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  1. Ive been screaming for those spots to be filled year after year they just dont get it
  2. Bad day for turkish clubs cant help but grin fener gala tranz out!!!! bad guys On the up side aek aris paok in good guys Cheers!!!!! :D I have a feeling we will end up a group of death
  3. I can just hear the post game intervue of houston sayin we had them were we wanted them with more time we would have snagged another Leave it to aek to make dundee look like celtic
  4. Tragiko paidia parte kanena dexi back kathe xpono ta idia kai ta idia :angry: The new perpatovich scoco!!!!
  5. Den drepomaste iogo pe what faneles do u guys have on your back the walkin on the pitch
  6. Truly dissapointed guys this is shameless nothing against dundee but come on
  7. Id rather not make it and play this garbage football
  8. This should have been the easiest of quali. but we some how make a match out of it
  10. Il never understand that when we have a lead to sit back and defend i wanna pull my hair out
  11. When u play like xoma that what we get
  12. This is sad genome no resistance by dundee can u imagine if we group wiyh the likes of juventus gala liverpool were deadUNEXCEptable for me
  13. We should be pumpin 3 4 goals on dundee scoco is balls today
  14. If we play like this in the group stage its gonna be an early exit :angry:
  15. We cant even connect 2 passes together
  16. Dreadfull football by aek jesus christ man ti kanoume sto gipedo
  17. I dont doubt it file it is what it is and it will continue as is...........
  18. I have a bad feeling there might some ugly scenes outside the stadium clashes and hopefully no attacks on our bus rolling in.... Owwww AND BY THE WAT ITS GAME DAY!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAHHHHHHHHHH :tup: :box:
  19. DO what they do in england some of the worst hooligans in the world but yet there is peace in the stands why they in force you step one foot on the pitch you get fined jailed and expelled from entering the football grounds for life.
  20. Dundee just came off a drumming in league play they will have something to prove that makes any club unpredictableAEK-0 DUNDEE-0
  21. In all honesty this match worries me the players are all aware of what is going on from an unbeleivable tourny in australia too total anarchy at the drop of hat i hope there all focused and put all this bs surronding our club a side take care of business infront of no aek pushing them forward. :(
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