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  1. I dont care if we beleive can you imagine what the players are feeling rightknow if they not pumprd for argentina for me its still 11 vs 11 men not cyborgs the ball is round and just go for it. Beleive in suisse vs spain why not us why not just a thought :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr:
  2. Its gonna be a good day for me im happy that we showed that we can compete regardless of 10 on 11 27 shots is nice i did not want to be none as the worst country in SA
  3. At least we all in agreement that the palio germano has to go back germania
  4. Boys if argentina beats us and nigeria beats korea who goes threw
  5. D are i say if we cant even score with a man up and win dont even bother coming back to greece
  6. Giati re theouli mou dropi sas oloi gai diakopes pigame stin afriki TELOS
  7. Eimaste gia klamata our poor patriotic league combined with with few impact players playing overseas at big time leagues and just a lack of concentration and passion and will to win. We will be the butt of the joke once again with our early exit im gonna get an earfull at my work f2#k me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Completely wasteful corners for greece that is our only power set pieces theouli mou
  9. One word= trainwreck GAMO TO POULO MOU SA is gonna be a porno party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. My car is deckerd out with greece parafanelia but im afraid tha fame the biggest po$?ta the line ups put up by otto is humiliating that we go year after year with the same old dogs take them out to the pasteurs and shoot them. The u 19 21 17 has good future possibilities some one needs to grab it by the balls and make it right were a one trick pony.
  11. Aek has gone far to long with out a championship and cup I DEMAND WE DEMAND PERFECTION
  12. Gia onoma tou theo whats this i read we wanna bring back lymbe and dellas so frecking sad that this is what sadly aek has become a recycling plant :( dont get me wrong these guys back in there prime great but lets snap back to reality. No money i get it i really do id rather go for home grown grass root greeksters and mold them then bring back aging podosferistes. And as for geovani and diop there not coming all these articles and papers are trash............. Ella re mel pou esei re give it another go
  13. Na etimastoume for another train wreck in SA gamiseta NORTH KOREA are you kidding me TI EXOUME NA DOUME DROPI MAS RE PAIDIA!!! Lets not let the fifa rankings foul anyone were gonna get slapped hard
  15. oly finished 5th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KAI tou xronou Cant wait to see what is in store for our beloved aek we must clean house as usual
  16. Will never understand the mind set of the vartaxo why the hell do u not start nemeth each and every game god damn blanco has long lived past the hype he had when we got him and guerrero put the lad in for f sakes man makos jesus!!!! Its almost over boys the brusing and the swealling has come down ONEword =R-E-B-U-I-L-D the strory of the dikefalos fans life again....................
  17. Eimaste kai emeis xoma xoris pathos kardia kai talipa a few good players oi alloi mapionettes oute b ethniki den kerdizoume me aftous,metagrafes poname oloi gia mia omadara of past years......................... OPOU diavaso o Batraxos ftaei th na kanei re ti.........
  18. Someboby please just punch olys spot for the champions league and let this shambles of a play off end that disalowed goal by manolas was apaulling and a kick in the nuts of the athlitismo in general f en discusting,and those misses by nemeth were freckin tragic. XSEFTILA THS XRONIAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AI KAI GAM$%%?&...........................!!!!!!!!!!! PAPER CHAMPIONS BE PROUD kokkalistan at its best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Agreed so damn glad to see finally some emotion from the fans on the streets and in the stands enough is enough aek has been a circus side show all year. AEK DEN EINAI KALAMARIA KAI APOLLON REMEMBER THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Gooodpost euro2004 i guess i wanted to beleive more with my heart then my head that we would and could of made a run for the league titles regardless of our well posted wesknesses.And i do understand even winning the derbies is meaningless cause u are right its the mid to last place clubs that give u more headaches and fight
  21. Can only imagine what would of become it aek had not had that horrible 1st half before the winter break. TI na kanoume afti einai i aek mas na mas vrali ta matia mas
  23. Scandalous guys espescially in oaka against how liege salt rubbed right in the wounds very dissapointed flying the greek flag for the rest of us. Beat one of the elite clubs in the world and get spanked by a belgium club WOW!!!!!!!! chin up miracles can come true :blink:
  24. What shocks me the most is not that we lose its that we cant even string 2 passes together there not 1 game that sticks out in my mind were weve played 90 min of controlled football. pantrakikos beat them 2-0 in larissa thats says it all.
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