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  1. I assume that the radio stations are ERA5, ERASport, and NET105.8, the same ones that are available on Dish. The pricing is not good. $20 for Mega a-la-carte. $40 for the package. They left Directv for this? They should of gone to Dish. I don't see many current Greek tv subscribers going for this. The only way I see them surviving is if they get a lot of 1st time subscribers of Greek tv. Thank you Mega and Alter for doing this to us. :nono:
  2. The only negativity I have about Home2US is that you have to buy the equipment and it could be pricey if you want, let's say, 4 receivers. There's also shipping and handling and installation fees. At least with Dish and Directv, you can now get up to 6 free receivers and get free installation.
  3. Let's see how much everything costs, especially if you want multiple receivers. :whistle:
  4. Of course, it did. Who knows what role they play. They probably have nothing to with marketing and distributing Greek channels. They seem just as much in the dark as we are.
  5. I think it's safe to say that Alter is officially gone from Directv. There is no longer a Directv logo displayed and there is no longer any background music playing. Just a blue bar on the bottom saying "Alter is no longer available". Let's see what happens with the channel in Greece, with no live programming airing and the station in deep debt.
  6. Greektv-America website is up, sort of. www.greektv-america.com
  7. It's back up for me too and I get the same thing you're getting Grk101. I guess they took it off either by accident or prematurely. I guess this topic is closed for now.EDIT: Now the programming grid says "Upcoming: Alter is no longer available". EDIT #2: Now the programming grid says "Alter is no longer available".
  8. I just checked and there is no more Alter. Channel 2164 has been removed and it no longer appears on the program guide. I knew they weren't going to bother to fix the technical problems. :nono:
  9. Still waiting for the big announcement. I swear I can hear the Jeopardy theme. :whistle:
  10. Alter still has technical difficulties since last night. Two days and counting before sign-off. Maybe they just won't bother to fix it while still on Directv. :whistle:
  11. This is an interesting statement on the Wikipedia website about EWN. EWN intends to make its European programming available on DirecTV, Dish Network, and some of the major cable networks in the US and Canada in 2010.
  12. Three days and counting. Where's the done deal? :whistle:
  13. It is now 653pm in Greece and right now on Alter Globe it should be broadcasting the evening news. However, again, it has been preempted and instead they are showing a repeat of To Party tis Zwns Sou. I don't understand this. Are they doing this because it's the last week on Directv? And when & if Alter Globe moves to another platform, will this nonsense continue? Well now I just checked the Alter website in Greece and on their schedule it's showing a movie. So I guess I answered my own question. You guys who have posted about Alter's problems are right. This channel is screwed.
  14. This Ellas+ channel is supposed to be the best of Alpha, Alter, Mega, & Star yet looking at the schedule all the programs are from Alter only. Is this how it's been or does it change from week to week? :gr:
  15. Mega's & Alter's March31st expiration date at Directv is fast approaching (in 5 days!) and we still don't know where they are going. We keep hearing that it's Home2US, that it's a done deal, yet, no announcement. As far as I'm concerned nothing is a done deal until we see confirmation and an announcement from whoever is the new platform that will be broadcasting these channels. They may not even be broadcasting at all after April 1st. Remember Alter left Dish on August 31, 2007 and did not premiere on Directv until September 26, 2007, almost a month later. So I wouldn't rule out a cha
  16. Just by looking at this International Media Distribution website, one can tell they market these channels very well. Not only that, this website is actually updated and current which is more I can say about Greek Media Group and Home2US. Mega & Alter are doomed if they go to Home2US.
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