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  1. Its sad really that aek have a dog fight with what should be any but it just shows the state that aek are in for so manny years
  2. Pou tha pame re xoris xaf eleos pia
  3. With pao needing as miracle to go threw and volos beeing booted out and now aek on the brink this could be a horrible year for greece and coefficant points
  4. Disgracefull if we dont make it my god
  6. Im really nervous about this one 2 up would have been huge with only a goal up we must be focused we need The MONEY!!!! The ice man needs to get going hes been good but we need golares
  7. Absolutely that 2nd goal is huge all they need is a fluka gol they may not have shown much but they will pumped in there pitch And i saw the replay not offside at all m****pano lines man
  8. BOLLOCKS its gonna be tough in georgia 2 up lights out 1 up it can go either way
  9. Cardiac kids now i can sleep easy ax re aekara ti mas kaneis
  11. Had to make us sweat till the last minute
  12. Finallyyyyyyy re gamoto!!!!!!!
  13. Xesta buddy were gonna have to go into georgia and get the result kala
  14. Aek laranca 0 Rosenberg 0 it be cool have two aek
  15. Ante re aek valte kanema gol re!!!!!!!! can some one explain why the fisrt leg is beeing played in greece dosent make any sense
  16. Mitsel and diop two huge losses for us gamiseta with the vaselines losing 3 -0 we cannot afford to be dropped aswell :tdown:
  17. Im happy its not and in back baby!!!
  18. Beleive or not i thought the phantis forum was down and out :D
  19. We need proper midfielders or were toast den ginete tipota mono me to ice man
  20. After what ive seen with getafe and anorthosis i must say im very anisixos for the upcoming campaign
  21. There is some positives to take away the link up with scocco and djebour was nice defensevily were horrid we played better then what i expected we could have had a chance if it wasent for that laughable no call on the hand ball before the send off!!!
  22. Mas efage h diathsia pali re paidia saxa should get a chance again
  23. aekmafia21


    And i will pray hard on thursday that aek dont look ridiculous in st pete morale will be at a abysmall low and it could get ugly.
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