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  1. When on offense.. we have 6 players pushing up
  2. I know it looks like Leto is playing LWBbut its a LM position... When we defend.. we will have Simao drop between Sariegui and Vyntra n Marino will play more of a DM/RWB role.
  3. Id play the same set up that we had vs Roma... -------------Tzorvas------------------ ----Kante---Sariegui---Vyntra Marino---------------------------Leto -------------Kara--Simao----------- Salpi--------------------------Ninis ----------------Cisse--------------------- I know it looks like Leto is playing LWB but its a LM position... When we defend.. we will have Simao drop between Sariegui and Vyntra n Marino will play more of a DM/RWB role. When on offense.. we have 6 players pushing up Try it for a half.... if we get on the score sheet.. go for broke.. If not... Rep
  4. Hey guys.. whats up? Just had me a few beers and gonna watch reruns of SUPERGOAL.
  5. Vyntra as a RB this season has been very good. In fact, the past 2 seasons, he has been our best defender and if we add a class CB NEXT TO HIM< HE WILL be even better... dont forget, Vyntra has looked fantastic the past 2 seasons playing next to Sariegi and Kante...
  6. That second tackle by the asteras plaer was a drop kick to the stomach... Wow
  7. By the way... very big game from Kats who was playin as a 3rd CB since Marino came on..... Red Card Asteras
  9. Not mention the straight reds that werent given to Fytanidis on that jungle tackle on Leto and 15 mins later with an elbow to Leto's Face that ''NOBODY'' saw. Funny how with Oly,it was 2-0 before 15 mins with Asteras..... Coincidence...
  10. The defence was always horrendously weak.... That wont change with a manager change... And people say the team is not as fit.. well thats normal..Its Mid March now as opposed to november when HTC was here. We are still in all tree competitions whereas last year at this time we were out of the league, cup and europe. And people complain about Nioplias results... as opposed to HTC sayin no way HTC would of lost t PAOK and not beaten AEK in OAKA. Really? Well in the first round, we took 2 shots vs AEK and won on a fluke goalby Salpi. Agaisnt PAOK, we needed an 80th minute goal to win
  11. euro since u are so retarded.. can u let the rest of us know the final score in the larisa game so we can bet on it tomorrow.. :P
  12. we beat Roma twice with Nioplias... Thigns happen. Tzorvas in net... maybe its 1-1... Anyway.... Galino and Darla are definitely gone after this.. thk god... Pame PROTATHLIMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  13. From what i heard and read, I believe we will see Kara, Leto and Spyro on the bench... Kats is out with cards. I understand the way u question Tzorva at times Cyber... and that u worry he may cost us in big games... But.. Roma.. were big games. The two games vs Ukrain.. were big games.. and he was very good in thosegames. Every keeper makes mistakes... If we sit and analyze keepers the way we analyze our own.. we will find flaws in all of them... There is no perfection... Tzorva lacks the experience .. HE is slowly getting it though... And that will only make him improve... Do
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LjbMVXj0F8...feature=related
  15. KMFDM, Zeppelin and GNR are anythign but brainless
  16. I hopeand pray that there is no scag commentators liek from Cyprus ro whatever.. I LOVE WATCH THE GAME WITH JUST THE SOUND FROM THE FIELD No music No stupid comments.. Just the sound of our beloved fans ripping Standard to shreds... :)
  17. 114-NikosVazelas 112-Thrylos 109-AEKPROTATHLIMA 107-euro2004 105-Irlandos 105-Madboy 105-Genome 105-Vasilis 105-Athinaios Vassilis had 3 correct pick last week and Athinaios decided to join way late... To make it interesting.. Ill give them both 105 and everyone under that has received 105 Post every week til the end... anything can happen Here are next weeks picks 26
  18. Eva.. if u look at the last 3 years... Pao hadnt lost any games to Oly and only 1 to AEK... So the only reason we lost the championship ios because we lose to small teams... Thats where the title is won
  19. Which teams do u mean ? Please elaborate... Xanthi, Levadeiakos and Asteras Tripoli also circle their calendar every year.. but for different reasons... Did u see how Kavala players reacted when they beat Pao? A small team beats a big team and they celebrate... Accept defeat and move on
  20. The players of Iraklis were celebrating because they won one of their tough games in a time where they were struggling to stay in the SL Now they have 5 games left and r 7 points clear of the drop zone
  21. Standard wont give much space.. itll be one of those tight games and i tight games.. anythign can happen... As for the oly comparaison..... They lost to Oly 2-1 in Karaiskaki and beat them at home 2-0 and missed 5 chances to score more.. They are not an easy team
  22. I see Kats, Gilberto and Kara in midfield as simao arrived late and kats is suspended for the first game vs Standard on Wednesday
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