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  1. How can manage to salvage greek football nice.....................
  2. Tough for the skoulikia kali tixh
  3. Dony know what to expect from aek anymore like we all say should be a formality but................................. I wonder what kind of shi?%y crowd will make the trip to oaka If we were to play in the riz id be more up beat
  4. I completely understand were we stand in the pecking order but a little bit of proffesionallism i understand pao looked foolish out there no disrespect but enough with beating a dead hoese.Pao will will finish 2nd no dought about it
  5. I freckin hate these british commentators completely jokingly ripped pao apart with there arrogant comments YES!!!! we know barca is great barca is spectacular my wife was telling relax its not even your team it goes beyond what team u support discusting.
  6. Bravo adam pesta pe i did not want to start off this short season with my usual complaints but good for him in truly hope something will be done
  7. EIDATE TI KANEI MIA SKLIPI EDRA!!!!! AEK WAS FLYIN know u understand why we need our own house Goood football by aek lets keep it goin with split great atmosphere bravo to the original :tup: :nw: I kinda like rizoupoli for the moment
  8. A win ann nothing less and by more then 1 goal separakalo and i hope rizoupoli is sold out and we create an awesome atmosphere like we did back when we palyed there need some a good result for our crucial opener europa match that we must win
  9. Its all about tryin new thing because these spoiled old dogs under ottos reign had it made new coach new phelosophy new attitude YOU like that shock the world WE HAVE TO BE POSITIVE CAUSE THIS REALLY STINKS
  10. Pesta re paidia give way to youngsters and let them schock the world and then u will see how fast greece will forget about the clickes leaving Good bye!!!!!!!
  11. We need to find a way to hit the net if we have any chance of qualifing defensevily were fine its our offence that scares me dead
  12. il take the tie with a smile absolutely true need to take care of business no more dropped points in greece
  13. 6 minleft what a group this would be croatia israel 4 georgia greece 2 after day 2
  14. A pe santos giati den ebales to palio kafe dermatino thats your trade mark look lucky jacket
  15. samara should be a underwear minerva model cant shoot for [email protected]!!!!!!
  16. What a frustrating nt we have we lose points at home against a team we should have beaten easliy adnwe are holding up well against a better croatia side that beat us in general
  17. A win would be fantastic after the goaless draw georgia israel
  18. i guess so far ok if a tie is what we want il take it my 3-0 prediction if wayt off so far but greece looks there off the path and dont know how to get back dont see us scoring try and hold the tie inzagreb would be a good result
  19. Zagreb will be jumping croatia 3 v greece 0 It will take a while for santos implant his vision our nt is still in ditox from otto
  20. Call me crazy i beleive we will win iti liked the matches that ive seen
  22. We can blame the refs till the cows come home its what greeks to the best not the fact that we cant paly a zone and we cant hit a 3 pointer if our lives depende on it and hit crucial free throws, this is not the nt that i beleived in havin to toss games to avoid potential teams, we have to realize that maybe were not a powerhouse and juggernaut country we once was.
  23. SUE ALL THESE [email protected]##S FOR MAKING AEK LOOK LIKE ASS CLOWNS I could teach monkeys to run the country which is a laughing stock at this moment sad but true And of topic we lost to anther b div club what is goin on with aek omada ta xorafia exoume gine PE PLAKA MAS KANETE AEK!!!!!!
  24. Me to aristero santos!!!!!! GOOD LUCK YOU WILL NEED IT Can we paly all our games in cyprus separakalo
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