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  1. Its hard pao 123 its easy for un outsider to say stay confident when u have a solid front office a good bank account and a solid fan base behind u then with us. Aris wins at the death good start lets keep it up and i have to say those aris unis are stunning love them
  2. Im very nervous about this one boys i felt pretty damn confident after our aussie tour then when we hit a brick wall at EL PASO and the brew haha broke out and maestro leaving. We absolutely need to qualifie for the group stages we need that cash badly andthe fact that oly are out and paok most likely will not pass threw fener that would only leave aris and pao ranking up coefficent points. That would drop us lower in the standing would be devastating for greek foot and our developpement
  3. Kyriakos and Moras linked back at this point il take either one we desperetely need a stopper with the loss of maestro which i never really liked. Bajevic is also rushing too loan out lukats so diop can be part of the dundee matches.
  4. I dont like what im seeing or hearing with aek we keep loosing players after players for free and we sell our youngters for staryalia!!!!!! Were the only club in gree that does that its insane and madness and it comes at the worst time we would be right for the picking for dundee know in starting to get nervous aswell. Fans attacking the manager. fans spilt down the middle free transfers,youngster leaving,fifa intervining for araujo and guerrero no money,no home and the list goes on.....................................................................................................
  5. What sthe deal boys any transfer news out there for aek im hearing nothing weve unloaded a bunch of players most of them for free!!!!!! Good enough with what we have for a championship or are we doomed
  6. Its good to be humbled by someone like kalithea so our heads dont become bigger then our egos and think weve invinsable and get dropped on our asses with dundee that what these alites dont understand. And get over that bajevic is here to stay move on already
  7. What afreckin xseftila we have become i mean my god we loss 1 friendly and every one goes ape [email protected], these a not aek fans these are anarchist guys that just hate duskou guts with a passion. These so called fans need to be weeded out these balloon heads are the ones that will destroy and tear down aek for good. DISGRACEFULL FOR AEK AND FOR THE LEAGUE AND OUR COUNTRY.
  8. Its nice too see other clubs compete then the usual 2 big boys
  9. Very true minus the corruption tampering and ref with one sided views something that the scottish league dosent have and il all fareness celtic rangers always finish with what 20 plus points over 3rd. In the greek league it stays competitive till its too close for comfort then well lets not get into it. Ihave nothing against the scottish league ive seen manny fine matches with hearts,aberdeen,ext........................ A very serious aek should not have any problems with dundee
  10. Dont care should be a no brainer weve owned scottish teams in the past hibs hearts rangers i dont see how the mandarinia wii go thru, nothing against the scottish league besides the top 2 celtic , gers it has always been 2 horse race for years......................................infinity plus 1 Both league are close in coefficent points. Ive heard over and over how they wanted to pull celtic and rangers and re locate them to the english premiership for the lack of a title race
  11. Bravo sta palikaria mas great showing down under with slick football no big signings like oly and pao just playin like one solid unit trusting in each other. And a big what up to the organomeni 21 of australia who showed why we have the best fans in the world :D Hope its a sign of great things to come to us after years of just broken hearts
  12. Ibeleive that there is some really outstanding talent in the youth squads mixed with better selections around our league that did not get called up that we can be half descent and be able to score with top countries then be allways overwhelmed
  13. Otto AUF WIEDERSEHEN!!!!!!!!!!!! Defensive football go home
  14. 81% to 19% that is mind boggling you make your own conclusions WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. My back up country JAPAN Ultras Nippon love the j -league
  16. A little harsh lazarus ella man did anyone really i mean expect greece to pass
  17. Know i hope otto steps down from his post so we can inject some new blood and philosephy and an attacking minded nt
  18. Hand ball no hand ball whats done is done im proud we did not get humiliated and we dont have hope for the next world cup and hear when will greece scores its 1st goal and w
  19. It be nice if we had a time machine and go back to korea who was so beatable pali kala it wasent a portuguse goal fest
  20. No matter if we have held not good enough to pass im surprised we held out so long
  21. We need a ballanced game or the likes of Messi may tear us apart, having said that yes, we need to go up front enough to get them in their weak spot! Etsi bravo genome that what i wanna hear no negativity vs the argentina
  22. I f otto thinks of playin D he vs the argentinians and thinks he can win on the counter he is truly a mad scientist all offence for once in your life JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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