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  1. 6 hours ago, Dean97 said:

    I never liked his starting 11s. In the beginning I was optimistic. I saw us play good football for a change and at a good pace. But as time went on and especially in the nations league we have looked poor. JVS hasn’t learned anything from his failure in the nations league and is continuously sabotaging the team by starting Bakakis/Mavrias and Bakasetas.

    It’s absolutely mind boggling that Bakasetas is captain. He doesn’t suit the team. I don’t know why he likes Bakasetas so much... Playing 2 defensive midfielders against Georgia is unacceptable aswell. I don’t have a good feeling for this WCQ campaign. I believe it’s over. His player selections and in game management have been really poor. He’s giving undeserving and out of form players more time on the field. 

    He hasn’t got good man management skills and hasn’t studied any of our inform RBs like Kotsiras, Masouras and Kitsiou. We have the players to be successful in my opinion but we need to find a coach who knows who they are and understands them. We lack good midfielders. Ninis, statistically is the best passer in the Greek league. He has been playing really well lately. But is not in the team. He needs to bring back Fetfa aswell. We need Skill, skill, skill. 


    I agree with everything you said. the one thing i did like about JVS at the beginning is he gave more young guys a chance when he first came in but that seemed to stop and he stuck with a guys that have no business playing. I read an article about Ninis the other day saying he may get another chance to play for the NT. I think i would also bring back Fetfa if not as a starter i think he could be used as a bench option to add a spark to the team. Bakasetas is to JVS what Tziolis was to Skibbe  Those guys have no business starting. At most Bakasetas should be coming in off the bench when the team needs to close out a game and nothing more. I really don't know what the answer is anymore I'm so frustrated with this team. We know there is no other high end coach that will come here so maybe you get a younger Greek coach that knows the players. 

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  2. I can't go back on what i said before the qualifiers (others did as well) which is if we drop any points against Georgia or Kosovo we have NO chance at finishing 2nd. Yes Georgia gave Sweden and Spain a tough match but at the end of the day both those teams found a way to secure 3 points because that's what good teams do and we couldn't. Greece is now 4 points behind Sweden and we have both played 2 matches. There is no guarantee Spain take all 6 points from Sweden in fact I can see Sweden getting two draws but the most important factor is I can't see Greece beating Sweden to gain any ground, at most I can see a draw. It's like JVS didn't trust what he's been preaching its almost like he watched tapes from the Georgia game and had his team playing more scared not to concede then rather play high tempo that allowed us to create chances against teams like Slovenia and Kosovo (even though we didn't score we had chances). I have not been a hater or a huge supporter of JVS but i wanted to give him time to prove himself and he has done good things as there have been games where Greece were attacking and creating like I've never seen them before but the consistency is not there and this team is still lacking an identity of how the want to play and after the Georgia and Spain game it shows now more then ever.  

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  3. 1 minute ago, Rockafeller Skank said:

    JVS has only faced one team that is not 4th-5th tier in the European teams ranking. That is spain last week. We are not losing to them but we are not winning them more than 50% of our matches. Does this comment mean we agree that we became a 4th-5th tier team a well? Realistically, since we can't really prove dominance against them and secure 3pointers against them on most occassions, or at least look like we can, it does.

    I agree with you, But we have also faced Italy with JVS and although we didn't win we had what i thought was a good performance in Italy where we attacked more an even scored a goal and it was unfortunate we didn't get a result. We  should be better then a 4th or 5th tier team but the results right now are not proving it. JVS has done some good things but it's clearly not enough but going through so many coaches the last several years he has had the team playing better prior to our last two games. Obviously if a better coach becomes available they should go after him but once again it wont happen on the EPO's budget that's the point I'm trying to make.

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  4. 3 hours ago, Boxou said:

    Lmao badass. You can find my comment in the game against Spain, was pointing out that we are going to drop points against Kosovo and Georgia with that kind of play but PaokCT and some people like you started mocking and laughing with me.

    They are the same people who got their pants wet after a game where we couldn't sting 3 passes together and have NO knowlegde about football.

    Never mind as I will be laughing with people like you who and you in personal.

    Some people stressed lets enjoy the point against Spain as bad as the team looked offensively. Maybe they didn't stress it in the nicest way but we struggled to beat some weaker teams so guys were happy getting a point against Spain. So it was little annoying the minute the Spain game was over to hear we are going to drop points to Georgia. Also you came on here yesterday the minute the whistle blew after the game and told guys "TO SHUT THEIR FCKING MOUTH AND GO TO HELL" That's what triggered some guys including myself to react. Frustrations are high all around I get that at the end of the day we all want this team to improve and start wining games with consistency and right now we are struggling to beat these weaker teams and if it continues like this we will never make another tournament again. Changes have to be made but as i mentioned before we will not get a world class coach that wont happen. At the end of the day JVS needs to be better and make smarter decisions if he's going to stay. Right now i don't know what the solution is with this team it's frustrating as hell watching them pass the ball back and get outplayed by Georgia in a game they probably should have lost. Personally i don't see how we even have a chance at 2nd after drooping points yesterday as we all said from the beginning if we want a chance at second we need to sweep Kosovo and Georgia.

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  5. The EPO budget is tiny for a coach so if you think we are getting anyone with any type of wining pedigree you’re wrong they won’t come here. There’s no question we are not getting the results that’s not up for debate. We should be beating these lesser teams but this goes back to Raneri where we were losing to the Faroe Islands and Skibbe who we had some bad results with and even tied Estonia FFS at home in a must win game. Don’t forget Skibbe also cost us that first game against Croatia with his unbelievably bad experimental line up, you mentioned the fact that we tied Croatia in the 2nd game but you ignored how bad his coaching decisions were in the first game that ultimately gave us no chance in the second game. JVS has got us not losing as we are on an undefeated streak for a while now but I do acknowledge it’s nowhere near good enough especially if we’re not beating these lower tier teams which is unacceptable. Not beating Slovenia and Kosovo was bad and JVS by now should Have the team winning these type of games there’s no question you won’t get an argument from me about that, but going back to my original point with the money the EPO has to spend on a coach you’re not going find anybody much better at the current moment. Also the Manolas thing and him not being part of the team I read somewhere that it had nothing to do with JVS, it said as long as the EPO president is still there he won’t be part of the National team.

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  6. Before you guys jump down my throat let me start by saying I don’t like playing guys out of positions but since JVS does it all the time with certain guys anyways then why not go with something like this? How much worse can Tsimikas be on his offside then The guys we had there today? 

    Tsmikas kpap Tzavellas Giannoulis

                   Zeca  Bouch

    Masouras Fortounis Tzolis


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  7. 5 minutes ago, Rockafeller Skank said:

    You re acting like a 12 year old. This is an anonymous forum. Ignoring someone over the internet is multiple times easier than real life. He is a kid compared to us. You re just commin in for a fight as well, you re just doing it more ύπουλα.


    Like I said bro I respect everybody’s opinion we’re not all going to agree about certain aspects of the team, and lots of frustration takes over especially when we are all so fed up after of number of years without qualifications and seeing no progress in the team. Yeah it sucks so sometimes your blood boils but I’m over it.. let’s move on.. And Like I said I can argue with someone one minute and be cool with them the next I don’t hold grudges I’m not a “12 year old”

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  8. 8 minutes ago, Rockafeller Skank said:

    He is angry because its a team he enjoys and wants it to perform. This clown fiesta was a coach-driven result. 10 times vlacho could try the fast pass up front but the call was "patience". 

    Patience is done. We re stepping in the 2nd year with this manager. So many mistakes. Forcing Bakasetas to become a leader he cannot be, just to prove something to Fortounis. We weren't plying vs Spain, or vs Portugal or even vs Bosnia Finland and Serbia. We werent even playing a team at the lvl of Albania or Montenegro. We were playing vs an Estonia.

    4 years ago we were drawing Estonia and losing to Faroe Islands and Finland but we never looked this s%$#! in 2 matches in a row. 

    Dude I’m pretty sure you’re not the guys PR person but when you come out game after game and start taking shots at people after  a disappointing result that ended your qualification by saying

    “I hope everyone goes to hell and shuts there mouth”

    Do you think nobody’s going to reply to that? What world are you from where you think everyone’s just gonna keep quiet. If he came out and even said I told you guys or anything else but the minute you tell guys to go to hell and shut there mouth there will be some backlash..

  9. 3 minutes ago, Rockafeller Skank said:

    Guy states the obvious that the team is s%$#! and people get overdefensive about it. We re all angry guys. I am sure now the people who said we need people with passion in the team to realise the limitations of just passion.

    Bakasetas in 2 matches was our worst player. RB is nonexistent, honestly. The manouvre a 20 year old did to Mavrias, hilarious. If he managed to stay up for 1 more meter back Kyriakos would be there to make this a 2v1. 

    2 matches. the opposition focuses on our Right Back position constantly.

    Tzavellas could run faster than their wingers, that guy is really our best defender overall. 

    Vlachodimos is wasted with us. He could be the 3rd choice keeper in Germany. Pour decision making.

    It’s not about people stating there opinion it’s about how people go about it and try to poke the bear and insult everyone here that try to find some positivity in the team.. I will respect everyone’s views but if you come out at everyone taking shots everytime Greece play bad it starts to piss you off.. Especially after a loss where you already feel gutted.

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  10. Just now, Boxou said:

    You shut the fck up.

    Name calling and mocks since last November when I said Van Asholes whole selections and game plan was questionable.


    Bro let me tell you something you’re the type of guy that will cheer for the team when they’re playing well and then come out here and start telling everybody “I told you so” you’re like the little weasel that likes to start arguments and then turtles when it comes down to it.. I’ve dealt with guys like you on numerous occasions..

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