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  1. This weekend Brazil hosts the last grand prix of the season, and there are 3 drivers who can win the championship!

    The drivers' title - all the possibilities

    How Alonso can become champion

    Should Alonso win the race, he would need for Lewis to be on the bottom step of the podium or lower to take the title. If Alonso is in second position after the 71 laps, Hamilton would have to be in sixth position or lower. If Alonso takes third, he would need to Lewis to only secure one point and for Kimi not to win. If Alonso is fourth, Hamilton would have to not score any points, with Kimi also not on the top two steps of the podium.

    How Hamilton can become champion

    Hamilton takes either of the top two steps on the Interlagos podium, no matter where Fernando and Kimi finish. If Alonso wins the race, Hamilton has to take second place behind his McLaren teammate. If Alonso comes second, Hamilton would need to take the chequered flag in fifth position. If Hamilton is in fifth position, he would need for Alonso to finish out of the top two. It does not matter where Raikkonen ends the race. If Hamilton finishes sixth or seventh, he would need for Alonso to finish out of the top two and for Raikkonen not to win. If Hamilton finishes in the final points paying position of eighth, the only way he can take the title is for Alonso to finish out of the top three and for Raikkonen to finish out of the top two. Should Hamilton retire from the race or score no points, then he would need for Alonso to finish in fifth or below and for Raikkonen to be in third or below.

    How Raikkonen can become champion

    Raikkonen would need to win the race, with Alonso and Hamilton finishing out of the top two and five respectively. If Raikkonen takes second position, then he would need Hamilton to only take one point and for Alonso to be out of the top three.


  2. other than that i read (didnt see the "game" so-wy), that bastardoalonso did a dirty trick to my  :tup: nigga  :nw:  AGAIN....

    pushed hilm out of the track in the third turn o somethin....


    although I don't like Alonso, I must say that his move on Hamilton in the first corner wasn't anti-athletic and it was really intense to watch! maybe it was a bit harsh but it was not a dirty trick. The irony is that every time M.Schumacher was doing the same thing, Alonso was moaning that it was not fair and that Schumacher is doing whatever he wants on track :rolleyes: now, look who's talking! :rolleyes:
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