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  1. Addayina, just for your information, where do you think Where ever TV is getting there signal from, hmm let me see Ellas TV.

    I'm sure that felt good to get that off your chest...two days later.

    Even if they are getting the feed from you, obviously people are seeing better results with their service and not yours. :LOL:

  2. This was a good move by GMC getting Mega Cosmos back on Dish Network.

    Everyone in the US subscribes to on of the Greek packages on Dish. With satellite people have more choices American HD programing, local channels , PVR, extra receivers.

    With IPTV you do not have the choices that you have with satellite. People that subscribe to one of the Greek packages on Dish and have EllasTv for Mega most of them or all will cancel.


    DKSat, do you have any info on a launch date of Mega's return on Dish?
  3. There are fresh rumors that there is a movement to reopen Alter Channel as early as December. The rumor says that it would begin with taped broadcasts at first, then live programing would come after 15 days or so when they are ready. Not sure what they would broadcast since most of the on-air talent have already moved on. Also Nikos Hatzinikolaou, which is of the main journalists that has not moved to another station yet, has said that he would not return to Alter Channel.

    Well if the rumors are true then I'm sure they'll be able to hire somebody. After all people need jobs.

    If it pays bills and puts food on the table, they will come.

  4. I got this Dish Network letter in the mail a couple of days ago:

    Dear Valued DISH Network Customer,

    DISH appreciates your business and is proud to offer you the best variety and value in Greek television entertainment.

    We are pleased to announce the launch of the new channel "Greek Cinema" exclusively on DISH, which will replace Antenna Prime as of September 26th, 2012. Greek Cinema is the first 24-hour-a-day Greek movie channel in the U.S., offering nonstop all top classic and newly released Greek movies, such as Koritsia gia Filima, I Aliki sto Naftiko-Alice in the Navy, Kai oi 14...Itan Yperoxoi and much more.

    With the addition of Greek Cinema to the channel line up that includes Alpha Sat, Antenna Satellite, ERT, the Greek Elite Pack offers an outstanding Greek television entertainment experience at a great value! The package has a variety of incredible Greek programming including mini series, dramas, 24-hour news, a mix of classic and newly released movies and the Greek Superleague and Soccer Cup, live from Greece. (DISH makes it possible for you to keep in touch with what's happening back home).

    To provide you with the best content available and to cover increased costs, effective on or around December 6th, 2012, the monthly price of the Greek Elite Pack will increase to $29.99.

    If you have any questions, please call 1-888-489-8484 to speak with a Greek agent.

    Thank you again for subscribing to DISH. We look forward to providing you with the very best Greek and American entertainment for years to come.



    Greek Service

  5. Don't let them fool you.

    When they were offering the $50.00 initial fee for the receiver they were charging $29.99 for the MEGA package which was $19.99 for the channels and $10.00 for the receiver. Now they are saying the receiver is free but $4.99 per month. So in essense they charge $14.99 for the receiver each month.

    I am still waiting for them to tell me which are the 5 ΜΕΓΑΛΑ ΚΑΝΑΛΙΑ in the MEGA package.

    And by the way, why do they charge $24.99 for shipping and handling with UPS.

    When I sent back their CRAPY receiver with UPS I only paid $10.00. So they are also making another $15.00 per box.

    GREEK ΛΑΜΟΓΙΑ, I shouldn't expect anything less, should I?

    Βρε τους κλεφτες!!!!! :gr:
  6. No there is no announcement scrolling on the screen. However, we are receiving phone calls almost daily advising us that their broadcasting from Home2US will end by September 30, 2012, and we have to give them our subscriber information again in order for them to mail us a new box, of course with new fees attached.

    It was precisely one year ago that we subscribed to Home2US, which cost us $383.00 for the dish LNB, the re-alignment and labor. That money is down the drain for a service that lasted only 12 months.

    Would the new service and their "NEW BOX" will it last another 12 months?

    I don't want to sound pessimistic, but I doubt it very much that it will last even for 12 months.

    At first we got suckered by getting Dish Network. Then within a reasonably short period of time we got suckered into getting Direct TV. Again within a reasonably short period of time we got suckered into getting Home2US. And now they are trying to sucker us again into something "new and exciting" as they call it.

    I admit we were fools and we fell for the sake of watching Greek TV. But even foolishness has its limitations.

    NO THANK YOU!!! You can take your new system, your wonderful programming and whatever else you are peddling to the unsuspecting Greek consumers and store it someplace where no TV screen will ever see it.

    I am mad as hell, and I am not going to take this $#@& anymore.

    :nono:          :nono:          :nono:          :nono:

  7. The Greek Channel package, MEGA Cosmos, STAR Int, RIK Sat, 4E, on Home2US Satellite platform on SES 101.0 w, will be shutting down on September 31 2012.


    September 31st? There are only 30 days in September. I'm sure it's a typo on your part because I strongly believe you have the most knowledge in this forum about Greek tv. Many thanks as always on the valuable info you provide.

    On another note, I knew this would happen. I'm so glad I didn't subscribe. However, where do these channels go now?

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