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  1. Any tips for first goalscorer tonight - here are the odds in Scotland. Who will start up front for PAO. Dmitri Papadopoulos 7/1 Michalis Konstantinou 7/1 Goran Vlaovic 7/1 Peter Lovenkrands 7/1 Michael Mols 7/1 Krysztof Warzycha 7/1 Shota Arveladze 7/1 Egil Ostenstad 8/1 Ronald de Boer 8/1 Steven Thompson 8/1 Lucian Sanmartean 10/1 Nuno Capucho 10/1 Mikel Arteta 10/1 Christian Nerlinger 12/1 Silvio Maric 12/1 Raimondas Zutautas 12/1 Chris Burke 14/1 Markus Munch 14/1 Emerson 16/1 Pantelis Konstantinidis 16/1 Joel Epale 16/1 PAO are even money to win, 11/5 draw and 11/5 Rangers victory.
  2. The2ndMouse, You're quite right, I do know how it is in Greece. I've visited Toumba with 100 fans of Ionikos, been smashed up in Xanthi and was at THE match in Neapoli between Ionikos and Olympiakos!! I never saw any real trouble at European games involving PAO, AEK or OSFP though, and wondered if there was any reason they feared trouble at this game in particular. Is it because Rangers are bringing around 1000 fans? When Rangers played PAOK a few years back, they were advised not to take any fans, but a hardcore of a couple of hundred went without any trouble. Hopefully it will be the same tomorrow.
  3. Comments in the forum are correct in saying that the Scottish League is a 2 club league, but so are most other leagues in Europe. The gulf between the 'Old Firm' and the others in terms of support and money is enormous. There will probably never be a serious challenge from another team before the inevitable happens - Rangers & Celtic join the Premiership. It is dangerous to judge their threat on the strength of the Scottish League, as they both have quality players (if not top class). Look what Celtic achieved last year against Liverpool & Blackburn. PAO should win if they play well, but will be punished if they continue to play as they have been. They will be a real threat on the break with the speed of Lovenkrands and the finishing of Averladze. The Scottish press are building up the threat of violence at the game, warning of the expected danger from the 'nazi group G13'. They have told Rangers fans to beware of ambush in the bars around Leoforos. Is this all hype, or is trouble expected?
  4. Thanks for the welcome guys. I'm afraid to say I'm a Dundee United fan, which explains the Brewster connection. 1994 Scottish Cup Final, Brewster goal made it 1-0 against Rangers. What a day, night, week!! Brewster is now at Dunfermline and is still playing well at 36. He says his 5 years in Nikaia with Ionikos has helped him keep playing at a high level for so long. He started to play slightly off the attack, creating chances for the younger strikers. If he's been a couple of years younger he would be in the national team. It's a pity he was ignored while in Greece. If he had went to AEK when he got the chance, maybe it would have been different. Dundee United had Tassos Venetis from Larissa for a couple of years. He didn't really get much of a chance, and I think he's returned to Greece with Akratitos. Anyone have any news on him. Watched Dundee-Perugia (1-2) in the UEFA last night on TV. Vryzas & Lampoutis (sub) played. Where did Lampoutis start out with? Dundee have signed Ravanelli, and the word is they are trying to sign Davids (???). They have come into some money, but surely Davids will go elsewhere. Enjoying your topics - finding some of the Greek a bit tricky though. The gavroi topics are virtually all in Greek. Lucky I don't want to read them anyway!
  5. Hello everyone, I'm another Scot, regularly using Phantis to keep up with all the Greek soccer news. I stayed in Athens for a few years and followed the mighty Ionikos accross Greece as my countryman Brewster was there at the time. But as I stayed in Ambelokopi, PAO were my other team especially when they moved back to Leoforos. Was in Manchester for match last week sitting behind Basinas and Warzecha (we really needed them!!). Pao fans were fantastic as usual, and got a well deserved round of applause from the otherwise silent United fans. Unfortunately I won't be going to the Rangers game, but am sure G13 will give them a warm welcome. So warm they won't know what's hit them! I look forward to hearing your views on next weeks game. My prediction - 3-1 PAO
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