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  1. This is why so many wanted Poyet gone!!! And any of you who wanted him to stay deserve this. Most in form F***in player in Tzolis not even on Bench. Ruins a relationship with fortounis, manolas, sokratis but picks tzavellas for his squads….. plays players like pelkas, kourbelis and Bouchoulakis who should never be close to the NT with ability and form to consider. Masouras was runnning on fumes from 60 min on and we had nobody to come on !!! What a F***in joke

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  2. I’m struggling to understand some fans.. we have in form players in Konstantelias, Tzolis, giakoumakis and on giakoumakis saw field after playing great vs Ireland. Fortounis is out lost talented player and the coach picked a fight with him by not selecting him because he doesn’t fit his team??? Yet he plays pelkas, mantalos, Bouchoulakis, Rota, and fountas who are all either totally out of form or not NT quality…..we have another coach who is keeping us from big tournaments because of his F***in ego…. we need a new coach asap

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