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  1. Its gonna be rough in turkey
  2. Ena akomi aekara just to be sure
  3. As known threatening dundee is looking we must not give them room a 2 goal cushing would be ideal to take at oaka
  4. Man just saw a live feed of those blue jersey damn those are hard on the eyes we have yet to sport the stripes
  5. I beleive omonia also fell to metalist
  6. CSKA are a powerfull force in europe not surprised
  7. Ella genome how we looking palikari
  9. Eimaste ke gamoto opadous!!!!!!!!! :nw:
  10. Lets keep it up keep attacking
  11. Paok are up 1-0 on fener lets keep it rolling
  13. Starting to get very nervous as i dont know much about our opponent worries me and that there will be lots of excitement in the stands couild be key for dundees sucess 2day. Ive been watching some scottish league games as of late not too bad :tup:
  14. Ive visited a couple of dundee forums and they seem fairly confident they can take us out there not to worried about us, there all buzzing over this match.
  15. Are you doing drugs???Olympiakos has and spends the money that AEK wishes it had,you can not blame the player....they are proffesional players,forget the flags and players playing in 1 club only. The only smoke coming out of is his behind he i think he is a superb talent how manny games did he play last year i can count them on my fingers between his under youth games ans all those so called injuries after injuries i questioned his motivating for playin for the aek crest thats all.Every time they annouced him to be match fit he was back on the shelf that my opinion very talented YES!!!! i que
  16. Nemeth gonna be dressed in gavroRED freckin KOLOPEDO!!!!!! I GUESS I CANT BLAME THE PUNK
  17. I dont much about past years if youre sayin best team assembled in 20 years then that makes me i little nervous but then again a focused aek will have no resistance against dundee
  18. Iunderstand that aek are a much polished club then dundee and we should qualifie but that means nothing as the gap tightens between clubs i saw what the young boys did to the spurs last night they were lucky not to cop 4 or 5 golares
  19. Guerreiro has gone 8 months how bad is that if fifa intervein can be very bad for aek some aquisations have been made
  20. Enough all ready just find some one and lets plug that hole the revolving names just keep rolling guys ive never heard before
  21. I really do hope so my friend i dont think i can bear not beeing in europa dusan has done all he can with with what he has which is not much
  22. Im as true and genuine as a fans can get ive stuck by my team threw thick and thin i have complete confidence in dusan its all those other alites that drag me down and the club that makes me question when will it all be payed forward for my beloved club
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