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  1. PELE not even close

    What year was it that Maradone scored with his hand in the WC???


    Classless? It was against England ffs!!! :LOL:

    In that game Maradona scored the greatest goal ever... he also scored the second greatest goal when he dribbled past their whole team! :P

    yeah re its classless to score with your hand punching a goal in to win a game... Where do you think Messi learned that from????

    I think it was in the 3-2 win vs Germany!!!!

    PELE over that CRACKHEAD ANYDAY!!!!

  2. Hes next move to Bochum will fail if history has anything to do with it.

    He went awesome at Kalithea and went to PAO and was a flop. Only reason he made the national team is cause he was playing for an athenian team. He will od the same this year.


    i dont think he was a flop at PAO... youre wrong about that.. Go back & look at his stats.. His last season at PAO he had scored in 8 consecutive games.. He has always had a knack for scoring goals
  3. What is everyones predictions for his season next year?

    My friend who is a PAO fan and thus a little biased keeps telling me that he wont even score 10 goals next year. His theory being that Gekas scored so many goals with Bochum because they were a small team playing against bigger teams that were exposed in the back and that most of his goals came from long lobs from the back. My buddy says that when he plays with Leverkusen he wont be able to handle tight defenses where smaller teams play with 11 defenders.

    Anyway, I personally think that he's going to have a great season with Leverkusen. he was able to handle close defenses with PAO an he wil do the same with Leverkusen.

    Good luck to him.

    the logic makes sense.,,.Good luck to Gekas next year as well. Prove all the doubters wrong again :tup:
  4. Lemonis has just signed a two and half year deal. I'm all for giving him a chance but this is a ridiculous move.

    stability in the coaching department.... great move ;)

    enjoy next years CL... HO HO HO :LOL: :LOL:

    this is how the champs present themselves in the CL???? LIKE A BUNCH OF LEMONS :gr:

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