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    Bunch of freckin jagoffs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry guys ive lost it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. aekmafia21


    WhAT ELSE CAN I SAY this has been the most horrific painfull mentally disturbing display of of football by aek in the last decade I CANNOT TAKE THIS ANY MORE, then mas sevete kanenas safto to protathlima when they give phatom penalty for who kavala eloes eleos pia.DROPI SE OLOIN SAS the only thing that was aek was the original21 VRALTE THN FANELA KAI PATE SPITI SAS. Put the damn ball in the back of the net someone anyone ena soro lefta pernete einai amartia na xanonde aftes i efkeries enough,act like football players pull your heads out of your asses. Ive completely lost my fecking mind t
  3. Bravo sta palikaria i doughted you all week the greek fighting spirit is alive and well great job by tsorvas who would have thought. ZHTO H ELLADA RE GMT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
  4. Ella re bob se perimenoume me anixta xeria
  5. Kalitera na min pame mondial what a pathetic display of offensive football long balls tha mas katharisoune kiriolektika in kiev its a blessing guys we must except it.
  6. The lasers are the least of our problems lets get this deal done with kozoni and make aek big again
  7. Spaste ta dokaria is right dikefaleeeeeeee
  9. Ithink genome is right 5 or 6 k
  10. Looks like around 10 k or less
  11. Like genome says il take 4th place after what weve seen with aek so far
  12. The attendance still shocks me every time dosent even look like even the diarkeis sold came
  13. Ahhhh the lasers are out
  14. Tempo has fallen off expected and we still can not keep a clean sheet
  15. Maybe aek can finally start an unbeaten run climb the sl
  16. Once a gavraki always a gavraki :P
  17. Goodness guerrero is alive what a mess
  18. IM bassing it on what weve have seen so far from aek this year not falling asleep
  19. Giannakopoulos getting jeered every time he touches the ball nice
  20. Nice pace to the match not heavy on the eyes so far
  21. Pos to pathame re 3 goal se ena matsaki exei theos!!!!!!!!
  22. Aek for the 1st time look some what descent good too see it
  23. Bravo re palikari nemrth gave some juice to the game
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