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  1. Ante kai tou xronou... :tup: PEACE
  2. Athlitiki fyllada: Reports claim that Peseiro wants Kara badly, but Tzigger and "typara" remain to be convinced... PEACE
  3. You beat me to it mouxritsa. I can sincerely sympathise with your frustartion as a Greek living in Houston. It is patriotic of you to hope for Spanoulis' success with the Rockets. On the bottom of this page is my comment on the subject; http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/front/...ckCurrentPage=7 PEACE
  4. :gr: HAPPY EURO DAY ! :gr: :nw: :tup: :nw: :tup: :nw: :tup: :nw: PEACE
  5. This is not about seeing black or green :) nor being pessimistic. We all hope to learn from our mistakes. They are a necessary and important part of life and growth, when lessons are learned from them. It is historical proof of the innumerable mistakes and constant mismanagement of talent that has occurred since the last great PAO team of 2003. This team has been worse every year since the lapse of the 2004 double. Ironically even that year our team was poor, but had a good run due mostly to Manoli, and PAPA. Munch, Basinas, Mixali were usually positive as well. What have we had to show since then? Our best transfers were Gonzo, who had one great year, but had become inconsistent and lackluster even prior to his injuries. PAPA has been one of the same. We gave up on Gekas too soon, and believed too much in Mantzios. Now our hopes rest on a 17 year old!!! Honestly, I do not see most of the current PAO players as anything more than average. There are some with "potential" (Tziolis, Darlas, Ivan) I liked Leontiou, but have been very disappointed from his "improvement" :( Some with "talent", that remains to be seen (Gonzo, Victor) Only two with real hopes for greatness (Salpi, Ninis) The rest of the team has reached it's potential and would not expect much more from. I would have kept Lyberopoulo, Seitaridi, Karagouni, Basina, Kyriako, Geka, maybe even Fyssa, Mixali and Antoni. The last three are past their prime now, but would have been better than their replacements. Our few good transfers have been Greek. Only Gonzo, Ivan(?) have had any positive impact, from the plethora of foreign, over-hyped, overpaid garbage, that tzigger insists of believing are better than... the Greek National team :gr: (Lyberopoulo, Seitaridi, Karagouni, Basina, Kyriako, Geka) :gr: that he got rid of :nono: Not all transfers will become stars, there is an element of risk involved with any player, even the proven ones. However the consistent awful choices made by the (mis)management of this team are no coincidence. Both AEK and gauro have made similar unsuccessful choices and have lost players they could, and should have kept. Neither however can match PAO's consistent talent decline in the last 4 years. Why is only a CB such a high priority, when both sides of our defence are dreadful. I do not recall either Gouma, nor Morris being our major weakness in the back. A good replacement is in order, but not only for the center back position, but the whole defense. Being critical is far from being pessimistic. ;) PEACE
  6. Let's not ruin an interesting subject with insults and rivalries. As someone born and raised within a short walk from "Leoforo ton oneiron", please allow me to give my input on the subject. First of all let me start by saying that I have the out-most respect for fans that support a team due to ideological or regional allegiances. Nothing more admirable than a fan of a local small club that goes out there and supports a team regardless of their trophy collection. Like an old English friend of mine used to say: "it is easy being a Liverpool fan!". Absolutely true. The purist fan is the one that supports their team even if they get relegated. Anyone can jump on the "band wagon" like millions that never watched football did, on that most beautiful night in Lisbon on the 4th of July 2004!!! From all those rushing in the streets to cheer the EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS, how many ever paid money to see Greece in an empty OAKA ? Our NT used to play in front of 15.000 fans... Let me start from the "rebuilding of Athens" after WWII. The massive erection of those monstrosities called "polykatoikeies" was the beginning of the end for our once beautiful "neoclassical" capital. The influx of people from the countryside completely changed the demographics in Athens. It was then that the areas around Leoforos Alexandars became constructed and overpopulated. At the time these were considered desirable neighborhoods, because of their proximity to the center and the novelty of the apartment building that was something new and relatively luxurious, compared to the modest homes of pre war Athens. It is true that many professionals and middle class Athenians resided in those areas. Ampelokipoi, Pagrarti, Kypseli, Vas. Sofias, Leof. Kyfissias were all desirable areas. That is where the PAO fan base was located. Basically most residents living north of central Athens were PAO fans. That was a big clash with the neighborhoods of southern Athens (Kalithea, Nea Smyrnh) which were filled with refugees from Minor Asia. Further south where Athens borders Neo Faliro and the port of Pireas were far less desirable areas with some exceptions, like Pasalimani and Freatida. That is the base of Osfp fans. Therefore geographically speaking PAO was North, Panionios was South, Osfp at the port areas. AEK however had not claimed a specific area yet, except from parts in Nea Ionia, Neo Iraklio, Nea Filadelphia, all North west Athens. Also the Minor Asia refugees were usually Panionios, while the Kostantinoupoli natives AEK. Initially, the myth was that PAO fans were the well to do Athenians, but that was really mostly due to the location of the Leoforos Alexandras grounds. Osfp was representing the working class of the poor neighborhoods of southwestern Attiki. Drapetsona, Korydalos, Metaxourgio is where all the factories were, even prison... This is not true anymore. First of all the once desirable areas around the PAO stadium are not popular anymore. Athens has grown so much that these areas are considered almost downtown. They are even in the traffic restricted zone called "daktilios". Most well to do Athenians have moved to the suburbs of Northen Athens. Halandri, Psychiko, Filothei, Maroussi, Agia Paraskeuh, Papagou, Kifissia is where the most desirable building codes are now. Also Pireas has changed. The once sparsely populated beach areas of Paleo Flaliro, Glyfada, Voula are now suburbs and nice ones too. Many osfp fans reside there. My point is that although there still is some truth to the stereotype that, PAO fans are "aristocrats", while OSFP are "workers", it is not so clear cut anymore. Plus many fans jump across these city boundaries, for purely random reasons. Many PAO fans are not in Athens, while Osfp has a good fan base even in the most unusual areas. AEK fans are not from Konstantinoupoli any more, many have chosen that team for personal reasons. I have to say however, that I believe there are very few AEK fans in the Osfp dominated areas, but many more in the PAO ones. Also more PAO fans in the Osfp areas that in the AEK areas. AEK is the team from Athens with the least amount of fans that come from specific areas. My impression is that women like AEK, girls PAO, while Osfp does not have a large female base. Obviously these are my personal observations in my dozens of years of football attendance. Last but not least I find AEK fans to be the least demanding, most forgiving, and best behaved of the three. Osfp are in the other end of that spectrum, however it is interesting, that they love personalities and individuals. PAO fans have a tradition of "teamwork spirit" rather than individual excellence or adoration. PAO has had many great defensive sides through the years, which account for much more success in European competition. Osfp has a flashier, more offensive minded character. Osfp fans are more extroverted and match well with Brazilians, while PAO more "cool" and have a good tradition with Argentinians and Northern Europeans. A new "fad" has developed recently with the flow of immigrants in the last few years. It seems like immigrants have a preference for Osfp. Unfortunately to point that out, a very small number of PAO hooligans, have taken the extreme opposite side and have formed allegiances with anarchist or right wing groups, from the nearby hotbed of local terrorism, "Eksarxeia". The irony in the recent past is that the "workers" team has outspend both AEK and Panathinaikos combined, in investments and revenue. This only applies to football. PAO B.C. is an awesome organization, owned by two true PAO fans. The Giannakopoulos brothers, have brought nothing but glory and pride to PAO and Greek basketball altogether. FOUR times EURO CHAMPIONS says it all !!! :nw: PEACE
  7. The NT should be playing either at OAKA, the big games, or outside Athens/Thessaloniki. Toumpa, is asking for trouble. In the interest of fairness, I would also say NO to the new PAO stadium. PEACE
  8. EPO has been discussing the possibility of not returning to Karaiskaki, for the remaining of the Euro 2008 qualifiers. The next two home games are vs Bosnia on Oct 13 and Malta on Nov 17 ! Nov 17 is NOT a good day for a football game in Athens. Regardless of the timing, I do support EPO and the idea of moving out of "Karaiskaki". Everyone has witnessed the best football and Greek loving support in the last two games in KPHTH. :tup: The players made references to the fan support and behaviour that never turned "sour" even after the 1-1 goal: "
  9. :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: LYBERATOR ! :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: PEACE
  10. TYXH BOUNO, KAI... NTPOTTH ! :angry: Someone has to address the fact that no game is ever over, with a 1-0 scoreline...It is shameful to scream for a win vs teams like that. Missing this Euro would be a crime! I am exhausted :( Hey Otto, WAKE UP, you know better than that... Antonis was somewhat at fault for their goal, but made a great a save at 0-0. Thank you Lybero, Gouma :nw: :gr: :gr: :gr: PEACE
  11. Rocha, Kyrastas, Markarian, are some of my favorite PAO coaches. It is however unfair to compare their work with the PAO coaches of the last 3 years. None of them would have done well with the recent PAO teams. There simply is limited quality in every line up since Rizoupoli. That was te last PAO great team. Ironically so, they were booed at Leoforos in June of '03 in the Greece-Ukraine game. Back then I was very much against that, and received plenty of grief from many fellow PAO fans... Peseiro or any other coach, can only do so much. Players play, coaches advise. What he has going for him, are the low standards that his predecessors have established. After all, he would be considered "successful", if we get to the CL in '08, or have a respectable UEFA run. Thank you fcportoultra, for the informative post. OBRIGADO :) Boa Sorte Peseiro! :tup: PEACE
  12. "Feugo ap' to spiti mou to patriko, exo sto Londino mia doulia, vrika s'ena syntomo logariasmo, pos ta gol einai glyka san ta filia. Ena gol, dyo gol, ston aera, Pantso h omada peta, ena gol, dyo gol, ston aera, anoiksh ex' h kardia. Otan tha gyriso, tha sto ksanapo, poso m'agapas, pos s'agapo, prasino mantili dese sta malia, tora exo sto Londino mia douleia. Jeunesse Esch me thymase akoma, Slovan me xereis kala, tou Asteros to kokkino xroma, prasini phre mpogia. Zesth kardia kai psyxh vathia, xana... dose thn maxh allh mia fora... PANATHINAIKE. Prassino ton Tamesi thelo na do, mesa s'ena kypello xryso, ki ekso ap' to Buckingham exo skopo, na kollhso to trifylli thireo. Proxoritai tou PAO liontaria, sto Wembley eimaste fotia, san ki esas dialekta pallikaria, mono h ELLADA genna." Frangiskos Sourpis :nw: :nw: :nw: :nw: :nw: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: :gr: PEACE
  13. KPHTH! :tup: Thank you for the best fans ! With fans like that, you make your island proud. You deserve to have two teams in the Superleague!!! Good 30 minutes against the worst team in the group. It was not a coincidence that Malta beat Hungary... I was glad to see Seitaridi back in form, after his incidents with the "gaurous" at Karaiskaki. Gekas got his well deserved start and delivered. As soon as I saw Anatolaki in the line up. I exclaimed "oh no!" Everyone except him, and Charisteas, were positive. I agreed with Otto's plan and substitutions. Gianakopoulos is too talented to be out of this team and hope he will be able to rebound soon. Samaras needs to reclaim his spot as well. Lyberopoulos and Salpi should be ready for some action. For the first time in years, we have more quality options on offence than defence. The ancient saying "ouden kako amiges kalou": Tzigger's incompetence to keep the best Greek players at PAO, has tremendously benefited out national team. Their improvement in gaining skills and experience abroad, is showing in their performances. Greek NT fans should be grateful to tziggeraki... :LOL: Chalkias, Fyssas, Seitaridis, Kyrgiakos, Basinas, Karagounis, Gekas certainly are! :not: I have looked at many possible combinations of results. If we beat Bosnia at home, we may not need any points away at Norway or Turkey. The earlier we get the results, the pressure is on them. This will cause point drops between our rivals, especially now that Bosnia is back in the chase. We are only half way! PAME ELLADARA! :gr: PEACE
  14. Since we are talking about Puskas... HAPPY ANNIVERSARY PAO :tup:
  15. Why are they getting rid of cheap young Greeks. There is nowhere but up for those players. If Victor wants to stay, and is healthy, try him till Jan.
  16. Thanks Tsoglani, I just read that:kontra.gr PEACE
  17. It's the time to sell "fyllades" ;) Who will be this year's Saviolla? :LOL: Seriously, why not consider some Greek talent? Spyropoulos, Christodoulopoulos, Avraam Papadopoulos, Iliadis. Has anyone heard their actual value? I was told the first two may cost over 2 mill. Euro!!!... :o PEACE
  18. Add me in the list of fans that believe Bides should be with PAO. He is young and cheap, got a raw deal in the Salpi transfer as did Gekas. He should have been treated better for not resisting his forced move to PAOK, like Gekas did. What an example does that give to future players, for committing to PAO? He will be added in the long list of ex PAO players that will be bashing our management, and for good reason. <_< Gekas, Bides, Kyrgiakos, Nikopolidis, Seitaridis, Basinas, Fyssas, Lyberopoulos. In business you are judged by reputation. An old Greek wise saying: "Kalitera na sou vgei to mati para to onoma" How can you manage any operation successfully where there is mistrust between employees and employer? :o PEACE
  19. "Eleonas" station? It should have been named "Trifylli" station... ;) At least eleonas has elies, which are dark GREEN!!!! :D PEACE
  20. I have no problem with signing foreigners like Zajec, Rotcha, Borelli, Warzycha, Wandzik, Henriksen, all of which were great assets and wrote history at PAO. Gonzo, Munch, Olisadebe were better than the available Greeks at that time. Although NOT in the same category as the first group, they performed well and deserved their contracts. How many of the current PAO foreigners are actually better than the available Greek talent out there? On a good day maybe a healthy Gonzo, Victor(?), Ivan... Remember now, Greek transfers, unless superstar caliber, like Salpi, Lybero, DO NOT SELL... How many season tickets would NINIS have sold last summer? ;) We can only hope that the management has already experimented enough to be able to come up with some very valuable "finds" this transfer season!
  21. My initial reaction was, that if he indeed was the, "apokalipsh", as the Greek media call him, of the Portuguese league, then why aren't Porto, Benfica or Sporting buying him? They must have much better players than him. Is PAO giving him more $$$ ? He may be the "surprise player" for Academica, in the same way many Greek youngsters play well for middle caliber Greek sides. How many of them make it successfully to the top three? The Portuguese league has three very competitive teams, like Greece, but better. The rest of the competition however, is not that much better than what our "superleague" has to offer! All said aside, I truly hope he is the next PAO "diamond" :tup: As long as he is not a "conflict diamond" ;) :nono: PEACE
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