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  1. So, we rest our players, so we can only lose 0-1 and 1-3. What would the score be if PAO players were tired?... ;) In the last two games, PAO has conceded 3 goals in the second half. PAO's last, and only, good game this year was in the Czech Rep. Is the UEFA CUP important now? :angry: PEACE
  2. AEK should be content with this draw. Excluding Macabi Haifa, I do not think there were any weaker opponents with those Spanish teams in there, Ajax maybe? AEK will play better than the PAO circus that showed up in Paris. The problem is AEK plays at OAKA first, and a one goal win may not be enough. I have been writing in the PSG sites, and the fans are fully aware of the Lille result, as well as the fact that PAO opened their legs in an unimportant game at Parc des Princes.... PEACE
  3. Not the best nor the worst draw. Lens will be better than PSG, will PAO be ? First game at Stade Bollaert (42,000) Although there are over 2 million people within 50 kms from the stadium, the city of Lens has a population of only 35,280! Second only to Lyon in the Championat. PEACE
  4. ^^^ Antonson could not possibly be worse...than Biscan? I am disgusted as I previously said. What a way for this team to treat our heroic PANATHINAIKOS fans that went to PARIS to cheer for the TRIFYLLI :angry: In the first half while the score was still relativelly under control, ALL I heard was PANATHINAIKOS cheers :tup: All that, after Platini told Mitsou in Budapest(Puskas' funeral) NOT to allow PAO fans to attend the game because of the tension between police and PSG supporters!! BRAVO PAIDIA The ONLY WINNERS in PARIS :gr: PAO thymhsou, eisai oi OPADOI sou !!! :nw: "
  5. Munoz has taken the last 2 UEFA games litely, but we dont want to start coach bashingNOT bashing at ALL Please read the part where I say I LIKE Munioz I still disagree not making Europe, PAO's #1 priority I would not give a crap about the "superliga" We did that last game too, and LOST to ARIS :tdown: Lucky for ALL of us, Mlada tied :tup: There will still be plenty of good teams in 3rd place as future PAO opponents! With games like today, we stand NO chance against ANY of them :blink: PEACE
  6. JUST for this display of SHAME I do not want PAO to win the Greek "Superleague" :tdown: :tdown: :tdown: AEK deserves it more ;) Snubbing the UEFA and shaming our European history is disgraceful :angry: NA valoune to [email protected]@protahlima ston [email protected]@ tous :tdown: :angry: SHAME SHAME SHAME :ph34r: As much as I may like Munioz, he will not last past this season with these kind of results.... :nono: EBEDE may need some bench time? PEACE
  7. I have been posting in two PSG websites about the game. It looks like moral is really low amongst the PSG fans. Many predict the stadium will be half full, others think that PSG may lose. One thing they all agree on, is that police presence will be heavy, and PSG must win this game to resuscitate their season. I want first place, and a tie will do fine. However if PSG is in such bad shape, why not go for the win! :gr: PAO needs to score first. PEACE
  8. Barely saved again... :o in the 88th minute :blink: Morris's passion (header) Gonzo's technique (heal) Salpi's finishing talent (quick shot) was the only way to penetrate a very tight AEL defense? AEL had more chances and PAO sleep walked again! I am concerned about these ups and downs. PAO has been dreadful, after a few good games that gave us hope. No way we can play like that in Paris. Gonzo was rusty, but had an awesome assist. Munioz needs to find a recipe, to avoid a repeat of last season! PAO gera ! PEACE
  9. Anyone remember how many posters here claimed that Vyntra would make us forget about Giourka in a year? Neither Seitaridis, nor Kyrgiakos, Basinas, Karagounis, Konstantinou, Lyberopoulos, even Antonakis, have been replaced yet... Even the good transfers since then, Munch, Gekas, were released. I am happy with Victor, Salpi, Ivan, but why are PAO taking a step forward and two steps back, when it comes to player transfers? We need a right back asap, and a heavy tall forward would be nice :) PEACE
  10. Anyone bashing Nikopolidis should be checking their brains for amnesia... Who kept gauro in the games vs Roma (penalty) and Shiktir away ? !!! ;) With that "swiss cheese" defense of yours, gauro would have gotten ZERO points if not for ANTONIS :tup: Rezilia :tdown: Mesa apo to kentro ths amynas ta trote olla ta goal :LOL: Akou leei o Nikopolidis ESFALE ! :box: SHAME on YOU :tdown: PEACE
  11. About Milan. I all honesty, I did not expect them to play hard in this game, nor feature their starting players. However I did think they would tie, and not expect them to lose like they did, just out of respect for their amazing history and fans. This team is not a good club, but a super-team with 6 Euro titles and tremendous achievements. Their fans should be furious that they disrespected the Milan name. If PAO did that, I would be. :angry: AEK has nothing to feel sorry about. They overachieved and deserved to make it to the CL rounds. Last time AEK tied REAL and ROMA, but could not beat GENK, a Belgian team, at home. This time it was another home tie vs the Belgian Anderlecht, that denied AEK... :o The UEFA presents more realistic possibilities for the Greek teams :gr: Good luck to both PAO and AEK PEACE
  12. As much as I was disappointed about another Greek team's early exit, from Europe. :o It has become a joke, even amongst my gaurofriends, that this is a domestic team. ;) What better sponsor than EOT! :P PEACE
  13. BRAVO AEK Nothing can take away from this fabulous performance. :tup: Kyriakidis gifted a goal to Anderlecht.... :( AEK plays the best and most attractive football in Greece at the moment. The future looks better for Greece with a team like that in the UEFA. The draw schedule eliminated AEK. :angry: I have always disliked Italian teams and especially Juventus. Milan proved that they are another [email protected]^NA, getting raped at home with no dignity :tdown: :tdown: Regardless, AEK deserves good things and they will come. ZIKOS was once again superb. His acquisition was a steal, and has given AEK another dimension on his own. This team is young and has a bright future. CONGRATULATIONS!!! AEK made GREECE proud :gr: Best of luck in the UEFA :) PEACE
  14. Unfortunately this is all gauros could do today. Very disappointing... :( It may be time for fans and managers to realize, that this team has no future. Isn't it worth it to start building a new team for the future, even if that means sacrificing temporarily the domestic "karamela"... ;) It would be better in the long run. If I were a gauro that would be my wish. Better luck next year. PEACE
  15. I believe that the current Greek teams have no chance in the CL elimination rounds. For the that reason, osfp will be better off in the UEFA. I do wish for a gauro win vs Shiktir. This is a home game after all... ;) Three Greek teams in Europe during winter, will be a rare and great accomplishment. :gr: See you at the UEFA. :) PEACE
  16. AEK's most glorious European game was the 3-0 victory and elimination of Queens Park Rangers in the Uefa QF in 1977. :gr: The biggest win however, in terms of team stature, was the recent one vs Milan :tup: AEK has already had a very successful Cl. First win ever, unbeaten at home, and most surprising win vs Milan. AEK has been improving steadily (forget Haidari...). I believe that the current Greek teams have no chance in the CL elimination rounds. For the that reason, AEK will be better off in the UEFA. In spite of that however, I do wish for AEK's first AWAY CL win. :) Something that only one Greek team has accomplished... AEK should have beaten Anderlecht at home. I have been a supporter of RSCA and have attended games in Brussels. Belgian fans are quite tame. If the rumor of 2.000 Aektzides is true, it will be like a home game. :D Three Greek teams in Europe during winter will be a rare and great accomplishment. AEK, ME THN TYXH MAZI SOU !!! PEACE
  17. Booing any National Anthem is low class and pathetic... :tdown: It reflects negatively not only on PAO, but on all Greeks and Greece! :gr: I really hope our PAO fans will show better judgement. Let's win on the field, that is the best beating of all!!! :tup: PAO needs this, to rebound. Go PANATHA! PEACE
  18. I agree with not resting players, that is why I disagreed with Munioz over the Rapid squad. If a player seems tired, sub him. Aris was betrayed by their defence in the past games. Today they did not allow PAO to pass the midfield, with plenty of pressure and speed. PAO could, once again, not feed the forwards. This is a reoccurring problem and something Munioz must fix asap. Aris has a good young team and good fans who have been supporting their team throughout hard times. I hope they make it to the UEFA next year. :gr: They are the best team in Thessalonikh at the moment. PEACE
  19. XALIA :tdown: The worst PAO game with Munioz... This is what PAO sacrificed the Rapid game for? Shame. ARIS was better and deserved to win. Vyntra should go asap. NO excuses Both AEK and gauros won at ARIS. :angry: PEACE
  20. Very interesting indeed. PSG has been known to have the most violent fans in France, in an otherwise relatively "tame" championat, compared to Greece. Saint Germain has many minorities, mostly North African, who are in tension at the moment. Morphi, are you going to the game? I hope many PAO fans make it to Paris, from France, Germany, Belgium, England. :gr: PEACE
  21. Although I was glad to see Leontiou and our young boys get some play time vs Rapid, I have to disagree with the decision not to play Victor, unless he was not 100%. This is the first time I question Munioz, and wonder if that "order" was given from "above". ;) A third Uefa win, would have been great for PAO and Greek football. However, now that resting so many starters has cost PAO 2 points, I expect a great performance and solid win at Harilaou, or the sacrifice will be for nothing... I do not like the management's attitude that the UEFA comes second to the domestic league :tdown: :nono: They better thrash Aris, who plays beautiful football but has a suspect defence. PEACE
  22. I agree. I support all GREEK teams, in EVERY sport, abroad. After all, the domestic competitions are nothing more than a developing ground for future NT players and Euro play. More fans should follow his example. That goes for owners as well... like Demis :) NOT like kakalis :nono: :tdown: PEACE
  23. Spastiko paixnidi :angry: This game should have been won. Many changes and lots of young Greeks getting experience. Victor was very missed. :whistle: Salpigidis' constant effort, was the highlight. Vyntra tries, but is in a slump, he cannot cross for nothing... Ivan needs to step up, Mantzios was below par, Biscan surprisingly did OK. Leontiou made some mistakes but worked hard. Tziollis was in control. Good to see Darlas back. PAO is first, UNLESS: PAO loses at PSG, and Hapoel beats Mlada Boleslav, in Israel. PLUS, Hapoel covers the minus 3 goal differential vs PAO. Either PAO must lose by 2 or Hapoel win by 2. PEACE
  24. The best "Hellinized" imports ;) Along with Saravakos, Kapsis, Domazos ect., they wrote history at PAO. Both came out of nowhere, and what they accomplished was incredible. I still think Rocha (Boublis...) was not only one of the best to play, but also to coach, at PAO :tup: I too want Munioz to stay, but with Tzigger, he could be gone anytime! <_< PEACE
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