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  1. Whatever happens, just don't knock it down without having the new project in place....R.I.P Nikos Goumas Stadium!!!!!
  2. Does anyone have the audio clip from a game in the 97-98 season against olympiakos? its a really good one that got deleted from my computer some how. here is a link to the video of it: http://www.original21kavala.tk/ click on videos, and its #12
  3. sorry, mistake...... go to http://www.original21kavala.tk/ then videos, its #12
  4. I need some help here aekares. I'm looking for the audio of a game from 96, 97, or 98, i'm not sure. its AEK-Olympiakos, and the crowd goes insane. i used to have it but it got deleted some how here is the URL for the video of it http://www.geocities.com/salonica00/videos/aek12.mpg
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