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  1. ANDERLECHCT LOKOMOTIV MOSKVA STRUM GRAZ AEK Cant say im happy or sad about it i beleive its an open group can go either way besides strum were we should collect max points. Ander well we all now they have our number they killed us with one of there young stars LOKOMOTIV smart football a split from them the plus is it wont be december when we play them in moscow a plus. ALL in all i see maybe 8 to 9 points Paok got in the a hole so we should be able to compete if we find a way to beat belgium club we should be able to take care of the rest.
  2. What has happend to pao i cant remember the last time they won a europeen match
  3. Im surprised at how good israli club have been last couples of years football wise
  4. GOOD NIGHT from me ive had enough excitement for one day
  5. Aek were clearly the better team since the 2nd half but there no excuses to be made for this sh$%%y performance put the ball in the net wasted chances over and over again
  6. Les hope for a descent grouping and make some noise
  7. Hopefully the aquisition of this money if we get past and get vargas and one more will help our club improve my god we need it
  8. Any other team would have put 4 or 5 past this club by now
  9. Can some tell me were the gols are gonna come from we cant even manage a gol a game
  10. AEK SAGAPO gamma ethniki istate olloi!!!!!!
  11. I hope they have been practicing there penalty kicks in training :( :(
  12. Its gonna be a another dark day in aek history if we dont win to tiblisi (who?) Na etimasoune ta giaourtia kai ta lemonia ston aerodromio a ma den persasoune
  13. Exoume ginei mikri omada paidia na to pistepsoume nai h oxi aman!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. We need a little irish luck irlando or its lights out
  15. Wasted Wasted chances unbeleivable
  16. Im shocked that i still dont have any gray hairs yet this cant go into a shoot out
  17. We need to put one of these chaces away or we will get it basic 101 stuff you learn put it in the back of the net!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Its better if we dont make it in the group stage tha fame ta moutra mas
  19. My anxiety level is threw the roof.......................
  20. Enough already valte kanena go re!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  21. Na eise kala genome file mou ego pandos ntrepomai aythn thn omada na trome gol sto 1 lepto apo mikres omades ths evropis
  22. TRAGIC i dont know how much more i can take we need to go threw
  23. Irlandos pou eise re!!!!!!!!! :D Ive got to say im not surprised at all i knew it gonna be a tough year and ive learned to control my temper i was driving my wife crazy ive bought a punching bar :LOL:
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