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  1. The cut off is usually by game time saturday..

    I added my picks on staurday during the oly game... I was late... but seeign as how I missed two weeks in a row.. i figured I should enter my picks anyway...

    I still missed the Aris prediction which was a game started earlier that day...

    Im surprised im still first even though I missed 2 weeks...


  2. These are the correct standings. I gave everyone in last place 13 points so we can all participate and have some fun. Lets hope people dont forget to post.











  3. Sup felllas,

    Having some difficult time in the whole family thing so my posts have few and far between. I will try to keep up in the next few weeks and hope i dont miss any selections...

    Here are mine for this week and thank you thrylos for tallying everything up.



  4. Ill give u 1 point for the oly match as im sure u would of picked it... BUT STOP MISSING GAMES DUDE..

    SO u have two points plus todays result..... Genome gets one point for missing week 1.

    I dont know when Ill have the time to do the tally.. maybe Thrylos or AEKPRO can help me out with the standings this time.. Ill try to make time on tuesday if not..

  5. Back from my trip and had a blast...

    I realized half way through that it was a NT break and I dint have to post anything til this week. Ill try and do a tally by monday but I gotta visit family tomorrow.

    we all had pretty shitty picks. AEKPROTATHLIMA u will get the minimum 1 point even though u didnt post.. It is a game after all

    Stay tuned playas...

  6. Im off to Turks and Caicos for the week be back next saturday night... Trylos can u take over for a few days... Ill try to post next weeks picks from down there... if not ill miss saturdays games I guess...


  7. ^^ ya i mixed up the 5 and 6 :P He scored 15 goals ina league where the average goals per game was 3.7

    Like I said.. Surez scored 44 goals for Ajax last season. Djibril scored 23 in 28... After him the most goals was what... 11 :P

    Nemeth is a BAM? a young kid with potential.. OK if u say so... Our sloppy seconds are your BAMS... U said it :)

    As for ''recent'' BAMS...

    Get a Gilberto or a Cisse on your team.. kai ta leme meta ;)

    Heck even Govou is better then any player you have signed :P

    FYI not a huge fan of Riera

    I like Toro and Dudu though

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