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  1. They certainly will be hard boots to fill! They had a setback this week with possible homegrown replacement Shaun Maloney being ruled out for 9 months. He faces surgery after he 'ruptured his anterior cruciate knee ligaments' playing for the under 21 side on Monday. OUCH!!
  2. Only 35 Ionikos fans made the trip to Nea Smyrni to witness their best result of the season. With surprise victories for both Kallithea and Akrititos, goals from Dovas and Voureksakis sealed a vital win for Ionikos keeping them just above the relegation battle. Fans are unhappy with Ionikos chairman Nikos Kanellakis after reports that 2000 away tickets for Ionikos-Pao match were sold to OSFP. Pao fans travelling to Neapoli were told all tickets had been sold despite the stand being almost empty, resulting in some fights outside the stadium.
  3. Celtic are reportedly interested in signing Bolton's Nigerian international Jay-Jay Okocha who is out of contract in the summer. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/t...tic/3484994.stm
  4. I must agree with you about the atmosphere at OAKA. The Greece-Denmark world cup qualifier was amazing, but the noise created at the Olympiakos-Ajax champions league match was probably the loudest I've ever experienced. Earplugs may be required if the roof gets finished!
  5. He reckons there could be major structural problems with the foundations etc. This is something a thousand hammering Albanians may even struggle to overcome. I really hope they can overcome the difficulties, and end up with a stadium worthy of the occasion.
  6. Anyone heard any recent reports from the Greek press on the construction of the roof. I have a friend in Athens who was involved with the design who says there are still real problems.
  7. I'll go for Southampton at the moment, but that may change throughout the day!! :whistle: :whistle:
  8. Could you please add a link to the site. Managed to get tickets for the Olympic closing ceremony today. They have just went on sale (100 euro), with a limit of 4 per person. I hope the roof gets finished on time!
  9. Gooner, I think I saw that one on the net, describing it as charcoal - looks good. Where did you get it, how much etc,etc??
  10. Hearts are hoping that it will only be temporary, ultimately building a new place of their own or sharing a new stadium with Hibs. Murrayfield holds just under 70,000 while Hearts average crowd is 12,000. This leaves a lot of empty seats for the majority of matches. This is very similar to the club sides in Athens using OAKA, when the atmosphere was often ghost like. Hearts are talking of somehow blocking off the upper section of the stadium to improve the atmoshere, which is an interesting idea.
  11. Leeds have joined the list of clubs not willing to take a gamble on Georgi Kinkladze after a trial period. This time it appears to be his timekeeping that was the problem. What a waste of talent he has turned out to be.
  12. We were debating in the office here if Leeds are actually a 'big club'. Various definitions as to what makes a club stand out from the rest: History, success, profile, fanbase, stadium, marketability, players, finance .......... Personally, I reckon they are one of the big clubs - what do you lot think?
  13. I seem to remember him being at Ionikos for a couple of months a season or two ago.
  14. Greaves Sports in Sauchiehall Street usually has them. A mate at work got the green one at Christmas.
  15. Probably got pissed off watching his wife celebrate her 32nd birthday live on tv show ' I'm a celebrity get me out of here', which is being filmed in Australia.
  16. I tried to buy on pao.gr, but they tried to tell me the uk was outside Europe and would cost a minimum of 30 euro for postage. I told them to forget it, and learn some geography. You can buy pao shirts here in Glasgow, so I'm sure they are available in all major cities. Doubt you'd get the proper name/number printing though.
  17. What age is he now? And could someone list all the clubs he has been with over the years?
  18. I don't understand the belief that Lybe wouldn't score against his beloved Pao. Remember why he is no longer there, so will have a point to prove. I don't believe he'd celebrate too much, but he wouldn't think twice about sticking a chance away. Can't see anything but a Pao victory. 3-1, Lybe to score!!
  19. Rangers have signed Frank de Boer until the end of the season. He will apparently earn 'only' 3000 Euros a week, and his only aim is to keep his place in the Dutch national side for Portugal. I spoke to a friend who saw the OSFP-Galatasaray match and thought he was terrible that night. Is buying a 33 year old in decline a positive move for a club?
  20. I know things have changes since I left Greece a few years back, with attendances falling due to the violence (HAS IT GOT MUCH WORSE?). But even then, I saw fights at virtually every game, no matter the size. Hell, if there were no visiting fans they would fight amongst themselves. I know this is not the ideal circumstances to enjoy watching soccer, but you at least knew what you were going into. The way I see it, the minority of soccer fans who are carrying out all this bullshit get it out of their system at matches. I have lived in a few countries, but have never felt safer walking the streets, drinking in bars or riding on buses, metro etc, than in Greece. I'd put up with a couple of 'risky' hours on a Sunday for the sake or the rest of the week anytime.
  21. That really is a surprise. Jimmy Nicholl was regarded a certainty for the job. If it's all down to compensating his club Dunfermline, I'm sure he'll be a pit pissed.
  22. Brewster stated in the press on Monday that he is considering returning to Greece to end his career. At 37, does anyone reckon a top division club will give him a chance? I expect he will eventually take up coaching, but is hoping to play for at least one more season. His club Dunfermline have offered him a new contract 50% less than his current one, which has been rejected.
  23. The very same Craig (or Gregg, as it was translated in Nikaia). He has formed a good partnership with Stevie Crawford, and are probably the top strikeforce outside the Old Firm (well Celtic at least!!). It's a pity he never received any international recognition while at his prime in Greece.
  24. Whatever happened to Suker? Didn't he always say he'd end his career with Pao?
  25. Craig Brewster was voted man of the match yesterday, as Dunfermline defeated Rangers 2-0. Not a bad way to celebrate his 37th birthday!! Not got a lot of pace (never really had too much), and may not always last an entire game, but the way he can hold up play and distribute the ball is fantastic. His contract is up at the end of the season. It'll be interesting to see if anyone will give him one last contract.
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