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  1. A complete joke of a red card. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gd2fxI80xoI
  2. It wasn't meant to be.One less Hibs fan on this earth is something to be celebrated.Anyway........this thread was about Sotirios Kyrgiakos before it became crapped on. Since he's know longer a Rangers player,my buisness here is done.Thanks for all the info you guys provided,it was most appreciated.I'd like to know where Soti ends up playing and how his career progresses so I hope the nonsence stops and this thread can continue. As for Mr.Ethnikistis,I'll pop back in here after the Le Guen revolution is in full flight and maybe we can revise opinions. ;) Cheers.
  3. Whao........what went on here? The Edinburgh scumbuckets have clumped together to buy a PC? :LOL: Who did they get to type the message is my next question? Go back to injecting yourselves with HIV you ratbags.
  4. Kyrgiakos has been very inconsistent in the past months.Sometimes brilliant like he was in the CL........other times very poor. He blew it with the fans after being red carded at Celtic for clapping the official........not long after both Ronney and Beckham got a red for doing the same thing.Some other stupid pieces of poor judgement caused a lot of fans to dislike him. I still think when he is focused he is a very good central defender.A shame it's worked out this way. Good luck in the future Sotirios.
  5. Yes,they did murder us but only scored one goal :D Is it a coincidence that Soti & Andrews were the centre back partnership and we looked very solid in that department when uder a lot of Porto pressure? I don't think so. The bad thing is that this result could help McLeish stay as manager.A doubt it as it seems to me that the team are just not giving him their all.I think there is a lot of unrest amongst the players regarding the managers selections and tactics. I agree......Celtic are a poor team.It only makes it funnier when they get pumped by the next quality side they will play.
  6. A red card right at the end of Sunday's 0-0 draw with Dundee Utd for Kyrgiakos.It seems frustration with ineffective teamates got the better of him and he lost his discipline for a moment.I should say that his first yellow card was never a booking,so he can count himself unlucky to be sent off.Rodriguez and Soti are now combining very well in central defence...........I never thought 'd say that :D Another dismal performance by Rangers,hopefully they'll raise another couple of gears for the CL on Wednesday.
  7. That's the dilemma Batigol.........he only has a years contract.It will be up next summer.If Greece qualify for the World Cup and Soti is selected and performs well then there will be a lot of interest in him as a free agent again.If he continues to show good CL form then he will be a hot property come the winter transfer window and our club night wish to cash in.I do hope that doesn't happen and we get him signed for longer now.
  8. Oh no!!I haven't upset you as well,have I? :rolleyes: Yes,that's me.
  9. If Kyrgiakos wants to play in Italy then he did a superb job of showing his ability tonight against Inter.Okay........no one was in the stadium watching but......... Martins and Julio Cruz are a good strike force and Soto never gave them a sniff of goal,particularly Cruz - he looked like a baby at times during the game he was so overpowered. A silly goal from a deflected free kick won the game for Inter but Sotirios will be playing in Italy soon........perhaps even in January.His performance tonight was really excellent.He even has made Rodriguez look more like a player,which I thought was impossible. The best player on the pitch by a long way.Defended great on the ground and in the air,passing was solid and was starting attacks.In the 2nd half he was more effective than our winger,Lovenkrands,at getting the ball on the left wing.I was waiting for his equalising goal with 10mins to play but it wasn't to be. The better he plays the more sure it is he will leave sooner.I don't know whether to smile or frown.
  10. Back of his head my arse!! It was a great twisting of the neck glancing header right in off the post.What was he doing in attack in the 1st place? A great performance from Soti who is making up for the lack of decent defensive comrades.Rodriguez,supposedly his replacement,was shocking again. Any bad feeling that some fans may have had after the carry on during the summer will be well and truly gone after this.A towering performance. Good to see you back,big man!! :tup:
  11. Not so sure about that Batigol.PAO are the ones that insisted on a fee for the player.Soti,himself,considered he was a free agent as did Rangers.FIFA have advised Rangers that Kyrgiakos is a free agent and no fee will be paid.
  12. What the hell!!?? We've wasted about 4 pages on this and we're back where we started :LOL: It appears that Soti has sacked his Italian agent who Rangers had a big problem with.(And other clubs as well it would seem)Now the deal is back on........not confirmed but I think the 'miss 10% of games and lose a lot of money' clause has been dropped from the deal...........which I feel is correct.Hopefully the big man will be back in the team right away and push to get his Greek place back as well. Rangers have really F***ed about on this.We told Soti the deal is over.......spent the money for Soti on a transfer for Rodriguez of Monaco,who is nowhere near as good,then decide to sign Soti after all. Anyone want a French,shitbag of a centre half? Is it true that FIFA have told the Greek FA that Kyrgiakos is a free agent and that PAO will not be getting a transfer fee?
  13. Does Kyrgiakos have a club yet? Are Panathanaikos going to play him and when does the Greek league season begin? Thanks.
  14. I hear Soti is signing for Schalke in Germany,only if it is a free transfer otherwise they will be going to UEFA to fix the deal.It seems the Germans have the same idea as Rangers on this.I wonder who could be telling them that ;) Super-Soto,I've not heard anything about Celtic signing anyone.They had a look at Alpay,the Turk and a Chinese guy.These guys must be mad if they want to go there.The team is falling apart..............and I'm loving it :LOL: Pity Sotirios is not part of the celebrations anymore.We are signing Rodriguez from Monaco so there is really no way back for Soti at Ibrox.
  15. Soti was spotted at Ibrox this afternoon watching the friendly with Borussia Moenchengladbach.................I'd have thought he would have been out of town by now.Some people are saying that the deal maybe still alive.I guess we'll find out soon enough.Kyrgiakos has had some time to find a new club and it seems that Rangers were the only club who made an offer.Bolton manager is still in Thailand for pre-season...........and the league season will be starting very soon.I hope he is playing his cards correctly.
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