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  1. Looks like a Turkish team wants Scocco for 3.5M... I would push for 4M and get rid of him. We are strapped and could make some payments for our club. I think he is overrated anyways...
  2. Dava-G

    Interesting to see that after a 0-6 loss and poor decisions by Manolo (and really a poor performance) that the organized fans have said pretty much nothing. If Dusan was the coach and they lost to Oly (forget about 0-6) they would have gone to his house to hang him.... Not that I am pro-Dusan, its that it shows how much of an effed up organization we have. To be called a Union when we are so far from that is quite ironic.
  3. Dava-G

    Euro porn. What a waste. I dont care about concentrating on cups and other BS, this is a Derby. I have been saying for the past two years that our team is mediocre but this is ridiculous. In my opinion, Manolo lost this one. He should go and not just for this result but for the $1M per year. Save the $$$ and we can have a cheaper manager and still be mediocre. I am embarrassed.
  4. Dava-G

    0-3 at half time. They are making us look like a B ethniki team. I think this sums up the kind of team we are. Slow and mediocre.
  5. He has been consistently best player this season. You have a point, its hard to say if he is as good as Zikos, especially when the rest of the team is in general quite "average". But he is an entirely different player than he was last year. I will be the first one to say that I did not give him enough time - in my mind.
  6. He is quality. He had a tough first year because of the pressure from coming from a small team to a big team. To me, he will go to play for a solid european team soon. Similar to Zikos.
  7. I guess you mean Roger... Tho I think that is kind of unfair. He was sick and went back to Brazil for 2 months for some treatments or something last year. Came back and wanted to play in the starting 11 right away. Then over the summer the board wanted him gone to save $$$ - similar move to Mastorivic. Other than that, who is he giving more opportunities to? My beef with Dusan is that he didnt sit Blanco when he was in absolutely poor form. Manolo does it and not he seems to play with more energy - tho still not the player he was the first year he came.Other than that I believe the team
  8. Hey man. Unfortunately it has absolutely nothing to do with the coach. Think about it, the core of the team has been the same thru Donis, Bajevic and now Manolo. Doesnt matter who we get, until the cre changes and massive - which will never happen because we have no $$$$ - there will be no change at our club
  9. Dava-G

    We are the same as when Donis left us 2 years ago. Unfortunately, we will stay this way until we can spend money on players. If we can only sign free players or player under 700K, then we go no where.
  10. Dava-G


    I will stay with my summer prediction... Mid table for us. No better than that. We were limited over the summer and trimmed down to save money - as usual. Now Manolo will quickly realize what Dusan did - that he is screwed because there is no $$$ to buy players and he will have to deal with very limited resources....
  11. With the money they spent on Manolo... they could have bought some decent players for Dusan...
  12. Get him out of here now. Sick of this guy... Sell him to PAO so he can go fight with the French Boys...
  13. Dava-G

    I am not impressed with anything we have done this season. Even the game against Aris... we only played with confidence AFTER we scored. Another weak season IMO.
  14. Dava-G

    Personally, I think the honeymoon is over. I dont think who we have on the bench for a coach - the team is laking in multiple areas. We were pretty much outplayed and should have been down 3-0 by halftime - but thanks to Saja for having a 10 on performance. I stay with my original statement prior to the season... Another midtable finish unless we get real signings... not the cheapo, "free" signings we tried to do over the summer...
  15. Dava-G

    Karabelas and Jaxic are the worste passers/crossers on the team. IMO, if no one is signed again at these positions we will have a similar year as last (I know we got the outside back from South America but that guy is out of shape and I have heard nothing positive to get excited).
  16. He started because Dellas was injured and Bajevic had to move players around in the starting 11. Yeah, I know that... Problem is, if one guy gets hurt (Dellas) we are screwed. The older guys dont bounce back so fast from injuries. imagine going on a long streak where we have to rely on those guys for many many games... :tdown: :tdown:
  17. If we do not make 2 signings in the back... one stopper, one wing back ... we will not go anywhere... Georgeas still starting???? Horrible.
  18. I think its pretty obvious that we need signings in the back... A stopper and a wing back. Period. If we dont fill up those spots, we will never get there and yesterday's performance proved that...
  19. Defenders and Enosis 1924, I believe, are completely autonomous.
  20. I didnt say no more organized fans. I said no more original. Big Difference. Other fan clubs do not devuldge in violence to get their points across. Also the corruption of the Original has made its ORIGINAL members want to close it. That says it all. They had the vision and their vision has been altered.Also go read the response of the Original yesterday (not the day after, just after everyone commented that they never responded to the incident). They talk family then they say the "coach of the team" (not the coach of our team, or that the coach is part of the family). They had some br
  21. Got this Hatzichristo quote from Sportdog.gr:
  22. Those fans should be broken. The police are too afraid to fight back otherwise the country will go into cival war... problem is, they dont fight back and now 8 of the policemen are in the hospital. I hope the videos are fully used to put those losers in jail - but its greece so nothing will happen. So I say, break them next time. make it hurt. Time for the Original to be disbanded. Enosis 1924 CONDEMNED the attack but Hatzichristo and his Original henchmen HAVE NOT! What a freaking loser that guy is. He wants to be the guy to run the show at AEK. He wants it to be his team. Its a
  23. I already called in another forum that linen would never make December... I just didnt think he would be gone before the protathlima. If OLY gets rid of him, you are starting from zero again. Not good for Greek football..
  24. I think we will play much better soccer than we did last year. I also think we will finish higher than we did last year (before the playoffs) but still within the range of last year. There is no question that the team will be alot more focused than last year due to Lymbe and Dellas... but I dont think the additions will fill the voids in the long term. Our outside defenders situation has got worse due to Araujo leaving. If we have 2-3 injuries our depth will hurt us. As of today Diop, Mastorovic Lagos and Elder are hurt. You add one midfielder or striker and we have issues as far as dept
  25. Adamidis says we are going for the double and excellent play in europe. Ha. With the signings that PAO and Oly are making (real class players) and we have a budget so low we cannot afford players under 500K, I have similar feelings as I did last year. I do think we will be playing a lot better ball, but I dont see much higher than 3-5th place again this year. I do see PAOK falling apart, but I think Aris will have a stronger team and a couple of the minnow teams with improve this year. I just dont think, realistically, we can compete with the the transfer budgets of PAO and Oly to cha
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