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    Dusan did the right thing at the end aek well being before his know if aek continue too struggle thenthey wont be able to blame dusan and maybe then they will realize that it wasent only on the coach. And that the problem lies with the roster which there are a bunch of players that do not deserve and cut the mustard when it comes to playin football.AND THERE IS A BIG PROBLEM WITH THE YOUTH ACADEMIE the way they are develloped and trained.
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    The dark days at aek are back so sad to see aek crumble before our very eyes no class what so ever i feel for bajevic he never had a chance the original finally get what they wanted nato re palio p*****des sorry for the fool language were nothing but a mid level club. We will get absolutely raped on thur with zenit im afraid. AEK STA DISKOLA MAZI SOU TILL THE END I WILL FOLLOW U!!!!!!!!!!
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    Enuff!!!! screwing around 3 points and nothing else if u please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :angry:
  4. Adam is tryin to fix the problem and his gettin crucified so its better to stay silent and keep gettin assaulted makin threats the team will leave the ground if it happens again good everyone seems to have knives in there eyes and his tryin to shake this snowglobe of a leaguie and make it respectable. And yes aek could have won the match with out 3 uncalled penalties this is for the good of the league 50 50 calls down the middle
  6. Koukou has come out and apologized for the game take those apologizes and shove them way way up your a-hole the cancer in this league has to be cut out im so sick of this, my big ups to adam for tryin every he can do for justice. What a mickey mouse league this has become tragic
  7. Fair result in the end of the day both played well if aek really wanted too they could and should have won like u guys said laziness and not willing to fight 90 min and lets not get into the penalty issues cuz its old news too me and i dont want that as an excuse. Aek plain and simple lost points at home championships are not won that way and please lets move to rizoupoli for the mean time im sick of these 13 k crowds in a 60 k ground why have the aek fans turned there backs to the team enomeni na eimaste!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Need to figure out what were gonna do with that tool diop and fix that amina cause it looks damn shaky
  9. Good day for greek football rack up those coef points
  10. Nice win boys could have put in 2 or 3 more but never the less great result ok atmosphere in the upper deck funny seeing the o21 up there i watched the aris game and the ambiance in that ground if off the hook if aek play in the riz we can do the same and no one will leave with 3
  11. DIOP has looked horrible and out of place since we got him
  12. Why not put in nasuti or patsa man or even gentzoglou gamoto re!!!!
  13. It be nice if any one but djebour to step up...................
  14. We better not sit back and get punished like dundee keep attacking
  15. By far above and beyond our best player of our short season
  16. O djebour petai foties apo ton kolo to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. KIALO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KIALO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KIALO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That will shut those split fans for a while
  18. We need to score goals irlando we might be but golares theloume
  19. There was some crowd troubles between the split fans and the po po can we please pound them in the ground the O21 will mess them up
  20. Ella arostia!!!!!!! niki kai tipota allo!!!!!!
  21. Tell me about it i think its down been tryin nothing
  22. Amost game time getting nervous
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