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  1. It seems to me that every team Gekas moves to gets relegated!

    Actually Samsunspor have a seemingly very good core of players in them.

    They've got Vlado Petkovic as the team's headcoach. He enjoyed fantastic success at Young Boys Bern, as he promoted top quality players to the world stage, including Seydou Doumbia and Thierry Doubai.

    They have a decent goalkeeper in Ertugrul Taşkıran, on loan from Fenerbahce. He was a key player for Fenerbahce A2 (U21s) team when I worked there. Sometimes flops in crosses department, but still OK. Just 21 y-o.

    Defence seems to be the weakest area. They have former PSV centre-back Andre Bahia, who seems to be the only decent players in that unit. Valdomiro, Hakan Arslan and Kemal do not seem sufficient.

    They have Michael Fink, formerly of Beşiktaş and Monchengladbach in the midfield, partnered by Colombian Dominguez Cabezas, who they signed from FC Sion.

    On the right side plays Simon Zenke, Nigerian powerhouse wingforward. On the left they usually put Pal Lazar of Hungary, or Ekigho Ehiosun of Nigeria. Ekigho is the guy who scored both goals vs Galatasaray last week, as they went up 2-0, before losing 2-4.

    The striker since the beginning of the season has been Aristide Bance, former Mainz striker. And now that Gekas arrived for that position, I could see Bance either downgraded to the bench, or put on the left side instead of Ekigho.

    As stated, Samsunspor do have a very good core of players, plus a decent coach. Will they turn things around in the second half of the season, I don't know but there's every reason to be hopeful.

  2. He's just signed a 2,5 year contract, worth ?300k for the remainder of this season, ?500k for next season, and ?600k for his final season to be. I don't know what his bonuses will be.

    By the way, as Galatasaray are away at Samsunspor later this evening, strange things happened. When Gekas landed at Samsun 19 Mayıs Airport, it was Galatasaray fans that greeted him. :LOL:

    Check out this photo gallery for further details and laugh!! :LOL: :LOL:

    (Pic 10 shows him with his new jersey on) ;)

    Gekas in Samsun - Gallery

  3. That's a surprise! :o

    That would make him the first player from Greece to play in the Turkish league.


    I felt he could still be worthy and good enough if he joined Galatasaray to back Elmander and Baros up. Great signing for Samsunspor!! :tup:

    Pity that their first game is against Gala! :o


    Galatasaray have beaten hosts and seasoned Euroleague contenders Lietuvos Rytas 71 - 63 in front of 9,500 passionate Lithuanian fans and qualified for Euroleague for the very first time in our history!!!

    Thanks a world to coach Oktay Mahmuti and 12 fighting lions!!! :tup: :tup:

    All the pre-season signings and last year's defensive system work have paid off!!!

    RE RE RE RA RA RA G'SARAY G'SARAY CIM BOM BOMMM !!!! :nw: :nw: :nw: :nw:

  5. Galatasaray - ASVEL Lyon : 93 - 83

    Cim Bom Bom are in the Final of the Euroleague qualifiers!!! :tup:

    Oktay hoca's boys have beaten French side ASVEL with a fantastic performance from downtown..

    Galatasaray sunk 14/24 from 3 pt-range with Jaka Lakovic leading the scorers with 22 points. Cevher had 12, Andric and Josh Shipp scored 11. Tutku Acık had 6 assists and 3 steals.

    Galatasaray will play the Final with hosts Lietuvos Rytas tomorrow.

    Whoever thought of this home team qualifier system is a big-style idiot in my opinion!! Why not play two-legged games and decide who is better on a much fairer occasion??!!

    ULEB!!!! :tdown:

  6. Galatasaray - PAOK : 77 - 64

    Cim Bom Bom recorded a relatively easy win this evening in Rytas over Greek side PAOK in what was a Qtr-Final Euroleague qualifier.

    The offensive impact of PG Ender Arslan and PF Luksa Andric were quite effective, getting 14 pts each whilst Jamon Gordon was simply everywhere on the court, getting 21 points, 2 assists, 4 rebounds and 3 steals.

    Young center Furkan Aldemir also had a pleasing game, 11 points 9 rebs.

    Galatasaray will play with ASVEL Villeurbanne-Gravelines winner tomorrow at 16.00 CET.

  7. It's a done deal.

    Galatasaray have notified the Stock Market that they have reached an agreement with Albert Riera.

    Galatasaray will pay Olympiakos €3M, €2M of which is paid the day the player signs the deal, and the remaining €1M will be paid in 2 installments of €500k in January 2012 and July 2012.

    Albert Riera is going to sign a 3+1 year contract, getting €2.7M in his first season, €2.9M in his second, €2.9M in his third and €3M in his additional year if his contract is extended.

    Riera's contract will be extended by default if he plays 20 league games in his third season. He will also get €7,5k per game for his full 90 minutes.

    Official Announcement

  8. seemingly our football director and chairman's personal lawyer is in piraeus to sort the riera thing out.

    nothing's been on the club's web site yet, but insider rumours and both turkish and greek press keep putting up figures for the transfer.

    according to turkish sports web site sporx.com, galatasaray will announce sulley muntari and albert riera tomorrow.

    for riera, olympiakos will be paid €4.5m and the spaniard will be given €3.1m a season for 3 years.

    i think that will be a sad move for us after establishing such a good squad, to compliment it with a nomadic spaniard who seems to be worried wherever he goes, and do it by paying a massive lump of money..

    fatih terim said he is a fan of riera for a long time, to chairman unal aysal, in a behind-closed-doors meeting.

  9. As for Makoun, what can be said about him? He was excellent at Lille and Lyon, but now he's just become abysmal for Aston Villa. When African players see such a rapid decline in their ability i always get suspicious because they are known to lie about their age. As young teenagers with footballing talent many are suspected of forging documents so they can earn moves to Europe. If you're 18 and playing as a 15 year old you might stand out with your physical ability and it gives you an advantage on trial. For those interested here's an article discussing it:


    Various clubs now use bone scanes to judge the development of the bone according the age the players claim they are. When players like Makoun decline suddenly and dramatically i get suspicious. The worst example is Obafemi Martins. I mean at 16 he's at Inter and tearing it up, now he's supposedly 26, has lost all his pace, Rubin didn't even want to put him on the bench, he went to Birmingham on loand, didn't earn a permanent move and now his career is in limbo. Er... suspicious!  Maybe Olympiakos can include that scan as part of the medical he will have to undergo? If not i wouldn't take the risk. If it is just a bad season he had though he'd be an excellent signing. He does get forward a little more then a holding midfielder should though so he'd have to play with Tziolis rather than with Ibagaza so i'm not sure it's what you'd want.

    Ela re you make some very good points around the African player's ages.

    I think it should have been very suspicious when Makoun turned up at Rendi to sign his contract with Oly with his 26 year old son!

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    I still think Makoun is an improvement over Maniatis, though.

    By the way, Turkish press is crazily writing today that Albert Riera is a target for Galatasaray.


    Jaka Lakovic, PG-SG (Regal FC Barcelona)

    Jamon Lucas Gordon, SG-SF (Olympiakos)

    Darius Songaila, PF-C (Philadelphia 76'ers)

    Furkan Aldemir, C (Karşıyaka)

    Cevher Ozer, SF-PF (Beşiktaş Cola Turka)

    Ender Arslan PG (Anadolu Efes)

    Can Korkmaz, PG-SG (Pertevniyal SK)

    Luksa Andric, C-PF (2-year extension of contract)

    Posted Image

    Jaka Lakovic

    Posted Image

    Luksa Andric

    After playing in our first Finals series since 1990, Galatasaray have now set higher targets with head coach Oktay Mahmuti in charge with these great signings.

    The qualification for Euroleague will start on September 29 in Rytas, Lithuania. There's every reason to be hopeful!!

  11. Anadolu Efes, the renamed Efes Pilsen, have signed Turkish NT power forward and Milwaukee Bucks player Ersan Ilyasova for a year.

    The long-range sharp shooter who had a great World Cup last year, is going to make $2M in his sole season at Efes.

    The player has reiterated his wish to come back to European game or play for another franchise in the NBA as he was very discontented to be at Milwaukee.

    Efes inks Ilyasova and Mills

    Efes have also snapped up point guard Patrick Mills from Portland Trail Blazers. The details of that agreement is kept secret for now, but is believed to be a lockout-long deal.

    Posted Image

    Patrick Mills

    Posted Image

    Ersan Ilyasova

  12. Quarter Final: Turkey-Grecee

    Grecee is favourite but for this tournument Turkey play very agressive and sucsesful. To win to Grecee won't be suprise after won to Spain-Serbia-Lithuania...

    Greece is the favourite?? Well, they may win the tie, in sport anything can happen, but looking at how both teams played so far, Turkey is the clear cut favourite here.
  13. and about the Brazil v South Africa game, Dunga was being cynical with Maicon I could say! I don't know how many times the Turkish commentator said during the game that it's silly to bench Dani Alves as he's the world's best right-wing back at the moment.

    to be fair, both at Inter, in the Turkish press and generally in football public, I cannot understand the hype around Maicon. He's 28, two years older than Alves and whenever I watched him he sucked. He was below-par against Man Utd in the CL, he disappears in Inter's derby games in Serie A, all of a sudden he makes two assists against Siena and becomes the world's best right sided full-back!


    sorry everyone but, when there's Dani Alves in there, when there's Sergio Ramos in there, when there's play-at-every-position Lahm in there, even with this year's performance when there's Arbeloa in there, I would only write this Maicon guy down as an average right-side player.

  14. It's absolutely ridiculous that Spain's 35 match unbeaten record is ended by a team whose fans -if any :LOL: - have nothing to do with football proper.. They're probably much more interested in Rihanna's girlhood boyfriend :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Ruthless thing football!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  15. somebody has to tell that tiny Rossi guy that trying to shoot from 40 yards is not very helpful all the time! It's obvious that he's been partnered with Nihat because all those two do is bombard the goal from way outside the area!

    i felt for Egypt after their fantastic displays against Brazil and Italy but USA, I congratulate for not giving up..

    it's not going to be a torrid wrack in the semis by Spain (I would expect a 2-0 or 3-0 at most) I think because the most important player for them, and in fact the best player on the planet for me for the moment in my eyes, Iniesta, is out.

    and that I believe will make the difference at the end of the tournament..

  16. Egypt was not nearly as good as they were against Brazil but they still had something in the tank to beat a very very sub-standard Italy 1-0...

    It's absolutely horrifying to think that this Italian team won the World Cup with very much the same display (plus more theatrics) three years ago...

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