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  1. Agreed. They are strikers with qualities that could play for many european teams.
  2. Now that, I agree with... and I am afraid too...
  3. Cmon Melbourne,Stop beating that drum. Anything bad happens you cant blame it on the coach every time... yeah he is not perfect, but the team decided to play like crap because they were playing one man up and thought they could relax. There are 11 players out on the field that let down. And from what I read, Bajevic was real pissed with the players after the game... Sounds like they do what he told them at half time.
  4. Peri, ti na po; :whistle: Thelo to niki, omos prepi na grafo kato, ti nomizo sosto... I wish we would win every game... and dont ask me what I think about the La Coruna game.
  5. Im going to have to say that with all the players we WILL NOT have available, and as bad as our defense is WITH our key players, I think Defensive is probably the best way to go. If Lymbe and Okkas score 3 goals and we lose 4-3 still doesnt matter. You have to protect your weak spot and that is a major one, especially after sunday's game....
  6. I agree with Ivic and his body language, and my opinion is that he is slow. Though he does score and come thru in close games (see last year). But as far as this year goes, I think is just OK. As far as Nali gettting in there, he was in three games in a row where he missed EASY, tap in, goals. Its one thign to be out of form and totally another not to be able to TAP in easy goals. I think Nali is in the doghouse for the time being.
  7. My understanding is that UEFA sets the base price then AEK adds on the payments for the stadium rental, police, etc. Then adds any profits.
  8. UEFA sets the prices, not AEK. Besides, after the $$$ goes to UEFA and we pay off the stadium, police, etc, we walk away with MAYBE less than a third of what came in. It will be difficult to rebuild the economic situation with so many debts.
  9. I see a draw. 1-1 or 2-2. Thessaloniki is tough, especially early in the season.
  10. In many countries, the reserves have their own schedule and "protathlima", though obviously means nothing except displaying their abilities and get touches on the ball.
  11. He needs to just get time in. He hasnt played for so long, it takes time to get back up to speed. If I were Dusan I would have weekly games with the backup team and any opponent that would take them on. I know this is pushing the limits of coaching/scheduling, but They all need Playing Time.
  12. Dava-G


    The only way we can proceed as a team, oganization and family is all together - a true Enosis. I applaud this if indeed it truely does happen. Psomiadis is gone. payments to former players/teams, seems to be getting alot cleaner. Payments to current players can now happen, with the $$$ from the CL. The fan base seems to be (negatively) calming down. I really think that if all of our inner turmoil fizzles out, there is not much else to stop us from going far in Europe and winning the championship and cup. I think, that the other teams in Greece are really scared to see our team have noth
  13. I think he will need more time than expected to recover. He has had surgury, and whenever you open up the body, it takes a ton of energy out of you. he may be healed in 3 weeks, but probably wont be in game shape for a few weeks after....
  14. Thanks guys... glad to see everyone again... Niko, this is a major way to follow from the states... other than that, keep checking the TV listings to see if they show any games on TV... word has it that ESPN is thinking of making a spanish channel that will show all CL games... that might be another way to follow...
  15. Not too sure if everyone read this: "
  16. I am glad to be back into the Phantis forum. This forum made following our team, so much more fun. :tup:
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