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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/59247129 Looks like if Spain lose to Sweden the group's extra playoff space (as Spain are already in the playoffs, thanks to the Nation's League) would goto some other team in the Nation's League. Tbh I think this is BS, it should go to the next team in the group (us), not some random team in the crappy Nations League.
  2. I've been locked out of my account for over a year too! Just wondering what happens if Spain lose to Sweden in their last game and finish second, as they already have a playoff WC spot from the Nation's League? Do we get a playoff spot too?
  3. More shots and more shots on goal than them, can't remember the last time that happened?
  4. Says something for a team when they play more defensive than us! https://youtu.be/n4-sQLDk-mY
  5. Why have we not got a match day 2? Have we a smaller group or something?
  6. We're just have to beat Slovenia in the last game. If we can't do that we have no business being in League B.
  7. Typical play, we have a free kick in a dangerous area then a few seconds later we pass the ball back to our goalkeeper.
  8. I can't I'm in the UK and SKY owns the rights to Nations Leagues games so it won't work. If I watch it on my works PC I can go through a VPN that thinks I'm in Sweden. But the UEFA TV website is so crap I can't work out how to watch the game.
  9. I was thinking Tziolis was Alexandros Tziolis, so couldn't understand why people wanted him to play! Then I googled him.
  10. So if we won this group, would all it mean is that we're in Group 2 of the Nation's league next year, or whenever the hell it's played again?
  11. We manage to scrape a win against Cyprus, meanwhile Scotland have just qualified for the Euros. Just let that sink in.
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