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  1. I think we are in for another season like last year. No signings that will turn our team around. We are essentially at the same point we were last year. What a waste of an offseason so far.... Didnt they learn their lesson by signing everyone at the last day of preseason last year??? It doesnt work and they are never in shape!!!!
  2. Alot of Greeks will realize the same thing once the new coach decides to play "attractive football" with the limited resources that we have in Greece. Greeks also need a father figure that will tell them to "shut up" and treat them like over paid children. Greeks do not need a coach who will be their friend.I see us painfully trying to be Argentina or something else and failing miserably. I see a cry to go back and get Otto in the middle of qualification... good post Drakos
  3. If we dont get our signings in before preseason then I foresee another crap season for our AEK. Lets get serious, its good to have Lymbe back but he will not change our team performance... We are just going to have to sign another bunch of losers at the end of the transfer period - at the llast minute - just to fill holes in our team....AGAIN! When we cant afford a player for 1M euros... we need to agree to rebuild the team... Midtable finish again for our team....
  4. I think Otto made mistakes today, tho I am partially OK with the strategy he was trying to use with Koreans... My beef is with the players themselves. Poor performance... Need I say, p*ssies!!! No ball control, no desire, not even trying!!! Karagounis - was he even in the game? Katsouranis - other than telling people what do on the pitch, what did he do? Those are out "leaders" and they horrible. I am waiting for the players to say that they are "tired" after the long season and have no energy left for the WC. For those that say that Otto has not prepared these guys mentally
  5. We will not get perfection my friend. THis is AEK. We have no money and will only go for players that do not require a transfer fee. If we are only going for players that are not wanted by their CURRENT club then we are definitely not getting perfection
  6. Glad he is back. Hope he can act as a super sub... because he cant play many full games in succession anymore.
  7. UNfortunately when the business loses money and the employees are not happy then moves like this are made... These days its about the $$$$.
  8. I want Greeks and good charactered players. No more egos or primadonnas for the money we are paying for players...
  9. Dava-G

    PAOK - AEK

    Weak... Finish this season already....
  10. I knew from day 1 that this would be a mid table finish for us. I expected worse, so I guess I am numb to us not doing anything in the playoffs. We do not and did not ever have a champions league team. Can you imagine if we actually had to play a Roma or Juventus right now??? Here is what I suggest: Bajevic stays and builds a team. We financially dont need to pay a 4th coach at the same time (Ferrer, Donis, Bajevic and the new coach). Those that should leave: Tjibbur Scocco Blanco Mastorovic (too much money for an overrated player) Manduca Alves Hersi ends his loan and
  11. Dava-G

    Aris - AEK

    That guy is a waste. Lazy Lethargic player.I hope we get rid of him and buy players that want to bust their [email protected]@... No more latin losers!
  12. Dava-G

    AEK - Aris

    I appreciate the hard work and heart.... but the team still needs a cleaning...
  13. Dava-G

    AEK - Aris

    PLaying better than usual. Refs are still not that good. Both red cards were poor calls Still it is definitely apparent that our team needs more major help. I hope Adamidis, Gretarson and Bajevic make some smart picks this offseason (if Bajevic is not ousted). I hope we are not stupid and sell Tjibour BEFORE the mundial.
  14. Of the highlights I have seen, it seems he is all talent but no tactics... Reminds me a little of Zairi but without the solid crosses
  15. You should not be if you have been watching the team play this year. Our defense is horrible. We went into Pireaus and they are an attacking team. Everyone knew they would come out attacking and they did just that. 2-3 dokaria ithin the first 10 mins and we were playing defensive (with 2 defensive midfielders and no left wing back). Still not enough and they should have scored 3-4 times in the first half. Just that they had bad luck and Saja played well.Plan as we were to tire them in the first half and then inject the offense attacks in the second. Just like we did... Nemeth had 2 bun
  16. Just need this season to end... Our team is just plain mediocre...
  17. Thats a pretty strong statement my friend. I assume that statement is at me since I have been posting "against" him at the moment - and to be honest I dont appreciate it. One thing not to agree, and another thing all together to curse.Meanwhile, Adamidis still has not done anything. Tavlaridis is still not signed. Newpapers are now reporting about him going to Larisa. I hope he turns out to be a good president... I really do. Until now, and I still think it is early, I have not seen much. The summer will mold his influence.
  18. I think he is a good signing. We need to strengthen the defense with experience.
  19. Get them all out! Sick of players who dont care!
  20. 9 players went out clubbing sat nite. Bajevic benched them all. Good for him. This team has gone too far. No passion, no respect. Please clean house and lets build anew.
  21. He had a very poor press conference as far as I am concerned. He should not even be mentioning any of that stuff prior to the end season. What a clueless decision.Pappas' puppet is starting to fall as far as I am concerned. Too bad this guy will only be around to get rid of Bajevic and then he will be back in London practicing law. Too bad Pappas doesnt have the balls to do this himself since all the AEK fans went to his house to tell him not to get rid of Bajevic. In business we call this hiring an "ax manager".
  22. Dava-G

    I echo that statement. What a mediocre team we have this year...
  23. I will believe it when I see it on the official site. This guy is a good pickup but needs a ton of practice and preparation. He has not consistently played for about a year. Look what happened to Leo and Gerrierro. Both guys came in at the end of preseason and neither reached form. Leo started to get into form at the end of Dec. We cannot do that this year. We need to have the full squad available and practicing from the beginning.
  24. You mean Pappas' moves???? ;)
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