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  1. CONGRATULATIONS AEK CHAMPIONS 08 ;) Kalamaria-osfp 1-0 Enough said :) PEACE
  2. Such a joy to see past and present players playing together and beating Portugal 2-1. Basinas was the brains, Kyrgiakos the strength and Kara the heart of the team. Katsouranis was excellent, nice return for Stelio and Giourka, everyone did well. Let' all rejoice with our NT :tup: HELLAS OLE OLE PEACE
  3. Although irrelevant... it was such a joy to see past and present PAO players playing together and beating Portugal 2-1. :tup: Basinas was the brains, Kyrgiakos the strength and Kara the heart of the team. Only imagine the team PAO would be if Tzigger had brains... :tdown: Let' all rejoice with our NT HELLAS OLE OLE :gr: PAO basketball cup winner '08 :tup: A short diversion in what actually went right for our team today! ;) PEACE
  4. I tried for most of the season to stay away from making negative comments. The way our team has been playing is so frustrating that I need to let it out. I agree that Vardi is useless. He has a loser mentality, makes egotistical decisions, and has created a negative atmosphere in the whole organization. He has alienated the fans, the players and even the EPAE employees. For the first time since 2003 he tried to bring better quality players. He brought back Fyssas, Kara which was a small sign that he regretted destroying the best PAO team in the 21st century. Mattos, N'doye, have been good additions. Spyropoulos was needed and we have high hopes for him. Manucho has not been used... Postiga has been disappointing for his class. I agree that this is the best roster since 2003, with many decent choices but except from Kara and Mattos, no other player has been able to make the difference. Peseiro has made many mistakes mostly in substitutions, but also has done well in bringing in players, and ball movement. What I do not see is how he will solve the goal scoring problem. Salpigidis is not fed the ball and no one is able to penetrate the defences one on one. We are not going to win just by relying on Mattos power shots and Ivan curve balls. Crossing is ineffective unless we have a master head-ball forward. I think Peseiro can do much better with who he has. Munioz and Malesani had worse talent. I do not care what the refs do or how good or bad gauros or AEK are. PAO is subpar one more season and if we do not win the league, which is only mathematically possible at this time, it would only be our teams fault and not unfair at all. PAO played better than AEK and Oly in the last two Derbies and only got 2 points. We dominate ball possession in most games but cannot score. 1-0 is not doing it. Our defense is subject to errors and we sit back much too often to keep the 1-0 lead. That cost us dearly in the Rangers game which we once again gave away. Gauros will win "his" league unless Kalamaria wins their appeal in the international court. In the playoffs we get to watch a few more games. Hopefully we will finish second and with some great player additions this summer... :whistle: we could hope to make it into the CL groups and avoid getting spanked there... Adding to all this, the elimination of our European champion basketball team, this has been a very disappointing 100 year anniversary... :( PEACE
  5. After all that ... I could just see the gaurous saying they gave us the Protathlima for our 100 years! :LOL: PEACE
  6. I also disagree with Ferer's sacking, but... AEK and her fans are lucky. By far the best president in Greece. The man was an AEK player, loves the team and has an AEK tattoo. :o I would rather have Demis as prez and third place than tzigger and second... I was at the recent AEK-PAO derby at OAKA in the midst of 45,000 AEK fans. One word sums it for AEK and fans: Respect! Best of luck in Europe next year. PEACE
  7. Superleague was formed to clean up the mess that was called A Ethniki... Demis Nikolaidis said last week, that he himself feels like he is letting fans down, being one of the forming members of the Superleague! This decision is a slap in the face of fans that pay to watch the Super...league. If PAO would have been involved in such a travesty, I would be embarrassed. osfp has shown once more, who they really are. :tdown: I feel sorry for their few decent fans. :ph34r: PEACE
  8. Been busy with life, file Athinaios. But still find some time to check out our site. I am trifilli, by the way, not TRIFYLLI. Out of respect for the one and only trifylli. :P This is our year. PEACE
  9. XPONIA POLLA TRIFYLLI. 100 years of glory ! :tup: PEACE
  10. I am sure it is pure coincidence that tzigger pulls the biggest rabbit out of the hat one day after the PEK press conference. The Empire strikes back. Now make room for Deco with Enacarihre's release!!!... Like Giourkas, Spyropoulos is from Ioannina. A terrific young and upcoming Greek :gr: talent. Well done :tup: Next, get rid of Seric. He is not worth his 850k a year salary. PEACE
  11. PEK and Vgenopoulos can only help PAO, even if they do not spend a single $ (or euro...) Finally tziggeraki has some competition, so the argument that no one else is able or willing to lead PAO, is no longer true. Giannakopouloi are also on his side. He is an intelligent businessman, a self made millionaire with an incredible love for PAO and with mega funds to back his mouth. He is a leader. :tup: Tzigger is none of the above. :nono: Vgenopoulos wants to involve fans and past PAO legends. He has plans for greatness, not mediocrity. Although talk is indeed very cheap, I can not see why the presence of such an individual with the backing of MIG, would not be anything but positive for our PAO. At least this movement might motivate Vardis to invest at PAO. To be continued... PEACE
  12. The best possible way to go to Euro 2008 by beating Turkey in Konstantinoupoli. Greece played a Euro 04 caliber game and deserved more goals. Bravo Paidia! OAKA should be packed Nov 17! It's PARTY time. No excuses!!! What will it take for some to stop doubting Rehagel? His system was perfect today! Amanatidis had a great game, like the rest of the team, and scored a beauty. :gr: :gr: :gr: HELLAS OLE OLE ! PEACE
  13. Hellas is in, with a home win vs Malta After doing the math, Greece with 25 points will be at least second, regardless of any other results. Nor plays Tur and not both could get max points. Rehagel does a fine job. OAKA should be full for the Malta game. 30,000 for the European Champions is really a disgrace. :( Let's party Nov 17 !!! For the Polytechnio and for HELLAS :gr: PEACE
  14. Bravo gavre! :tup: Amazing result, great second half. Well deserved first away CL win vs a great team. Congratulations !!! Keep on adding the points for Greece :gr: Best of luck :) PEACE
  15. Looks like you two are meant for each other... :1eye: PEACE
  16. HOW is it possible to win a game against a team that has : 27 of 28 Free throws ! :o 11 of 22 Three pointers! :blink: Oscars in acting :angry: The refs on their side :tdown: Home field. ;) Greece played an amazing game and had still a chance to win. Crucial mental mistakes were the difference. This was really the final just like the Gre-Fra semifinal of '05. Spain had been blowing away all other teams thus far. We are the second best in Europe and very close to best with Fotsi and Sofo. Just look at Gasol's stats and you will know what a difference those two boys would have made. The best game Greece played in a while We are back to stay on top and that is what really matters. See you in Peking. :gr: BRAVO ELLADARA :gr: PEACE
  17. All I can say is... :gr: EYXAPISTO ! :gr: :nw: :tup: PEACE
  18. Turkey-Hungary 3-0 (68,72,93) After the Magyars played with 10 ... 63 min!!! Bosnia-Moldova 0-1 (22) PEACE
  19. You must mean Norway, NOT Turkey... ;) PEACE
  20. The ref was ridiculous.... :tdown: MVP Kyrgiakos was KING, Karagounaros prince. Lybero did more in two shots than all the offence in 90 mins. Patsa kicked away his chance to be a hero. :o The tale of two halves for Chalkias. :gr: ELLADARA OLE :gr: Very well deserved tie and even deserved to win! PEACE
  21. I would rather have Sotto back. But...Kyrgiakos was sold mid season from PAO under strange circumstances. He may never want to return. However time heals. I Hope he does a "Karagouni" on us soon. He, and all the other Greek national team players that tzigger got rid of, deserve a hero's welcome from PAO and fans. :tup: Papazaharias would be a great choice, and a realistic one too. PEACE
  22. Karagounaros will help the team in many ways. Passionate, fighter, leader, workhorse, marks and shoots. Ha can take the team on his shoulders. We need a tall strong forward, at least one CB and hopefully LB , RB Although neither Morris nor Goumas were the weakness in the back, we have no other alternatives in that position. Vintra is marginally adequate as Nillson's sub. Darlas can occasionally perform well in Seric's place. The defense still looks suspect, and will need very good and consistent performances from Matos. Victor wanted to stay at least until Christmas. I hope he takes advantage of this time to prove himself. Ivan may have some competition for that left spot. I would like to see Gonzo in his best form again, probably as an attacking mid At the moment 4-4-1-1 looks most realistic, or 4-3-1-2 It will be interesting to see where Ndoye will fit, if not in Gonzo's spot. I think Peseiro had much to do with Kara's return. He has one point from me. Let's hope he keeps it up. -------------------------------------Malartz/Gali Nilsson/Vintra?------------Goumas/(New)?-----Morris-------------Seric/Darlas -------------------------------------------Matos Ninis/Ndoye?----------------------Karagounis/Gonzo?-------------------Ivan/Victor -------------------------------------------------Gonzo/Ndoye?/ (New) ------------------------------Salpi /Papa/Mantzios PEACE
  23. http://www.sport-fm.gr/news.jsp?newsID=92352 http://www.sportnet.gr/showreport.asp?Spor...ReportID=136248 http://sports.e-go.gr/article.asp?catid=82...=2&pubid=527071 More sites are on it. 800K a year for 3 years. Cheap if you ask me! Other than the great price, that tzigger could not refuse...Peseiro and Kara's family were major factors in this transfer. PEACE
  24. http://www.sportime.gr/football_inside.asp...rticle_id=53758 This is the first time since Basinas left that I have positive feelings for this owner. I would not go as far as forgiving him yet but would be very happy to see KARA GREEN, as he deserves to retire with PAO. If we could only get Kyrgiako and Seitaridi back, then I would forgive tziggeraki :D Matos seems great, but let's judge him on the field. I think now for the first time in years PAO shirts will be sold out. Especially Karagounis' PEACE
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