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  1. To connect the Ethnic people living in North and South America with the best information and entertainment from their Homeland. NEXTV-America is a joint venture between Ethnic Channels Group Ltd. and EURO-World Network Inc.; the Broadcasters representative for North and South America; responsible for the overall Communication and Distribution Strategy of the media offering. We are committed to provide our customers and business partners superior value in our service and our people by empowering our team members to be creative, innovative, and team oriented, and by progressively working tog
  2. To receive Ert world from INT 806 at 40.5 w for about $ 295.00 US Fortec Star 4' (120 cm) Offset Satellite Dish. C-Band LNBF with dielectric Plate Digital fta receiver. DKSat
  3. Dish Network does not have the exclusively rights to ERT world never did never will. ERT is in talks with another satellite provider to broadcast ERT world. ERT world is broadcast FTA to North and South America via Satellite INT 806 40.5 W the signal is in the clear. DKSat
  4. Antenna is cutting 6.5 million from there 2009 budget. Antenna backed out from biding for the rights to super league soccer games for North America and Australia market. Time to get Directv. DKSat
  5. There is 5 Greek channels that will be going to a large Digital Cable company very soon. DKSat
  6. Star had a deal with DirecTV to launch their international channel , The deal did not go threw because Star was asking for to much money so DirecTV void the contract. DirecTV is working on adding another Greek channel in to the Greek Pack. DKSat
  7. Filosofer, I can not verify if the channels are in the clear i am on vacation i will be back after new years. DKSat
  8. Antenna Satellite is available thru RCN Digital cable. In Chicago, Boston, Washington dc, Maryland, New York City, Philadelphia and Lehing Valley There will be more greek channels comming to RCN cable SOON. DKSat
  9. RCN Adds Greek Channel RCN is now offering 24-hour Greek-language channel Antenna Satellite to subscribers across its digital footprint in North America. Antenna Satellite broadcasts a feed directly from Greece and features live news, Greek movies, original programming and sports coverage, including exclusive rights to the Greek Soccer Championship, the Soccer Cup and the Greek Basketball Championship. It will air on RCN channel 521. www.rcn.com/chicago/digital-cable-tv/digital-extras/international DKSat
  10. GolTV said it expanded its 2010 FIFA World Cup coverage with a deal for exclusive North American TV rights for the home qualifying matches of Netherlands, Scotland, Wales and Lichtenstein. The effort kicks off in February. GolTV also holds exclusive TV rights for national teams from Germany, Italy and Spain --- Michael Fletcher and a team of industry veterans have opened Studios 121, a company that will provide cost-effective production, post-production, network origination, uplink and master control services for networks, independent producers and corporate programming. DKSat
  11. $585 million LCD price-fixing fine Sharp, LG and Chunghwa of Taiwan agree to guilty plea in anti-trust settlement. WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Three major electronics manufacturers have agreed to plead guilty to a price-fixing conspiracy and pay $585 million in criminal fines for their roles in the pricing of LCD display panels, the Justice Department said Wednesday. The department announced the plea agreement following a settlement with Sharp Corp. of Japan; LG Display Co. (LPL) of South Korea and Chunghwa Picture Tubes of Taiwan. The plea deals were filed in U.S. District Court in San Franci
  12. Purely Academic, PM Send. DKSat
  13. Olympiacos BC Has Offered Kobe 3x More Than The Lakers Have 2008-11-14 Kobe Bryant The previous contract offer to Kobe Bryant from the Greek team Olympiacos Piraeus Basketball Club, which can be read about here, has been upped. The same types of amazing benefits are still being offered, only now the term is for $30 million per year net for 3 years, or $90 million net for 3 years. Also, because Kobe may not be able to adjust to the Greek cuisine, he would in addition to the previously mentioned benefits also receive his own personal 5 star gourmet chef. Let's put this offer into better per
  14. Well i am going to let the cat out of the bag. There is someone in New York that thinks that he holds the exclusive rights to ERT World and sold them to Echostar . From inside info from ERT is that ERT does not receive any revenue from the subscriptions from Echostar or the man that claim that holds the exclusive rights. I know for sure that he reads everything that we right and post on Phantis Forum. Even the big boys from Directv and Echostar monitoring this forum. According to sources in Greece no one has any exclusive rights anywhere in the world for ERT or in North Americ
  15. WPSOs has a letter agreement from ERT that they can rebroadcast ERTs programming in North America Echostar is trying for many years to stop WPSO from rebroadcasting ERTs programing. DKSat
  16. I am receiving ERT World via NSS 806 with a C-BAND dish, The Live stream from TEI Peiraias is good quality as the Satellite feed from NSS 806 DKSat
  17. NSS 806 Satellite that ERT World is broadcasting FTA the foot print of NSS 806 does not cover the US or Canada West coast. DKSat
  18. Dish network has the exclusive rights to broadcast ERT World in North America . The Greek government is trying to break the exclusive rights with Dish network so they can be FTA in North American and to any satellite and cable company can broadcast ERT for free The Greek law prohibits any satellite or cable company in the world signing a exclusive deal with the Greek government. The Greek government official that sigh the exclusive deal with Dish network is shout be prosecute by the Greek government The point is government channels can not sign exclusive rights with anyone they hav
  19. Antenna Group and Setanta Sports are biding for the International Super League rights. DKSat
  20. Live tv server Window Media NEW 650k Is working fine for me with Firefox. DKSat
  21. This side is Broadcasting ERT World www.wpso.com wpso.com/livecast.htm DKSat
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