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  1. Well let's hope so ... but I don't like the mentality of cheering when you drag away a win from Panthrakikos (with all due respect to Panthrakikos of course). I don't think we should've let Dellas go, even though it was his "own decision"...

  2. Very nice and all, but I expect every post after this one to be on topic again. If you have any problem left and really can't let go, contact each other via PM, but do so with respect for one another.

  3. All I have heard is people taking digs at meli and I want to ask "where would AEK be if Meli didn't take over" think about that for a second.


    Yes he may need to spend money but when we are winning game NO ONE says Meli needs to spend then, its when we lose everyone starts that sh*t. He isn't the type to come out and spend like crazy.


    I agree.


    Don't bite the hand that feeds (you) ... and indeed, he isn't the type to come out and spend like crazy. It is exactly that mentality that got him where he is in life. No rash decisions.


    We just came back from a two year absence in the Super League, and ever since he took over, he took AEK in the right direction (up), ... of course these kind of results hurt, but give it time.

  4. i don't believe this is anywhere as damaging as greece's overt & covert support for serbia during the yugo wars and kosovo, but one needs to ask, what good did that do us 25-20-15 years on? 


    Serbia was one of the first countries to recognise FYROM under the name "Macedonia"... so there's that.


    I think everyone needs to open their eyes.  Every nation looks out for it's own interest ... full stop.


    Exactly! In today's geopolitical climate and given the everchanging governments and even ideologies this is pretty much it. Russia (or any other nation for that matter, like the United States of Europe ...) may use the Greek crisis for its own interests - not because we are bound by religion, culture, history and what not. This has little to do with being an amerikanaki.


    Sure it's more romantic to think that the Orthodox brotherhood is going to come and save us but that's just not going to happen.

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  5. I think priority right now is regaining some credibility, after months of saying one thing and doing something completely different the next day. About Putin: I really don't see this guy pumping huge amounts of cash in Greece knowing that, in maybe six months or a year, there could be a new government in place with a different geopolitical view.


    Financial problems aside I think Greece would do good not to blindly follow the EU and its sanctions vs. Russia. But there is only so much Greece can do from within the "family", especially given its economic dependence...

    AEK BC


    I didn't see a Greek basketball section



    There is one though. I've gone ahead and moved your thread to the right place. Thanks for the updates!

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