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  1. typical over sensitivity...for a guy who isnt in the mood you sure wrote alot... look, i never meant to insult you personally, so if I did it was not my intention... this is a forum. if we are all gonna kiss each other asses, whats the point...disagreement is much more instructive as far as i am concerned. bottm line i thought the comments were silly. never said u were silly, or u dont know soccer or anything directed at you, nothing.. also i never said these guys were quality. but u said samaras has zero skills which is silly (look at just this game again and see how much he was involved in the goals) and mitroglou who did not impress u but scored his goals...make no sense to me. instead of focusing on the fact that we came out a bit aggressive for once and that tactic made a HUGE difference (regardless of the gerusia) who make the comments you did... sorry man, but they were silly.....if i say something you think is silly, tell me - straight up....i will defend my position, and u either dig in or u see my side as another perspective... thats what forums and lively discussion is all about... we all bleed blue and white....so please, dont be so sensitive....
  2. js - we outclassed romania....i did not know they were so weak, especially in defense...we can exploit it very easily if we push up like we did today... guys like tsiolis for instance are so important but what they do is not obvious...kats is the same way...i assume maniatis is that way as well because he does not overtly impress me with anything i cant point to....but so much of soccer is subtle and not obvious... i wonder why fourtouni is not in.... i wrote prior to the game that i would be surprised if we did not go through...and, barring some disaster, we are going to brazil
  3. " Not impressed by Mitroglou - even though he did seem to do what he was there for - score goals " ----------- huh? so i guess Liverpool, Chelsea and the other big German team that want him aren't that impressed either even though he sores goals.....dood what are you talking about? I don't understand why a player with zero (0) football skills - Samaras - is on the national team. Bad ball control, bad dribble, bad shot... In other words
  5. laz, very eloquently said....and u r on topic...(for the most part) but, in total disagreement..sorry....the point is to win. why bother playing? "peksame kala all xasame" werent you sick of hearing that? "no u didnt play well, you LOST"....... and, greece win 2004 was a stroke of tactical/coaching/execution genius..i though it was a beautiful display of teamwork, guts, opportunistic conversion AND DEFENSE - which by the way is much harder to play well consistently..there is beauty in a defensive style if u care to see it...of course we look like inept , weak and non creative on offense often. I'll grant you that, but its the way we play. (for now) if we need a goal we seem to be able to get it...the margin of error is small as we've said many times, but its just how they play, to the level of their competition. against romania we wont all of a sudden become brazil or argentina...we dont have the players to do that. can push the mids up to help the forwards. yes...will we? i doubt it...tactically they should put offesnsive pressure on romanina right away....but we won't...it always takes us 20 minutes to wake up...so we play to our strengths and if that means 1-0 in greece and 0-0 in romania then ill take it, no matter how much coffee i need to drink to stay awake as i book my ticket to brazil...
  6. laz, 27 average is fine with me...what do expect? an average age of 21? you can forget that.....its NEVER been the MO of the national team....but even though the average is 27, thats not as relevant as the AGE of KEY players.....kats & kara, two guys who drive the team dont have the legs to play box to box....when they play deep in the oppostition zone, we get much better chances and we "look" more offensive.... and regarding your comment "no game was boring" I say ----how many tournaments did we qualify for playing "non boring:"? i'll tell you ---ZERO..........i prefer to WIN.........Italy has been playing catanachio for decades...i dont hear anyone belly aching about that.... the problem is strategy.....we play deep and look to counter...its the mentality that has shown success since early 2000, so they stay with it... regarding lithuania, the only reason we looked more offensive is because we wre not afraid of the other teams offenseive capability...so we pushed up further and, just form shear numbers, we had more plaayers in their offensive zone.... i dont think you can say replacing one or two aging players at midfield will result in a more offensive look....if we dont push up and play offensive minded, then it does not matter who is on the field.... kats is a scapegoat, but if you watch him onm a regular basis ihe is in the middle of alot of goals we score.....mind u, i am not a fan of him one way or the other, im just stating facts....i dont think he is the problem....its the strategy... js, i agree on fet....also santos does do some bizzare things...agreed...
  7. laz i kinda disagree....the only older guys are kats and karagouni.... mitro/samaras/siovas/toro/holebas/fourtounis/ papa/ etc they arent old.... the PROBLEM is that midfiled is the most critical position - especially when transitioning the game form off to def and vice versa - if the mids cant go box to box to support the forwards then you have the makings of a team that appears slow.... kats/kara are positional players at this pint BUT in tight games - which these two are - one mistake out of position etc, could be deadly... We have never played with flair or gusto / we have always been defensive and counter....as far as i can remember thats the soccer mentality....so expecting anything different is really misguided.... for these games with the way the goals totls work, etc etc i think kats is needed in there....if u go back and look at alot of the reent goas we scored Kats was in the midddle either with a crafty pass or build up of sorts...... i think relying on samaras by himself o make things happen is a mistake....i would put fourtounis/samars and then tsiolis/kats slightly behind them with papa/pap/toros/siovas wit mitroglou and salpi up front ....at least then you have the ability to lend support to the strikers.....or say mitro samaras behind him fourtoui/tsiolis with kats behind them and the four defenders..... u need to support the Offense with some mids pushing up....we have been saying this same thing for 10 years.....they just dont play like that.....but i know they can.. isaw the friendly against ecuador in nj and they played very offensive, but kara and kats sat down for the entire foist half and much of the second......
  8. is papadopoulos hurt? i really hope we dont go in there respecting this team too much...we REALLY need to go in there and immediately let them know who's boss.....but, we won't...we will sit back, sit back, play tight, defend as if we were playing argentina or germany.... very important not to allow away goals....i think that's the plan...they will be happy not to allow Romania to score, even if it mean a draw...at least then every goal scored in romania by us counts as two... very interesting
  9. switch sweden and ukraine.... :D draw on Oct 21
  10. denmark (16), iceland (17), croatia (17), sweden (20), romania (19), portugal (21), ukraine(21), france (17) , greece (25) i think these are the final point totals......throw out Denmark, and you have iceland /croatia/france as possibilities if it goes by point totals, --- highest paired with lowest. not sure how that works. doesn't matter - we are gonna go through.....
  11. this is without a doubt the most ridiculous over reaction of all time.....banned for life? are f__cking kidding me?
  12. there so many things that go on behind the scenes that we dont know about, including within the team itself and pressure from club owners and governing bodies.... but unfortunately if we dont go through their will be nothing but criticsm, finger pointing, calls for new coaches, new players, new team uniforms and anythng else that can be complianed about..... what should happen is the team should be met at the airport with supportive and appreciative fans for the effort.....(unless they clearly show no effort) that the problem and its why a lot of players think twice about even playing..... imagine yourself a guy on the team that really busted his ass 100% and it wasnt enough...you get back "home" any there is nothing but knifes, daggers, and poison coming your way....think about it... i dont suggest complacency if the team struggle since you need to improve the team at teh expense of players egos, but if the team knows it has the suport of the fans and the media etc regardless of outcome, it creates a much more positive atmosphere....
  13. jajajajajaajajajjaa......avraaaaaaaaaaaaaaam hits the big time he has his own thread !!!!!!! at least three that i can remember........but the guy can finish....idi u c how neatly he pushed the ball past sfifakis? avraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!
  14. now.................................T H A T S.................................entertainment !!!!!!!!
  15. "My opinion is that Rangers don't try to play football, but prefer to concentrate on defence and counter-attacking. quote form giogos samaras...... hey bro, have you seen they way your team won the euro??????
  16. here is a wonderful pearl of wisdom from our friend Georgios Samamras..... My opinion is that Rangers don't try to play football, but prefer to concentrate on defence and counter-attacking. That's just the philosophy of the club and ours is different. hey m#$%!, did you notice how your team won the euro?????
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