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  1. this is true. we will see a lot of fans if we get a new stadium.

    look at olympiakos at rizoupoli,they could not fill that tiny stadium last year but when it came to karaiskaki they had good attendance of coarse that is until they got punished that is.

  2. i dont think its a good idea to build the sides of leoforo.they could not build on top,

    they would have to build outwards to do this which can not be done because you would have to build the sides wider which will end up on the street.no land around leoforo. PLUS WE WANT A NEW STADIUM. TEAMS THAT COME FROM OTHER COUNTRIES LAUGH AT OUR STADIUM. WE ARE A TOP TEAM, WHICH MEANS WE


  3. first off this is my first time writing so i would like to say hi to everyone.

    second, we need a new stadium to be able to compete in europe so we should

    take any location cause the longer we fight for goudi the longer it will take for us

    to get a new stadio.

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