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  1. Street Eyes AT&T/DIRECTV Deal Wall Street reacted to news that AT&T is going with DIRECTV as its DBS partner, leaving DISH Network out of the telco's sales and marketing mix after Jan. 31, 2009. AT&T announced late Friday its plan to switch from DISH to DIRECTV for its exclusive satellite TV sales and marketing efforts. The news had financial analysts scrambling to revise subscriber forecasts for the two DBS companies. Tom Eagan of Collins Stewart raised his 2009 subscriber net adds estimate for DIRECTV from 748,000 to 915,000. As for the other small dish platform, the analys
  2. AT&T, DIRECTV and DISH: The Skinny DIRECTV scored a coup late Friday … the DBS company announced that AT&T will market and sell the satellite TV service as a co-branded offering after Jan. 31, 2009. The relationship between the companies will take effect after the expiration of AT&T's current agreement with DISH Network, AT&T confirmed in a statement. Earlier this year, DISH disclosed that AT&T would terminate the exclusive sales and marketing agreement between the companies. The No. 2 DBS company reported last week that the deal had been extended by a month, to Jan. 31
  3. ERT World will not leave Dish Network if things work out it will be on both platformes Dish and Directv. DKSat
  4. The only channel that they are working on getting on Directv is ERT World . DKSat.
  5. PurelyAcademic, I have being visiting yore website for many many years is one of my favorite sides for Radio stations. My favorite Radio station was Radio PALAMA from Larisa , Media .net was the only side to have a ling to that Radio station Radio PALAMA is now PALACE FM File keep up the good work, DKSat
  6. HellasHab i agree with you, There is no point launching any Greek package if you are not going to be including ERT World in that package Lets get to the point the 2 power house Greek channels world wide is Antenna and ERT World all the others are just followers. Look at Mega and Alter they thought by moving to DirecTV the grass will be greener, but with no ERT World and the bad economy they are having a hard time attracting new customers. DKSat
  7. Media July 24, 2008 The satellite TV network is struggling to keep subscribers from fleeing. But it could be too late. Not long ago, Charlie Ergen was the scourge of cable TV. By offering bargain prices and competing head-on with struggling cable operators, his Dish Network satellite company snatched away millions of subscribers and nearly caught up with its bigger rival, DirecTV . Now, Dish is losing altitude faster than a dying satellite, and Ergen is looking like an also-ran. Ergen declined to comment, but not much is going right these days. Having added fewer subscribers than analys
  8. People are canceling because of the financial situation thats one fact , The quality of programming is terrible on some channels and to get all channels you have to have both satellite providers, In my household i have 2 receivers from Dish Network , 2 receivers from DirecTV , 2 receivers from Verizon Fios and about 100 remotes and a bill of $200.00 a month just in programing. i need to start canceling some programing. DKSat
  9. I do not know if any new channels are coming in the future , There is a good possibility we my loose what we have now. Subscriptions on both satellite providers is way down on the Greek packages lots of costumers are canceling the channels and they are keeping only one for news and the bla bla. This is one dead forum where did everyone GO? DKSat
  10. Lazarus, Thanks for editing my post i try to edited the post i did not have any success. DKSat
  11. Olympiacos vs Chelsea Live 2:45pm P2P, Setanta Sports, Setanta Sports Canada .
  12. This are the International Premiums channels that are available in my area VIETNAMESE SBTN 480 M CHINESE China Central TV-4 -481 CHINESE CTI Zhong Tian Channel -482 TV JAPAN TV Japan -483 KOREAN Munhwa Broadcasting Corp [MBC] - 484 FILIPINO The Filipino Channel -485 TV ASIA TV Asia -486 ARABIC Arabic Radio & Television [ART]- 487 ITALIAN RAI International -488 FRENCH TV 5 Monde -489 POLISH TVP Polonia -490 FARSI Rang A Rang -491 RTN RUSSIAN Russian Television Network -492 RUSSIAN Channel One Russi -49
  13. Verizon has announced it has now over one million subscribers to its fibre FiOS IPTV service. In Q4 2007, the service gained 226,000 customers, for a year-end total of 943,000. The company is now the tenth largest provider of television services in the US. Launched in September 2005, FiOS TV offers hundreds of digital video and music channels, HD programming, and a library of more than 10,000 VOD titles. DKSat
  14. WorldTV Broadband Arrives in Canada With Five TV and Radio Channels WorldTV, GlobeCast's multicultural television platform, has taken its first step over the Canadian border, with the launch of its popular international bouquet on the NeuLion iPTV platform. This comes only months after its successful roll out across Europe. 'WorldTV Broadband' initially launched with five leading Bosnian television and radio channels and is accessible to anyone in the country with a broadband internet connection and the NeuLion set-top box. Consumers simply subscribe to this service through a dedicated Cus
  15. WorldTV, GlobeCast's multicultural video platform, is making inroads into Canada with the launch of its international bouquet on the NeuLion IPTV platform. As part of the push, WorldTV has launched content for the Bosnian community north of the border. BN, BN Radio, BosTel, BosTel Radio and NTV Hayat provide Bosnian-language content for viewers in Canada through the GlobeCast offering. WorldTV said it plans to grow its Canadian offerings in the near future. In the United States, the platform delivers more than 200 channels to viewers. DKSat
  16. If you still have the Super Dish 121 ( 110 / 119 / 121) and have a subscription to ERT and Antenna you can get the channels with no problem.. DKSat
  17. All the Greek channels on Directv need fixing there is a problem with all 4 channels. Break ups, Black screen , Freezing , Video Quality , Lip sinc, Audio distortion on Alter. DKSat
  18. Same thing here the Programing Guide for Mega Cosmos on Directv is all Screwed up to The Video Quality SUCKS and the channel Breaks UP all the time. DKSat
  19. The Satellite Echostar 9 at 121 w it has a wide beam that covers the continental US, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Alaska . The channels are back to target that market. There is no need to switch back to 121 you will be ok with the 118 Dish www.lyngsat-maps.com/maps/echo9galaxy23_c.html DKSat
  20. Antenna , ERT World , ERA Sport , ERA 5 are back on Echostar 9 at 121 location. DKSat
  21. www22.verizon.com/content/fiostv/dvr/home+media+dvr.htm DKSat
  22. For consumers looking at their video, broadband and phone options, a publication well known for its ratings on consumer products and services has recommended a telco video platform. In its February issue, Consumer Reports promoted FiOS from Verizon as the best option for consumers looking for internet, television and phone. The publication said the fiber-supported offering received superior scores for reliability and performance for its set of services. As for other multiplatform companies, DIRECTV scored significantly higher than all major cable companies as well as small dish competitor
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