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  1. I hope your right we looked sloopy 2day and we woke up too late and we have to finish better or else its lights out
  2. Were gonna get raped by croatia starring down the barrell of the gun early in this group
  3. What the hell has gone wrong with our nt squad jesus we should be thrashing georgia by 3 4 goals greece has gone back to the stone age football how sad and what is even worse our home support how pathetic i understand greece is in economic crisis but come on!!!!!
  4. This is hilarious the russian coachis upset that we threw the match so we can play an easier opponent the irony in this we did it to avoid spain but it looks that france is also doin the same with nz!!!! of all team so we will face spain and france want to face russia unbeleivable!!! what a joke XSEFTILA TO OUR NT CONSIDERED OF THE ELITE TEAMS TOO STOOP SO LOW Yes spain is our white whale if we lose then we lose they have our number and just because we beat the us once we all fell we can beat them again
  5. Its embarassin how greece just threw this match a country they beat about 3 weeks ago in the kypro tourny by 38!!!!! i guess its smart to avoid spain who looks to awaken or they were playin possum and then avoid us. I beleive we will play france next to take the easier road to the finals sad really that greece would do that if in reali ty we should win easy v france but this years nt looks bad.........
  6. Im reading every were lets throw the match 2morrow so we can lithuania or serbia some say win and we face spain then usa i say how cares we not scared of no one to be the best u have to beat the best who ever it is thats who we play strategies to avoid teams is nonsense greece can beat any one on any given day if they play the way i know. But this year i have to say greece coach is a complete douchbag f up our nt Were not ranked 3rd in the world for nothing
  7. Rizoupoli is my choice we can finally fill up a stadium and have some kind of atmosphere then in oaka with 12k in a 60 plus
  8. I still have faith im usually really negative zenit is tough even adrelecht is anything but a given and as for the croats inreality we should get 6 but nothing comes easy with aek 50 50 of qualifying
  9. IM not too pleased with what ive seen pre tournament we looked unstoppable and when the big dance started we bare ly won against china!!!!! and almost got upset by rico a team that is favored 9 t1 to medal only us and spain have better odds it is unexceptable. I dont beleive we will beat turkey we might have a better club but were not playin like we are a contender and turks home crowd will make the difference, and sad to see there not alot of greeks that made the trip to turkey to support us hats off too those that made it theyve made some noise
  10. With all the options we had mendi,jiranek,scaloni i forget his name played for az alkmaar patsa is what we come up with, il stop know beatin on a dead hose at this point
  11. Irlandos all i have to say is XPISTOS KAI PANAGIA OXXXXXXXXXXXXX........ :tdown:
  12. Its really sad to see a once strong and proud football club the 3 biggest in greece decline and see it at its lowest form were we cant even compete on the transfer maeket as our rival and we have to be happy with guys like patsa wait till the last min and have players like karab, jahic, and love this guys dellas lymbe but over the hill.................... They know what positions were needed and the same xalia year after year i wear my colors o nmy sleeve and i show it but it sad too witness this
  13. I dont like it but il take i thought there were more suitable players still available but obviously they did not want to play here. Its getting depressing ouufff!!!
  14. aekmafia21

    And bravo for not appelling aek take the loss like men and move on AFTI EINAI I AEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. aekmafia21

    I was climbing the walls at my house there no way in gods green earth we will go anywhere with these low class players i understand this is what aek as of late can afford we will get laughed out of europe if we start getting ciment boots inside the box.I also beleive we did not play as bad a day after i had time to calm down we keep runnin in too hot goalkeepers or a class goal out of nothing, and on another note diop looked lost out there and leo was a mouse in a maze. Emergency dexi back proper 10kari stopper
  16. aekmafia21

    High Definition X-A-L-I-A!!!!! :LOL:
  17. aekmafia21

    Im out cant take this anymore we cant even get the ball away from barcelona i mean kerkyra
  18. aekmafia21

    10 MIn shoots must be like 20 to 2 wasted balls
  19. aekmafia21

    Were playi foolish football right know
  20. aekmafia21

    I zenit sto europa tha mas kanoune mathimata sto gipedo
  21. aekmafia21

    Atleast tie re separakalo aek!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. aekmafia21

    Jahic ballies are horrific!!!!!!! 20 min left We had some good pressure going
  23. aekmafia21

    WTF did djebour miss i cant beleive it that the match remeber that one
  24. aekmafia21

    Kerkyra are doin teatro on the pitch
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