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  1. Would like to see us give Vlaxodimos a chance, has settled in as Benfica's starting keeper, keep an eye on him in the play off against Paok tomorrow. We need to make sure we cap him in a competitive game soon to make sure he can't play for Germany, just as a precaution. Although, I would be happy with any one of him, Karnezis or Pashalakis as the starting keeper though, all are good keepers.

    The LB spot seems to be an issue, I would be totally fine with Stafylidis if he was fit though. What about Lykogiannis? Haven't heard much about him lately, but apparently he is playing in Italy now.

  2. christ what a mess. I guess we may find out more, but Brazil is one F***ed place. Can't control their own cops from killing Greek diplomats. Funny how this comes just after a Turkish cop shot a Russian diplomat, albeit for very different motives.

    And the moral of the story is don't marry Brazilian hookers who are 10 years younger than you (I don't know how old she was, but she looks a lot younger than him at 59).

  3. Dortmund currently 1-0 up vs Mainz 75' in. Sokratis started with the Spaniard Bartra (ex Barca i think).

    As for the Sokratis vs Manolas debate. I'd say Sokratis is more reliable, we saw Manolas have a few off games for the NT, but when he's on it he's as good as Sokratis defensively. However Sokratis is far better on the ball for me, which is massive if a cb wants to make it at a big club today.

  4. Amazing job by Ekaterini, pole vault gold is a massive achievement. Was so nerving to watch, I was sure the American had cleared 1,90 for a second. I'm so happy for her, a lot of people had high hopes and she was able to make her country proud.


    This olympic games must be Greece's best sporting tournament for a while now.

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  5. Yes it is a shame that Isinbayeva won't be there, there is no evidence she was doping herself and I want to see the best athletes complete in the olympics.


    And good for them stealing the torch, love the craziness south americans have.

  6. Issues have been simmering in Turkey for a while now, Islamist Erdogan had something like this coming.


    Shame Greece can't get their own shop in order, while Turks are at each other's throats.

  7. Exactly Reaper, the tide is only moving in one direction, and that is against us. Mosques are being built in Europe as Muslims come over in droves. While Christians are being slaughtered in the Middle East and North Africa for their faith.

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  8. Eurohoops saying PAO are close to getting Bourousis. Would be a massive signing after the season he just had in Spain, probably the best big man in Europe last year. He's always been a player I liked too, even thou he used to play for you know who.

  9. I would agree that Portugal have good depth, with players like Moutinho and Quarasma on the bench. Santos has been rotating players well throughout the tournament. But I wouldn't put Eder in that same bracket, he's bollox if his form in the EPL is anything to go by and he's the best no.9 Portugal have. But he's come up with the goods in the final and will be remembered for that forever in Portugal.


    Props to Portugal, pleased to see a passionate and determined team get what they deserved. And as every other poster has said, Santos is an absolute legend and genius.

  10. England are just incapable of winning tournament knockout matches. They have only won 2 since 1990, and those were against Ecuador and Denmark. Never won a Euro knockout match in my lifetime. Meanwhile Greece won 3 knockout matches in one tournament, and all those were against quality opposition.


    And yes Kane was dreadful, has been all tournament. Says a lot about the Premier League that he was the top scorer last season, Vardy second top scorer too.

  11. Yeah, not to mention those uneducated old farts in the midlands and the far north who read the sun and never had seen something else than their little villages far far away from the hotspots of migration. Oh wait...



    I've seen a lot of Bremainers come out attacking Brexit voters as less educated (which is true I don't deny), but what is not so easy for them to say is they are simply working-class. They have to admit that this is a class issue. Mocking a group of the electorate for being uneducated, is a subtle form of classism. Yet many middle-class lefties are doing just that. The Working-class feel like the EU, and globalisation probably even more so, have not helped them and I can understand why. While the Labour party is now full of middle-class MPs, many of whom are right-wing Blairites and horribly out of touch with traditional British workers. Labour needs more of its old style politicians like Dennis Skinner, who voted leave and is still in touch with working people.


    Like it or not, but in a democracy the working-class and uneducated will always have the biggest say, since they are the biggest group. So you better get used to accepting what they want, given they usually decide every election.


    As someone who didn't really have immigration as the main concern, I do find it odd how people in remote parts of Wales lets say, voted out because of immigration when everyone is white British there. But I guess they are allowed to care about what the rest of the UK looks like as well. Although some places like Boston (the one in Lincolnshire, not US) voted most heavily for leave and it has a massive East-European population. I live in a very white British area of Bristol and it was all remain here.


    I was also surprised to see that the cities with huge Muslim populations Luton, Bradford and Birmingham all voted out (except London, which is in its own bubble from the rest of England). Will be interesting to see how many of the Muslims and other Asians voted leave, because I doubt any of the Eastern Europeans would of.


    Well done to our boy Papa getting drafted number 13 by the Suns, then traded to Sacremento. Kings now have two the Greek twin towers in Papa and Koufos. I don't know if he will go straight over to NBA, or stay at Pana, but good luck to the lad.

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  13. Amazing result. Even as a Leave voter, I was not confident at all the leave would win, but I'm glad to be proved very wrong.


    This is a victory for the neglected working-class communities in that are fed up with the establishment, pro-EU parties and the immigration they have been pushing. These are the forgotten people in Britain, left behind by Labour on immigration and hit hard by Tory cuts.


    On the other side, look at who have been voting remain. Middle-class cosmopolitan lefty intellectuals who read the guardian, live in their London bubble, with their Muslim friends in the Labour party.

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  14. As someone who is left myself, I have noticed the same typical simplistic and predictable the reasons left wing remainers use.


    "I don't like Farage or the other people on the leave campaign" - Probably the most trivial reason yet, but also one of the most common. There will probably be people you like and dislike on both sides and the fact that you are merely following the politicians you like suggests you are incapable of making your own decision. People close to Corbyn say they would have expected him to campaign for leave if he was still a back bencher, before the Blairite right wing of the Labour party whipped him into line. I wish Tony Benn was still alive to teach these kids why we cannot trust the EU.


    "The EU helps workers rights" - While there are some EU laws that do protect workers rights, these laws are a very small issue in the wider context of the debate. I've seen politicians refer to these laws, but don't let them fool anyone, the EU works for the big businesses which constantly lobby European government in Brussels. The idea that the EU somehow stands up for the proletariat is a joke. For a recent example, look up what the EU said about how Uber wasn't breaching workers rights, despite often paying below minimum wage and workers working long hours.


    "The Tories will still be in power if we leave" - Of course they will, we elected them, unlike the leaders of the EU. If we want to be able to make our important political decisions about issues like immigration in general elections, then our government needs to have the power to control such issues. Also often when I press these people and ask them how they would vote if Labour were in power, they often still say remain.


    "The EU is bad, but we can reform it" - This is delusional talk and selling false hope. The EU and the EC before it has only ever moved in one direction and that is not in a left-wing direction. Nobody seems to have any clear idea how it can be reformed. That is because you cannot reform an organisation that you have little democratic influence over. You cannot take power away from leaders like Junker and Tusk and their neo-liberal agendas, that is the problem.


    "I feel European"/"Europe should work together" - As someone who identifies as European, this is the point I do agree with in part. But my attachment to Europe is not good enough of a reason to overlook all the problems related to the EU. The EU does not stand up for the European people, they are just trying to use Pan-European nationalism to get support and push their policies. 

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