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  1. 8 hours ago, Bananas said:

    I fully get what you’re saying.  The problem is, who becomes the arbiter of what can and can’t be said.  And how do you enforce it.  It is its own slippery slope.  Say what you want, but when you raise your hand you’ve crossed a line.  That’s my philosophy and it makes things a lot simpler....

    I don't think the "slippery slope" principle is good in many real-life situations. We must recognize gradations. Same with almost everything else in life. In addition, we have to learn to recognize the false equivalency trap--that everything is of equal value or offense. For example, lying about a sexual affairs (or having a bad headache when you told others "I'm fine") is not the same as lying on a witness stand on a capital case. 

    Anyway, there have to be standards; it's matters a lot in civil society. For me it's: evidence and reason. Sadly, too many people aren't familiar with logical arguments, and what constitutes evidence.  Obviously, we don't have to have courtroom  standards in everything we do, but we always have to filter out noise and idiotic arguments if we are to have a decent dialogue going.

    And, this is the point: how can we have a reasonable dialogue if everything goes?..... So, sure, let anyone say what they want--in the public square and on their own domains. But if you have a medium, a forum, a classroom, etc, you have to start enforcing certain standards!

  2. 8 hours ago, AchillesHeel said:

    No one is obliged to listen to anyone....just change the viewing content or better yet turn it off....and of course privately run media can refuse to allow access to whomever they choose. All that being said forbidding any one to voice their opinion, however ludicrous it might be, is the first sign of fascism....regardless of the ideology behind the act. Community standards today equates to the family values diatribe presented during the Reagan years....an excuse to exercise censorship and stifle differing views. A slippery slide if there ever was one.

    I get that you're in favor of free expression, and like a true progressive you want to allow for challenges to the "prevailing wisdom."  That's good. I'm in favor of that too.

    However.....a good argument has to be articulated on the grounds of reason and evidence. In the past, and in all authoritarian regimes, this standard was not adhered to, and that's why traditional societies were hard to change, because the status quo didn't want change.

    I could even argue that the danger of authoritarianism increases if we dispose of such standards, because then every opinion is perceived of equal value. Like "the leader" would say, "trust me" not the fake...whatever.  People don't know what to believe.

    Let's say you're a teacher and you're having a discussion in a classroom, while trying to teach your students about rational/critical thinking, evaluating sources, analyzing issues. What standards would you adhere to?...  How much time would you give to student Alex Jones?...

    The common currency of understanding (and of debating) has to be reason and evidence; we have to preserve this standard.

    The arguments we witnessed here a couple years ago were of the Alex Jones/Info Wars type.....  And, that every crazy idea and every conspiracy merited exposure and discussion on this forum...  And, that became a demand, much like AJ is now screaming about it when he's being kicked out of media places.

    Everybody has a right to their opinion but not to their own facts.

  3. I don't know if you guys remember a couple years ago when we had people here who were spewing the Info Wars (Alex Jones) garbage, like arsonists....   We had to make a decision to stop this nonsense that did not contribute to the discussion in a rational and civil manner.

    Apparently ..our action is now also being taken by many news aggregates and distributors.

    After Alex Jones’ Infowars got the boot from Apple’s Podcasts app Sunday evening when the company removed five of the six Infowars podcasts from the platform, Spotify followed suit and removed the Alex Jones Show from its podcast channel, too. From there the purge broadened: Facebook moved to “unpublish” four Infowars pages—not just individual posts, as it had previously done—saying that they had violated its community standards. Then the Google-owned YouTube banned the Alex Jones Channel, which counted 2.4 million followers at the time.  [Source]

    I'm an ardent defender of the free speech, but this doesn't mean anyone has a right to oblige others to listen to him or use others' media to spread stupidity, ignorance, and hate.

  4. Fire is inevitable, including deadly occurrences in populated areas, but how societies organize themselves matters a lot. In corrupt systems, with a long history of bad laws, poor enforcement of good laws, and a culture of weak civic duty, bad things turn into disasters.

    In the Attiki fire, everything that could go wrong did. From the person who decided to burn stuff on their property to the gov response to individual actions.  Unfortunately, catastrophes like this one (fire or flood) happen too often and very little is done to prevent the next one.

    This picture is an example of a bad practice.... from the enforcement of traffic code to the car owners who don't think (or care) about allowing a way for emergency vehicles, or an evacuation to pass....   Cars parked on both sides of a street..... and, then cars meet face to face with nowhere to go.

    greek fire.jpg

  5. On 7/23/2018 at 9:18 PM, tantra129 said:

    i remember way back when ... i said he's dangerous and you told me about checks and balances.

    glad we agree now

    Ha! I don't remember how I said it, but it's like saying there's a good justice system, honest police, etc.... Then crime happens! Same with having good health, etc.

    Authoritarians can take control everywhere, including democracies, though it may be harder in the latter, because of checks and balances. Case in point the Muller investigation, free media, Congress, courts,etc. All of these have often defied Trump, and have curtailed his authoritarian tendencies. These C & B may even bring him down.

    Trump is dangerous because he so unqualified, and because he's destroying the institutions that matter in a democracy.

    On 7/21/2018 at 12:55 PM, js1000 said:

    Is treason not punishable by death in the US? Or are rich folk above the law? No wonder those Russians fixed the election over in the US, they must be having a right laugh, however I heard the British also had a hand in rigging the US election, an English company called Cambridge Analytica was also exposed, hope it doesn't ruin our special relationship. 

    The difference is Putin and the KGB are involved--there's no doubt about it. So, it's a direct attack against our institutions by a hostile foreign power. Private companies from other countries may be involved too, but it's not the same. I doubt very much that the British gov acted like the Russians.

    At any rate, Russia must have something on Trump... How else can you explain his stance? Where are the Repubs and the cons who never miss a chance to declare their super-patriotism???!!  Imagine if Obama or any Dem prez did what Trump has been doing......  

    As for treason?..... Well.....

  6. On 5/28/2018 at 12:24 PM, AchillesHeel said:

    Who the hell writes his speeches....they make him sound like a total clown....not that he needs any help in that department but you would think they would be concentrating on damage control.

    He goes off script (he reads at 5th grade level anyway) most of the time. He can't be controlled. Remember when the "official view" was the travel ban didn't target 1 particular religion (which is unconstitutional)? But Trump kept talking about "banning Muslims" and the courts kept ruling against his executive orders?....

    Anyway, he's a classic megalomaniac and a sociopath, who believes he's does no wrong since he's been so successful. Look he made it all the way to the US presidency on lies, scams, and self-promotion!  As a con artist, he's one of the best. Yes, it's a skill, and it's often rewarded ..bigly....

    I don't understand how any reasonable person would not see him for what he is.  If I were a conservative, I'd say .... He's the worst of the worst; we/the US should never have such an incompetent, treasonous, dangerous, illiterate/ignorant, buffoon, who's destroying our institutions, etc. etc...  But, he delivers the Supreme Court to us (conservatives), gives big tax breaks, and removes regulations (obstacles) from the marketplace.... And, that's why I oppose the liberals who want to do the opposite.   I'd be honest with my assessment of his even if I liked what he does in those 3 areas.

    But, such statements are rare especially in the conservative landscape. Xtian nationalists love him.


  7. I've disagreed with other presidents on policy and ideological grounds. This is something different, because this guy is a man-child,  semi-literate, and totally unqualified (therefore, dangerous) to be president.

    Look how he publicly derides our intelligence agencies and experts on national security, but praises Putin! Because, heck, Putin made him an "incredible offer" to investigate the Russian attack on our political system!  Treasonous?

    He met with Putin for 2 hours no advisers present. Dan Coats, his National Security chief contradicted Trump about the Russian role. It must have been embarrassing when Coats was caught off guard about Putin visit. ...    There's a consensus in the intelligence community, and in the higher levels of gov. that this president is incompetent.

    Anyone who still thinks Trump is a "straight shooter" or is qualified is, in my opinion, a moron... (I don't mean "moron" as an insult but as a descriptive)

  8. On 7/11/2018 at 9:50 PM, paokara777 said:

    It makes you wonder how they produce so many good footballers with a smaller population and weaker league system than Greece

    I know this topic has been beaten to death already many times but we really lack a youth academy and grass roots development system in our country.

    Croatia, Uruguay, Portugal, the Scandinavian countries, etc, all produce very good teams with populations equal or lot less than Greece.

    As in many other cases, the internal culture maters a lot. The Greek league--run by Greeks 100%--has been a disaster. And, if it weren't for king Otto, Greece wouldn't have won the 2004 Euro

  9. ^^^^^

    Somehow I don't think Greece would have displayed the same form as Croatia.... not even 10% of it.

    I think Croatia deserved to be there. And, against England, they were stunned and lacked confidence in the first few 20 minutes, but then they hit England hard and had better chances over all.  Greece would have stayed back, behind a bus, hoping to get lucky on a rare counter or through penalties.

    The semifinal game was one of the better ones this WC.  I'm looking forward Croatia playing France.

    Sorry to say this about the Greek team--they play crappy football, the type you'd have to pay me to watch if I wasn't supporting the team.

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  10. I was supporting Spain, but they way they played, they should be out. Kudos to the Russians who died on the field defending. Lucky on the penalty, but...    Spain looked that they wanted to walk into the net in order to score.

    As for Den-Cro the luckier one went through. Croats didn't look all that good today though.  But against Russia anything can happen. They've got a lucky draw/bracket. 

    Belgium got the weakest opponent and should advance. I hope Mexico beats Brazil, and Sweden beats the Swiss. I also want to see England v. Columbia, because this is the best chance and bracket for the English to advance all the way to the final.  I'm not convinced they have it but let's see this game first.


  11. This is amateur time, if not idiocy.  It's interesting though that once Oly became vulnerable (and Marinakis isn't going to spend like before, plus the CL $ is gone), now they want to make the league more competitive.......... Anyway, yes, it has to be more competitive.

    No matter what they do, the credibility of the sport is lost. Only the very fanatic fans still bother to attend games. TV viewership is way down because of the bad quality and the corruption of the league.

    Even though I can see the VAR's usefulness, I'm more of a purist in terms of a long season with no playoffs. There are 2 "derbies" a season per 2 teams for the league title. If they want tournaments, do it for the cup.

    I'd also make the cup more competitive, but having knock out games*, and make the lesser teams (the league standings at time of draw) have home advantage.

    * in double games, usually the stronger team prevails; with one knockout game a lesser team would have more chances.

  12. well, I also like the fair play rule as a tie breaker; maybe another one after this (instead of a lucky draw) would be who scored earlier in a game.

    From the remaining teams, I'd like to see advance:

    Uruguay, Spain, Den/Cro, Argentina, Mexico, Jap/Belg, England, Sweden.

  13. I love it.  I watched the last few minutes of G v. K (after Sweden went up 3-0).  Interesting. Korea had its chances and even though their 2 goals were lucky, they deserved something out of this game.

    Germany finished last in the group!  They didn't deserve to advance.  Sweden showed that it can be a big headache for any big (or bigger) team in this tourney.


  14. I started watching the Germany - Korea game and it's been boring, but the Mexico - Sweden has been entertaining.  Sweden plays much better but Mexico threatens too. I think Sweded have a very good team. They qualified by knocking out big teams, including Italy. I'd like if Sweden moved on. Berg had a couple very good chances to score.

    After watching many games, I don't think there's a most favorite team......

    I'm looking forward to Serbia-Brazil (rooting for Serbia), and Uraguay-Portugal (rooting for U), and Spain - Russia (Spain of course)




  15. So far, I like, Croatia, Spain, Uruguay (after beating Russia), Germany and England. I don't like Brazil, Portugal, though it may be my bias since I don't like those teams in general.  I'm watching France v. Denmark. Rooting for the latter.

    What's your take so far?

  16. I know it's not traditional, but the VAR has changed important calls and altered results. This is huge. I'm on the side that it's mostly helpful.

    I still think the "human element" should be the decider.  But, don't we want to have accurate calls as much as possible? The technology that shows whether the ball has crossed the goal line is very important and helpful, for example.

    As for the managers calling for review, I'm OK with that too. Limit those calls to 2, let's say, like in US football, where there's VAR plus a team has 2 challenges.

    The VAR--If applied carefully and fairly--can help fix some of the problems plaguing corrupt leagues like Greece's. It's shameful that a modern country, with a league of its own creation 100%, is totally f*ked up. Yes, it's shameful to call foreign refs when they can't find good domestic refs.  Much like the infighting Greeks who look to foreign powers to guide them. (and then they complain of foreign domination/interference.....)

  17. I think the Swiss was the better team over all.

    I'm not convinced about Brazil, nor Argentina. They'll need lots of luck or a different show to advance far (do they have it?)

    Mexico, Croatia have been impressive, same with Russia, but Spain and Portugal (don't like), could show up big.

  18. ^^^^^

    I'd have no problem if they called themselves "Salvomacedonian".... But, again as many have said already, they didn't, and Greece for decades has been rejecting anything/everything that had "Macedonia" in a name.  I'm old enough to remember discussing the same point in the 1990s, that no word "Macedonia, Macedonja, or SalvoMakedonia" was acceptable to most Greeks and their gov. Those of us in the minority then were being called names for suggesting this very name or any name the showed that "Macedonia" was not Greek.  Macedonia was only Greek--as many still suggest.  

    [Do those Greeks who don't want anyone else Macedonian mean that all Macedonia is only Greek?]

    In the 30 years since, Greece lost the game....  Now you say the sacred ..word is acceptable to you for them to use if it starts with "Slavo"....  

    I'm guessing that if the North M is rejected by Greece now, that country will be known as simply Macedonia.


    On 6/17/2018 at 10:15 PM, AchillesHeel said:

    I'm no expert on the history of the area but it was in the 1930s that the name first started being used for Skopje. At the time it was under Nazi rule and later fell under communist rule and Tito continued to use the name for the region....obviously there were no discussions over the name and nothing could be done about it then. When communist Yugoslavia fell and the region seceded they decided to use Macedonia based on the fact that they were able to use it when the world was divided in 2 distinct spheres.

    I'm no diplomat either but I think a 12 yr old can come up with better ideas to be able to discern between greek and slavic "macedonia"....I mean northern Greece is referred to nowadays as Greek Macedonia so why wouldn't they be called the republic of Slavomacedonia...and their language called Slavomacedonian. Is that to much? how about they spell the name in english the way they pronounce it : Makedonija....there are many different options that could have been taken but mysteriously weren't even suggested.... and it was up to Greece to protect their own interests...why would the EU or NATO give a crap about all this?


  19. I don't think the Skopjans asked Greece about the name 27 years ago. So there was nothing to negotiate, nothing on the table so to speak.

    The vast majority of Greeks don't want Skopje to use "Macedonia" in a name. But, I really don't see what Greece would have done. OK, maybe better diplomacy....  Effective diplomacy usually requires bargaining power...

    Internally, Skopje leaders couldn't give in regarding the name. They were willing to lose economically by going against Greece, though the other important players who could have pressured FYROM began to lose interest over the years, and now the big players see Skopje gov as the responsible one who has made concessions regarding the name.


    PS>If a country has territorial claims against another, names don't matter, as they don't change anything.

    PS2>Could it be said that Greece has territorial claims if it considers Macedonia only Greek? [I don't think Greece does, but for the sake of argument...]

  20. DJT hates the Iranian deal (because Obama dealt) but, at best, he'd get the same deal from DPR.


    The latest: “The crooked Clintons are the most corrupt people in the world,” Colbert said on Wednesday night, doing his Trump impersonation. “Get me their lawyer!”  [Trump hired a Clinton's lawyer during his impeachment]



  21. I just watched PAO play Real Madrid*.... One of the best basketball games I've seen, especially against one of the best European clubs. 95-67 rout.  OK, PAO needs 2 more wins to advance but this was amazing.  If the maintain this on Thu, I think the team is peaking at the right moment.

    These games may be the last ones PAO plays in the Euroleague as DG has said he'll take the team out of EL and into FIBA.  


    *can you imagine if the football club did something similar?...?

  22. He's responsible for hiring coaches, etc.

    But, I'd be upset if I spent more than all teams combined and got a team that's not really good and with players with a casual attitude.

    Is it true that Oly will be playing with U20 players for rest of season?

  23. AEK will win the title this season, and they deserve it. They haven't lost a game since Oct. In my opinion, the PAOK goal was offside since a PAOK player was interfering. Anyway, PAOK shot themselves in the foot several times this year.

    As for the game AEK-PAO, I'm only hopeful that PAO shows up to play, because with what's going on in the club, I cannot expect anything more. I just read players haven't been paid since last year. Plus, the team may lose 3 points, and even worse..... Not knowing whether you'll get paid or where the team will be at end of season, having lost half of the starting roster since the start of season..... I'm surprised they play at the level they're playing.....


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  24. On 3/11/2018 at 9:53 AM, jvc said:

    Middle East.  ....  I'm sure if this happens in England,  no team would dare taking this to court.....and do you know why?  Because they care about the product first.   In Greek culture,  they care about themselves first....it's a culture of feeling proud of cheating the system.   No matter the outcome of this....the Greek crap product will continue to be crap,  and the season is spoiled from every angle.  If anyone is wondering why the league is cheap,  poor fan attendance around the league,  low T.V. revenues, 10 dollar ticket price....the reason is,  the product and management of the product is poor.

    My thoughts exactly. This mess is 100% Greek-made.


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