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  1. Cyber, I would prefer: Gabriel--Goumas--Melissis/French CB?--Spyropoulos Mattos--Gilberto ! Salpigidis--Ninis/Kara--Christodoulopoulos/Kara :) Sousa Yes, I have seen Kara play left, pretty well! Plus, I just can not see him (or Nini) out of our line up, he is just too good. PEACE
  2. I agree Athinaie. We are really full in the off mids position. I would hate to see Ninis take Kara's spot or the other way around. Salpi is the best choice on the right, but may have to prove himself to avoid Ruka replacing him. Ivan or Christo left. Clayton ? Goumas/Melissis and a new solid CB (from France?) should be OK behind our super def mid duo. ;) PEACE
  3. Well done on getting Basinas. It looks like Kyrgiakos is on his way too. You can thank Demi and Tzigger for those two. AEK has been good to PAO players, Lyberopoulos, Saravakos, Kalitzakis, even Domazos. I am eager to see a strong AEK, in the SL and UEFA. You think you can repeat? :) PEACE
  4. Enjoyable, fast game, mostly in the first half. Over 40,000 fans, three goals, one post. What a difference a coach makes. PAO played with last year's players in the first, but there was no comparison with last year's games. I believe Salpi answered all the doubters, that wanted him traded.... ;) Defense was still shaky at times. Ninis , Salpi :tup: PEACE
  5. Thanks Irlande. Anything less than 3-0 would be disappointing at this stage. Even without Gilberto, Souza and with Sarriegi/Vintra at CBs... :o PEACE
  6. Green Titus: I do not usually respond to direct posts, but you have it ALL wrong my friend. If you were in this forum a little longer, than 6 months, you would not be asking how old I am. As far as the treatment of both Sotos and Basinas you are obviously reading "Tzigger fillades". I am guessing you feel the same way about Fyssas, Seitaridis, Nikopolidis, Lyberopoulos, Gekas, Saravakos, Kalitzakis, even Domazos? Yeah they were all bad seeds, that gave their best for PAO, only to have less than glorious exits from the team. The only constant here is your friend... Fortunately, things are changing. :tup: PEACE
  7. Nothing against Melissis. We needed some Greek youth anyway. Letting Kyrgiakos go to AEK for only 1 mil a year is stupid. It is once again Tzigger's stubbornness and incompetence that will cost us a great transfer. He got rid of him the worst way, and now he does not want him back... Pateras and the rest wanted Soto, but there must be absolute agreement in such issues, not just majority. Adding insult to injury, Bassinas who was also very badly treated by Tzigger is going to the akatonomastous... :tdown: How can I blame him after what they put him through his last year at PAO. I am very pleased with the wind of change that Pateras and Vgenopoulos have brought to PAO. It is the best year so far in terms of transfers and mentality. Unfortunately it may take years to get past the Tzigger era mistakes... :angry: Go Patera, Go Giannakopouloi, Go Vgenopoule @#$ .... Tzigger!!! <_< PEACE
  8. I will not have an opinion on this Rodrigo de Souza Cardoso guy, until I see him play. Here is some info coming directly from the Flamengo website: Rodrigo de Souza Cardoso Dia do Nascimento: 4 de Marco de 1982 (26 anos) Date born Nascimento: Rio de Janeiro (RJ) Born in Altura: 1,88m Height Peso: 87 kg Weight 1
  9. Charleroi finished 8th out of 18 last season. Budget : 6,5 million Home : Stade du Pays de Charleroi (21,000) PEACE
  10. Cyber, how many showed up? What were the ticket prices? From the TV, it looked like at least 20,000, even if they only sold the seats that face the cameras... ;) Will you go on the 29th? This is the first summer in a long time, that I have not made it to Greece... yet.
  11. Zive seems to be the desired CB. http://www.goalday.gr PEACE
  12. It has been years since our PAO has performed so well, so early. A great start, which should continue. Hope is in the horizon. What a difference a year makes. Ninis, Gabriel. Spectacular! PEACE
  13. Panionios wanted to make a statement that they did not like the way PAO, and the sports papers were leaking info that Rafik Djebbour was ready to come to us. He will not be coming to PAO, at least NOT this transfer season. It is a matter of principle to them. PEACE
  14. Selling Salpi would be a huge mistake. The new PAO is supposed to be better than that. Let's not forget all the other stupid moves that dismantled the best PAO team of the 21 st century. Seitaridis... Kyrgiakos... Basinas... Lyberopoulos... Gekas... at least Tzigger tried to make up by getting Salpi and Kara. Salpi, is one of our leaders along with Kara and Gouma. His role in this new PAO team is far more than his ability to score. His ethic, character and leadership are desperately needed in this transition period. PEACE
  15. Arsenal's fax was received, indicating they are selling the player for 1.25 mil Euro. His agency, Base management, has agreed with Pateras on a 1 mil Euro fee. According to various sources, Gilberto will get 2.5-3 mil for 3 years (2+1)? plus bonuses. Main spoiler may be Ajax, which over the weekend may offer the Gunners much more than 1.25 mil for his transfer!! He will be 32, Oct 7. Which makes him 34.5 at the end of his PAO contract. He and Matos will be the two def mids in Ten Kate's 4-2-3-1 He will make Matos better, like Henriksen did with Kyrgiakos. I was hoping for the signatures today. With a weekend ahead anything could happen. If anything, this story has sold papers and tickets... ;) PEACE
  16. I do not blame Dusco at all. He already has been called a traitor and he is doing the honorable thing. This would have turned ugly, since Skordas was so pissed off about the whole thing. Aris fans would hate him, and his credibility would suffer. By honoring his full contract, he is staying out of controversy without closing the door on PAO... ;) Read how careful and diplomatic he is being, in the press release. Good for him. http://www.sportnet.gr/
  17. The best argument for Bajevic vs Peseiro, is the first half of the PAO - Aris game... ;) PEACE
  18. Honestly, I can not see why Peseiro is an improvement over Munioz... I am not saying we should bring back Munioz, but it would make sense to hire better, not worse coaches... Last good coaches were Kyrastas, Rocha in my humble opinion. :P Markarian was OK, but had a great team to help him. PEACE
  19. Pali kala... :blink: They got the message that next year they want CL games at OAKA, to make up for the 40 mil the "investors" will put in.... :LOL: PEACE
  20. Peseiro must and will go. Munioz did more, with less last year... My greatest wish is for Ninis to play vs AEK, to dominate, and prove how wrong Peseiro has been in not using him. Why wasn't Gonzo in today, after being our best player on Sunday? According to his reaction he was NOT tired... ;) PAO continues to be horrible and disappointing. :tdown: PEACE
  21. My fellow rocker :nw: Grace Slick said it best... Jefferson Airplane !!!! You do know what I mean ... PEACE :)
  22. While in line to buy tickets, my fellow PAO fan told me: "Prepei na' maste mazoxes emeis oi Panathinaikoi" That quote comes to mind when I think of watching another 6 PAO games this year... <_< This PAO team is a painful experience week after week! Hit me I say, 6 more times. :box: A possible second place finish, may be just the medicine we all desperately need to heal our wounds... I am glad Aris and Panionios are in, they deserve it. So does gauros... :LOL: PEACE
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