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  1. @ethnikistis:

    i really share your opinion on most issues but i think you are being extremely harsh on samaras. i dont watch much premier league football so i have little idea how he does at city BUT as i pointed out earlier he still has the most goals and assists of all of citys offensive players. city seems to be a terrible team with a weak midfield, so its obvious you will look stupid as a striker most of the time.

    on the other hand, samaras was very good against norway and had a goal plus one assist against bosnia which salpi+amanatidis+gekas combined dont have for all their nt career. plus no club would pay the money city paid for any of the players you named and otto seems to value him although he doesnt usually field young players! technically he is much better than all the players you named except maybe lympe, konstantinou and okkas. but okkas needs a million chances for a goal, which is why 98% of olympiakos fans want him out.

    amanatidis is much weaker than samaras. and at the end of the day its hard to compare samaras on a weak premier league side to players from other leagues. if he would play in greece, i believe he d probably be the best striker in our league.

    salpi: is a powerful forward but not that great technically plus non existant aerially against strong defenses. i value him very highly but he has yet to prove that he can make a real impact on a strong international level. his lens performance was a good indication that he still has alot to offer. on par with samaras!

    pap: i think he is great too and technically much stronger than salpi but he is totally out of form. on par with samaras!

    konstantinou: if fit, i would say he is better than samaras.

    okkas: can play some great football but horribly ineffective. samaras is better!

    castillo: same as with okkas actually, hard to compare him to samaras as they play different positions.

    mieciel: he s ot even a polish international. good super league player, no one knows if he has more to offer!

    lympe: great player but very slow and immobile. tends to vanish in games but also has occasional moments of world class.on his day lympe is better than samaras, normally speakin samaras may offer more to the team.

    gekas: good and lethal striker. in terms of goals probably better than pap and salpi. at the end of the day the three are very similar, if all three were in top form, i would prefer pap because he can actually play football over salpi and gekas. at the moment salpi is the best of the three. gekas on the nt hasn t worked until now.

    amanatidis: if he gives his all, he can be good. on the regular, samaras is much better than amanatidis as shown on the ethniki.

    julio cesar: samaras is better. except for the occasional great game, most of the time julio cesar doesnt show up against strong opposition.

    mantzios: similar to samaras but not as strong physically and slow. so although i really am a mantzios fan, samaras is better!

    haristeas: got us the euro, wicked in the air. hard to judge, his achievements speak for itself but he also has many no-show games.

    on the ethnik at the momenti: i believe charisteas is set, i would then prefer samaras alongside him over salpi. but its a close call between the two, maybe they could make for a good duo as well. ottos 4-3-3 makes the decison hard because we may have stelios for the right side but no real option for the left side (lagos is injured). playing salpi or samaras as wingers doesnt do any of them justice.

  2. Because he can't! Take out the top 2 or Dutch teams and the Dutch league is of a lower standard than the Greek.

    i wouldnt say that...if you look at the past encounters in international competitons you see a different picture. one step to getting better, is to acknowledge that the greek leagueisnt in a position to look down on any one.

    if you ever watched an ionikos vs panionios game you would know, file...

    as for samaras double, he was really lucky on the first goal, i think his pass wasnt particularly well but he has some fast teammates... in the ethniki this would have meant a goal kick for our opponent...apart from that a very impressive display!

  3. @ethnikisitis:

    if its linders your pain...we arent seeing the greece game in germany as well although they will show some games...but no greece as of now.

    i heard you can buy live streams directly from fiba.com but it appears they are overloaded now, so it may be difficult to access their site. may still be worth checking out later on...

    as the file mentioned, your best chance would definitly be a greek cafe in london where they have the nova package via satellite system. there you will see everything plus have greek atmosphere and commentators. they have them in gemany, so they have to have them in london as well...

  4. i dont want to criticize. but i just hope he doesn tturn out to become to much of an ego player. could have passed on his goal. that he got the rebound was lucky. else vassel would have been angry and rightfully so.

    world class against the swede though. he has to be the best striker we have at the moment. no question!

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