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  1. Xoris logia san psofies kotes oloi itan this team needs a total reconstruction from top to bottom like watching paint dry exhausting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know we should not ask for alot we have a bad squad and i was amazed that we had not lost in last 8 but god damn were frecking terrible can u imagine playin in europe ass raping :( :( We looked like the club that looks to be relegetad not larissa apon tin ael re gamoto they stink this year
  2. Congrats from an aek fan wave the greek flag for all of us!!!!
  3. Bravo palikaria min stamatate kinda makes me sick to my stomach to see paok 2 of the top and were not there with the top :nw:
  4. aekmafia21

    And we march on eftara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRING ON THE SKOULIKIA
  5. aekmafia21

    Should be a no brainer for aek but.........................???
  6. For the 1st time ive finally cracked a smile with aek rescent run of 6 unbeaten definetly not the best show in town but i will take what i can get. its seems to me that leo is finally starting to play like we expected him and djebour since coming back has boosted aeks game and moral. Side note how terrible was makos jesus man this dude needs to go had high hopes for him. And bravo to aek b-ball who made kittens out of nionions GREAT WEEK END FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Ti na ton kanoume ton pap re na mas fernei neraki ston panko
  8. Loved what the 021 did with the kerkides painting them yellow and black reminds me of the good old days at the goumas :D UNdefeated in last 4 games keep it up boys
  9. Ive been off the chat boards for a while because i just cannot watch this team keep shooting themselves in the foot an einai dinaton 1st last week with a blown 3-1 lead and know this a re djebour pick a frecking corner and smack the crap oout of it. Its if like the whole team is doing it on purpose to find ways to not win. its if some one is holding a gun to our heads and playin with us. TELOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AEI STO DIALO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. aekmafia21


    Den ginete tipota me tous opadous the O21 walk to the beat of there own drum win loss tie they dont care, mono gia grinies einai oloi, i aek mas pethenei right in front of there own eyes kai vlastimoun tous paktes ton douskou and of all ppl demi. Ti simenei aek sta diskula not a whole lot im frustrated yes but lets get not fly off the handle the last thing the players need is there own fans turning on. Oloi mas den andexoume allo IMARTON PIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. aekmafia21


  12. This is becoming some kind of conspiracy they keep on clipping our wings every time we get closer to the light at the end of the tunnell, these ballloon heads donr care about aek.
  13. Thank god we have maduca with his shooting boots on cant beleive he has been our mvp this year by far............... What a bizarre year it has been a derby match with the 2nd to last place team sad times and days to see oaka pratically empty
  14. aekmafia21

    Pou exei paei o laos ths aek sikothite apo tous kanapedes kai kanete thorivo spasta ola re gmt ................................................FLATLINED............................................................
  15. aekmafia21

    Kakomira kai kseftila R.I.P A.E.K.F.C
  16. aekmafia21

    What a pathetic bunch of waste of space team ship them all out absolutely no conviction heart or soul in any of them NA THN DIALISOUME OLOI THN OMADA and start all over so f en embarassin beeing an aek supporteur :( DEN BORO ALLA RE THEEE KANEI KATI ELEOS PIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. We can micro pick and analyse all we want aftous exoume kai den boroune FERTE MAS kamia aspirini giati ponaei to kefali mas apo ta psemata. Distixos xoris pathos kai me kraugatea proponitika lathi, ego autin tin alithia kratao. A ma tha ertthe o bob sas perimenioume oxi alla psemata to paramythi teleiose ipomoni Den exoume allo , exoume ginei mikroi stin evropi pou den mas xerei kamia omada DROPI DROPI MAS
  18. Its really sad to see the state that aek are in when u cannot even beat a really not so good epl team who played with pretty much a depleted squad in resume a b squad that is in the bottom half of the standing fighting not to get relegated. An ok 2nd half for aek but the inability to put the ball inthe net is apparent no one has that cutting edge even bate found the bottom of th enet im sick of dokaria!!! and afta pou den hanounde as they say in greek. Den birazi aek eimai mazi sou and please please relocate aek too rizoupoli next year so we cant atleast create some ofthat old classic cald
  19. Scandalous can it get any worse were swimming with the lobsters shame on them unpaid for so long what the hell is going on with football club and the basketball it has been a living nightmare for both sports. Imean my godness how did we possibly let it get so out of hand with the 2 sports a bunch of f en chicken heads running and ruining a once great club :( :( :( One club headed for mediocrity and another to fall in A2
  20. Absolutely nothing to lose go all out and if we get pounded again then so be it. To unpredictable aek kavala loss paok win who knows maybe a miracle everton???Dare i say win?????
  21. Bravo sta paidia pos to pathame re!!!! :D very happpy nice performance on the pitch thankx for making ne eat my words my one true love after my wife not!!!!!!!!! :LOL:
  22. And i feel we will get bum rushed just my feeling :D
  23. aekmafia21


    I wanna get one thing straight i put the blame squarely on each and every one on the squad my disapproval of the officiating is miniscule. Unexceptable to lose to kavala
  24. aekmafia21


    Ella re niko im not blaming the penalty im the 1st to admit we just plain and simple stink it up week after week but lets back track and from week 1 to now and all the non calls disallowed goalspenalties not given red cards and tell me with a straight face ota den mas theloume .And i dont need exemples of other clubs suffering as much on the officiating
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