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  1. Subscription rates are dropping on Dish Network to but they are not going to take the Greek channels down. DKSat
  2. The Greek channels on Directv are not moving any time soon they have contract till 2015. DKSat
  3. Effective February 1, 2010 Please note the following programming and monthly rate changes for DISH Network Service: America's "Everything" PAK repriced to $99.99* (+$2.01) America's "Everything" PAK customers without locals availability will be moved to America's Top 250 & 4-pay premium packages priced at $97.99; the DVR service fee ($6) will no longer be waived for America's "Everything" PAK customers. TurboHD Bronze with locals renamed to DISH America and repriced to $29.99 (-$5); TurboHD Silver with locals renamed DISH America Silver and repriced to $49.99 (-$5); Turb
  4. The subscriber numbers on the Greek channels on Directv are being going down now for a long time. No one wants two satellite systems in there house with two deferent bill. The only two channels that are going to be around for a long time is ERT World and Antenna i do not see any future an the other ones . By moving to Directv they shut theme self in the foot and no way Dish Network will take them back.. There is talk that they will be going to Comcast . I my self did cancel the Greek package from Directv The future now is on fiber cable companys. DKSat
  5. The Fox Soccer channel appears to be close to swallowing up Setanta Sports USA either through an outright purchase or via securing key rights. DKSat
  6. GlobeStar was sold to Greekmediagroup, Globestar had the distribute rights to Mega Cosmos, GMTV ,and Star Tv for North America and Canada. Alpha tv is independent. DKSat
  7. NSS 806 has a wide beam that covers North America Canada and South America. You be surprise how many people are receiving ERT World from NSS 806 i am receiving ERT with a 6 footer. DKSat
  8. OFHMAN, Check out the ling. www.dishnetwork.com/international/detail.aspx?lang=Greek DKsat
  9. world wide Satellite transmission plus soccer games cost lots of money. DKSat
  10. Antenna Satellite is on Verizon Fios Digital cable. www22.verizon.com/Residential/FiOSTV/ChannelLineup/ChannelLineup.htm DKSat
  11. More Greek channels will be going on Comcast on fist quarter of the year. For now check out the ling. www.comcast.com/Corporate/Programming/IntlNetworks/greek.html DKSat
  12. Upcoming DirecTV Schedule Live Thursday, October 1 1:00pm Werder Bremen vs Athletic Bilbao Directv, Videos Live UEFA Europa League 1:00pm PSV Eindhoven vs CFR Cluj-Napoca Directv, Videos Live UEFA Europa League 1:00pm Shakhtar Donetsk vs Partizan Belgrade Directv, Videos Live UEFA Europa League 1:00pm Toulouse vs Club Brugge Directv, Videos Live UEFA Europa League 1:00pm BATE Borisov vs Everton Directv, ESPN UK, Setanta Ireland, Videos Live UEFA Europa League 1:00pm AEK Athens vs Benfica Lisbon GolTv, Videos Live UEFA Europa League 1:00pm Twente v
  13. Upcoming DirecTV Schedule For Sep 29, Sep 30, 2009 La Liga / Europa League / Champions League matches Free to DirecTV subscribers, UEFA Champions League (Channels 461-469) UEFA Europa League (Channels 461-470) La Liga (Channels 456-459) Sep 29, 2009 12:15pm Rubin Kazan vs Inter Milan Live UEFA Champions League Sep 29, 2009 2:45pm Arsenal vs Olympiacos Piraeus Live UEFA Champions League Sep 29, 2009 2:45pm AZ vs Standard Liège Live UEFA Champions League Sep 29, 2009 2:45pm Barcelona vs Dynamo Kyiv Live UEFA Champions League Sep 29, 2009 2:45
  14. DirecTV offers, * La Liga / Europa League / Champions League matches free-to-air for DirecTV subscribers, * UEFA Champions League (Channels 461-469) * UEFA Europa League (Channels 461-470) * La Liga (Channels 456-459) * Catch up to 22 European soccer matches a week, only on DIRECTV. * You can even watch up to eight matches at once on one screen with DIRECTV's exclusive Soccer Mix Channel In addition other DirecTV channels offer soccer coverage including ESPN, ESPN Deportes, Fox Soccer Channel, GOL TV, Setanta Sports, and Univision and more Upcoming Direc
  15. ERT World is a $15.00 a month subscription serves in North America. ERT World is a Free serves in Australia. DKSat
  16. Anyone that have a C-Band dish Setanta Sports is FTA over a year know on Galaxy 23 at 121.0 w DKSat
  17. AEK / Olympiakos will be Live on Antenna Satellite Sunday 2:15 eastern time us DKSat
  18. There is going to be 5 more Greek channels coming to Comcast very soon nationally. DKSat
  19. Antenna Satellite is Know on Comcast cable www.comcast.com/Corporate/Programming/IntlNetworks/greek.html DKSat
  20. HellasHab, You ask who has the rights to Super League soccer for the International market and i have post the info with all the contacts. What else to you wand? a phone number or free ticket to Greece so you can talk face to face with Tafsport. Who ever comes up with the cash gets to broadcast the games for the International market it does not make a difference what Greek channel gets the games because they all broadcast Internationally. P/S You do not have to worry about my cryptic posts any longer this my last post. DKSat
  21. Well if one of the Greek channels ___ that is on Directv decides not to negotiate with Tafsports because of the enormous price that they are asking for the super league games. Then i see Antenna negotiating with TafSport for the super league games at lower price. P/S You all better get Directv DKSat
  22. HellasHab, I write cryptic posts no way man i just report the news fair and balance and accurate. DKSat
  23. On Kolossos first post he said that he read at Satleo that Alter Globe is broadcasting on Echostar 1 at 148.0 w satellite . I just came from my in laws that live in San Francisco and i check Echostar 1 at 148 and there was no Alter Globe there. On July 31 Dish Network press release was about Echostar 1 at 148 decommission. DKSat
  24. From Dish Network. Effective Friday, July 31, 2009, DISH Network regrets that customers will be losing their local programming and some public interest programming due to the decommission of the satellite at 148.0 W . International channels moved off 148 to 118. Dish has been pushing 118 for Int'l for almost a year now. DKSat
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