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  1. Imo, you can't blame individual players. The problem is that the team as a whole lacks cohesiveness, discipline, and consistency. All three can be cultivated by the team's coach. I wonder how much training, practice, and organization Skibbe has put in with this team? Based on their performance overall, I would guess very little. They need a better coach that can effectively organize and play up the strengths of the team. I hope they do not renew his contract after this fiasco.
  2. My heart says yes. I want to believe yes. It would be so amazing to suddenly see a dramatic change in the way way this team plays, and deep down there is a glimmer of (false) hope that this will somehow miraculously happen on Tuesday. Unfortunately, out NT's performance in the last two games is a good indicator of what to realistically expect. Ivory Coast is not Russia in 2010. This team is very energetic and aggressive in attack. They will eat us alive on Tuesday. Can you realistically see out NT even putting away any goals? Our team has no offensive capability. Santos' strategy (if you can call it that) seems to be blunting our opponents play/attack in the midfield, and relying on our defensive wingmen for offense; which has been burning us on the counterattack as it leaves our flanks completely exposed. We are basically playing a 5-4-1 that looks like a. 4-5-1/4-3-3 on paper (look at the formation charts on fifa's website). We need to instead push our midfielders forward and use them more offensively in tandem with our strikers. We should have two strikers up front (not one point man). The whole strategem reeks of weakness and lack of confidence in the team. kind of feel bad for Gekas for getting so much flack, as he had been mostly left isolated in the front for most of the times he's been on the pitch. The few chances he missed were awful, but there is not much a lone striker can do if he is left isolated in no man's land just waiting for that 1 lucky chance. Just my 2 cents. I could be wrong.
  3. OOPS, the above entry was for GREECE NORWAY TOPIC
  4. In the end they all win; all of them will be millionaires in the next couple of years - especially Ninis! :LOL:
  5. Mitroglu and Ninis need to be on the senior team...serious, Brazil style, talento!!!!
  6. HA HA, I was thinking the same thing..let's hope not!! hahhaha :gr: :gr: :gr:
  7. Real Madrid Monitoring Panathinaikos' Midfielder Sotiris Ninis - Los Blancos' Agent in U-19 Greece Match Against Spain http://www.worldcuplatest.com/real-madrid-...s-mid-4761.html Yes, it's true
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