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  1. Isn't ironic that this new ANT1 deal was struck one week before Mega & Alter sign off from Directv? Maybe this is a ploy by ANT1 & Dish Network to get Mega & Alter to come back to Dish. We've known for a month now about the Greek channels leaving Directv and we still don't know 100% where they are going. At least with Alpha we knew by mid-December that they would join Dish Network on New Year's Day.
  2. Is it just me or has Alter Globe been preempting regular programming lately? Programs like Kalimera me ton Giorgo Aytia, Edw kai Twra, and newscasts have been replaced with music videos and reruns of old shows. Right now instead of Simera me ton Aki Paylopoulo it's playing Koitaw Mprosta. Live shows like Bla Bla, Oso Yparxoun Anthropoi, That's Life are sometimes showing repeats instead of live broadcasts. Actually it did broadcast Giorgo Aytia overnight but other nights it has not. There have not been journalist strikes lately. What's going on.
  3. You can't compare back then for the options that exist today. Directv started in 1994 and Dish Network in 1996. The small dish system was a new technology back then so naturally it would have been expensive. IPTV in 2011 is not new, so $220 is a bit steep.Plus, this Ellas TV is only just over a month old. It still has to prove itself and naturally people will be skeptical about it. Maybe they have the right to carry the channels that broadcast in Greece but as for Mega Cosmos, Alter Globe, and ERT World I'm not so sure.
  4. If ANT1 Gold & Blue are becoming this new channel called Antenna Prime, so to speak, and as we know Blue is powered by MAD, could it be that this opens the door for MAD World to come to Dish in the near future? Just a hunch.
  5. I just called Greek Media Group and they told me that they won't know where Mega and Alter will end up until this weekend and they will make an announcement on their website. DKSat, you had said that they are going to Home2US--done deal. Do you think they're pulling my leg and are playing stupid that they don't know anything or could it be there could still be a chance that they go back to Dish? Please let us know if you know anything new.
  6. They do this because if a home owner moves out and a new owner moves in and he/she wants to subscribe to either Dish or Directv, the only installation that would need to be done are to put in the receivers since both the wiring and the dish would already be in place. With this practice, many homes in the US would be satellite-ready.
  7. Grk101:The e-mail has her name at the end of it. Response came from this e-mail address: [email protected]
  8. I e-mailed Mega yesterday and asked them where they can be seen after March 31st. I got a reply today and instead of Mega in Greece answering my question, who I wrote to, Greek Media Group gives me the reply instead and this is what they wrote: For more informations about Where MEGA cosmos is going to be broadcasting after March 31st ,please call our office at 1-800-306-7526 and one of our agents will give you all the info Thank You Georgia Dumas What! They don't know a thing about it before then? Yeah, right. They think we're dummies. Typical Greek Customer Service-there is none.
  9. You're right, Grk101. First time payment fee=grand total. But still, it's a lot of money because the price for the full equipment kit is for just one receiver. The receiver by itself is $95.00. So $95 times if you wanted 3 more receivers, it's $285 additional.
  10. Listen up everybody. I think everyone will think twice before one decides to do business with Home2US. Looking at the foreign packages they currently have, I decided to see the pricing and boy do things add up. I checked each package and prices range from $19.99 to $80.00. Then there's the equipment. Receiver only it's $95.00. Receiver & dish complete kit is $165.00. If you want them to install it, it's another $175.00. Shipping and handling fee is $40.00. And, depending on which package you purchase, there's a 1st time payment fee and depending on the package you get, it ranges f
  11. Thanks DKSat for the info on ERT's radio stations. Also you mentioned in an earlier post that ANT1 no longer has a contract with Dish Network. I thought back in 2006 they signed a 10 year contract-which would carry them to 2016. Anyway if that's the case maybe they'll make themselves available with Home2US also and then their platform would all of a sudden look more attractive. Only Alpha would be left out in the cold, at least for now.
  12. I wonder if ERA5, ERASport, and NET 105.8 will also be available along with ERT World on this new platform. P.S.: Thanks to DKSat, HellasHab, and Grk101 for your warm welcome.
  13. Hi. I'm new to the forum. I just became a registered user today, but I have been following the forum since November 2006, when DKSat posted that a Greek channel would be leaving Dish Network (of course, as we all know the channel was Mega jumping over to Directv). By the way DKSat, you really know your stuff. Thanks for all the information that you have posted on the forum. Don't ever leave us. Anyway, I have some interesting information. I e-mailed Home2US this morning and asked about if Greek programming is starting transmission on April 1st. I got a quick response from them and this
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