive midfielders against Georgia is unacceptable aswell. I don’t have a good feeling for this WCQ campaign. I believe it’s over. His player selections and in game management have been really poor. He’s giving undeserving and out of form players more time on the field. 

    He hasn’t got good man management skills and hasn’t studied any of our inform RBs like Kotsiras, Masouras and Kitsiou. We have the players to be successful in my opinion but we need to find a coach who knows who they are and understands them. We lack good midfielders. Ninis, statistically is the best passer in the Greek league. He has been playing really well lately. But is not in the team. He needs to bring back Fetfa aswell. We need Skill, skill, skill. 


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  16. 16 hours ago, Rockafeller Skank said:

    I disagree on Papadopoulos call-up. Guy plays in a bottom feeder Croatian League team. He is san ti miga mes to gala but I see no competition to justify his call-up. I'd rather see some youngster from Atromitos or Asteras than him.

    Papadopoulos on his day is very solid. He can even score. I haven’t seen him lately but he hasn’t been called up for no reason.

  17. Guys I don’t think Sokratis and Manolas have any anything against the EPO or Van’t Schip anymore. Manolas just came back from injury and Sokratis doesn’t feel 100% yet. We don’t know the full details behind the scenes. Van’t Schip tried to persuade them to come back and that’s all we can ask for. Maybe down the line they’ll come back. 

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  18. 5 hours ago, Ellada2004 said:

    I have not heard anything about Baldock committing to the Ethniki will see if he will do so and maybe he will be available for the September qualifiers. As for Bakakis we need an upgrade for him at RB. I would much rather see JVS try Masouras there if there are no other options on the table.

    When will JVS make the selections for the NT?

    I’m not sure. It’s usually 2 weeks before the first game.

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