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  1. How many boxes can you have? Or do you have to pay separate subscriptions for each box? Unfortunately that's what Wherevertv told me a while back. Is it the same for Ellastv?
  2. Skai live player is only available when airing Greek programming. It's blacked out when airing foreign programming. Still not bad if you want to watch something for free. :)
  3. You can watch Skai live via their website at www.skai.gr.
  4. Apparently I am not the only one.I have a 35 mbit connection with the only other device running in the house is a laptop. I never claimed that I had a problem with the connection or that the picture of the channels have any problem or that the picture freezes. I just said that some of the channels (MEGA COSMOS, STAR INTERNATIONAL, MEGA CYPRUS, RIK SAT and a couple of others have a video - sound sync problem. Either fix the problem or don't offer the channels in the package. Instead of developing/testing new features why don't you spent time fixing the existing ones first. The EPG does ne
  5. If anyone can answer this question, please let me know. PS: I'd prefer that no representative from Wherever TV or Ellas TV answer this question because I'll know you'll be biased to your own brand. B)
  6. I am so glad I didn't become a subscriber of Home2US. Like many of you have said, this sat company is a joke, just like Greek tv. ERT may be the exception.
  7. Dish Network has moved the Greek TV & radio channels from the 600's & 900's to the 9000's. Here is the new lineup: ANT1 ch. 9829 ERT ch. 9830 ALPHA ch. 9831 ANT1 PRIME ch. 9832 ANT1 RADIO ch. 9833 ERA-5 ch. 9834 ERA SPORT ch. 9835 NET 105.8 ch. 9836 RYTHMOS RADIO ch. 9837 SUPER SPORT FM ch. 9838 I guess this was the only location they can group all the channels together. In the mean time, the old locations are still operating.
  8. Excuse me, but Alter has been off the air since December. :unsure:
  9. Caught a glimpse of "Eleni" today and as I was watching her going to talk to 1 of her cameramen, you could see in a darkened background that the set of "Kous Kous to Mesimeri" still exists. I wonder if Kontomina still has plans for it now that he is about to assume 100% ownership. Just FYI. PS: Why did he sell 70% to RTL to begin w/ & buy it back after 3 yrs?
  10. I wasn't charged a service charge because I've been paying a $6 per month protection plan for over 3 years. In the letter, however, in small print it states "there are no equipment upgrade fees or service call charges associated with this program. However, a small number of customers may see a slight increase in their monthly additional outlet fees". I still have that letter if you have any other questions. And for the record, they only replaced my dish. The receiver(311 model) remained the same (check out my previous posts on this topic).
  11. Forget how many tv stations there are. I've always wondered why 1 city (Athens) publishes so many newspapers. Who the heck reads them all? Here in the states, most cities have 1-2 major newspapers, in a country of 300+ million vs. Greece w/ only 10-11 million habs. It baffles me that all these Greek newspapers are still in business!
  12. It is not on the Dish Network page. You must have your provider/location set to Dish Network on Zap2it, which is why it takes you there. Try clearing your cookie then visiting the link. Their website is http://www.ngtvonline.com Thanks for the info, Grk101.Never heard of this channel until now, but that's because I don't live in New York. From what I see on these posts, seems sort of a good alternative if you don't want to subscribe to 7 different channels. But I haven't seen this channel to make my own judgment. I guess whoever lives in New York would have a better idea.
  13. Why is this channel's programming guide on Dish Network's page?What is their website's address?
  14. The new TV season is underway in Greece and Alpha has decided that it could no longer compete in the morning with "Pano stin Ora" coming in dead last in the ratings amongst the other am information shows and "Kafes me tin Eleni" always in 3rd place behind Mega & ANT1. "Kafes me tin Eleni" is now simply "Eleni" and airs at 1pm (Greek time) & "Deste Tous" at 4pm. "Pano stin Ora" has been canceled. As for"Kous Kous to Mesimeri", its future is uncertain. On Alpha Sat in the US "Eleni" airs live at 6am ET and repeats at 1250pm ET. "Deste Tous" airs live at 9am ET and repeats at 3pm
  15. Something tells me that the Greek channels won't last long on Home2US. I'm always hoping they'll come back to Dish.
  16. On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate it?
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