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  1. thank you, my thoughts exactly. I wish more of our fans saw the (unfortunate) reality...as for the kind of play you describe, I agree too. I disagre that Shoum should stay until the end of the season though. He must leave now, shake things up, and the new coach should give an ultimatum to the players.... Give all to win the title, or be-gone by the end of the season.
  2. File, I live on the other side, the US, but I'm a PAO fan to the bone, and it hurts me to see our team in this horrible shape. However, we must be critical and face reality, and, yes, boycot like PAO fans have done in the past. My father used to tell me that if there was crapy play fans stayed away, and would not eat "koutohorto" or follow like sheep ...like Gavroi. It was when OLY was playing "giourousi" system. OK, Vardinogiannis is not about to sell the team, but I ask you: who pulls the strings in PAO. He does. So, you want to be the king, accept the blame too. We suck, and if he doesn't see that, then he's senile, an old idiot who doesn't know when to leave. With the team we've got this year, I'm realistic, we can only try for a good show in the Greek league. Unfortunately, the way the internal climate is, the way we play, the stupid coach (who I don't think he sees what the rest of us do), etc. we are NOT making ANY progress. Are we????? I hope for a loss by Stuttgard (since I don't hope for anything in Europe this year), so MAYBE this loss will put things in motion. I hope so. Finally, I'd like to ask you? How/why did you become a PAO fan? Being without a title for so many years, I have to remind you friends, we are losing thousands (perhaps a generation) of young fans. Think about it. Success brings in more fans. Memory will only serve so long, and only for the older of us who have experienced the "good old days". We need fresh success, not only for us (We won't change our love for PAO) but for the younger generations.
  3. I won't tire to say: We have no team to compete in Europe (CL/UEFA). Our only goal is the Greek league, and even there we're playing terrible. We threw away 5 points (Aegaleo, Chalkidona), games that we should clear easily IF we want a title. It hurts to say, but I'm hoping for a thrashing by Stuttgard, as this MIGHT trigger changes in the team, NOW not later. A shake-up, PERHAPS, might awaken the team and start being a little more competitive in the Greek league. We don't need distractions, UEFA talk and other BS. We have to be honest with ourselves gents. This year we suck! So, we lose big this week, Shoum goes, bench a few players, and bring in another coach, change the team climate..... Maybe, IF we're lucky, we might challenge OLY. The longer it takes for a drastic change, the longer PAO will be without any title. Goddamit, it's been 7 years with NOTHING. ALL THE REST IS CRAP! We're not building anyting now but a pile of dunk. It stinks!
  4. Ok, Chalkidona has been playing surprisingly well, BUT, come on now.... We should clear these games IF we had a good team. This is how our team has been losing titles, dropping games to lesser teams. Of course, in past years we could field a reasonable team, but this year WE SUCK!!! Brothers, we need a revolution NOW. What do we have to show for this season???? NOTHING. And, although it would hurt to have these results, IF I felt we are building a new team, I'd bite my lip and hope for the future. I have NO hope right now. The same downrotten climate is in the team as well. Shoum must go. Dioikisi should resign. NOW. Bravo to Halkidona! They play with heart.
  5. :o :o :o :o :o :o :o That would be nice.... but totally unrealistic in my humble opinion. Look, I could be more hopeful if we had played like ...(gasp) OLY..... We've been disgraceful! Period. Further. I think this kind of dreaming is bad because it postpones the needed solutions and focus the team should have. Even the Greek league is a very, very, very hard goal for us now, but it is the ONLY reasonable chance we've got this year. Forget CL, forget UEFA, I'm very sorry to say. I love PANATHA but I've seen how we've played, I've seen the coach, and I've seen how stupid management/ownership is/are. I wish it were different. I wish I were wrong. I hope I'm wrong. The only hope for a title is that Shoum goes.
  6. Goddammit. Today I read that Vardi hosted a dinner for all PAO and said Shoum has his ..confidence! What the heck?? File Evergreen, if I may say, forget UEFA this year. We ain't got it. We should focus on the Greek championship, because if not us there is NO other team to challenge OLY. Can you image 8 consecutive titles?? Shoum has to go now. Bring in someone who knows the team and the Greek mentality and hope for the best... Focus on the protathlima only. If by a miracle we go the UEFA, this will be the worst thing. We will be thrashed again, and lose ground in the Greek league. We have to start builting PAO now, not with SHoum though. I'm happy to see Halkidona and other teams like that do well, but we must win this Sunday.
  7. I believe it's time for action... NOW Like the infidels that declare a ..Fatwah against their enemies, we should too! OUST to all those unfit to be associated with PAO. Nobody should pay for a ticket to attend a PAO game. Instead they should gather outside the stadium and jeer. They should protest the management, the players, the coach, everyone who's brought the team to this low level. Starting tomorrow. These clowns don't deserve to be in PAO. What a farce!!!! And, we, the Panathes abroad should think of something that we can do. If any one know how to legally harrass those ass***** should let us know. Let's do something. :box:
  8. When will we bring people that are fit for PAO????!!! First, they have to pass a history test! Shoum thought that PAO played well!!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry, this is not how I want to see MY TEAM playing. I thought we were OVER the old view: try not to be rezili.... WHAT????? PAO should kick ass, like we used to. Oloi tous enai poly mikroi gia ton Panatha mas. Listen, this season is lost (again :( ") Kick all the ahristous out. NOW, not next week, now. What an itopathia.... I'm very pissed off right now. I'm not surprised by the result. I was expecting. Fine, but we are not building anything good now. OUST. Os pote palikaria tha zoume sta stena..... Enough!
  9. Is there such a thing as PAO Hall of Fame? If not they should start one now! The younger ones (players and fans) should know what PAO means. As a young fan in the 70s and 80s, I have to add all the boys that took the team to Wembley, including Pouskas. Then we have great players between 85-2000. I agree with all the above choices, plus, Oikonomopoulos (the greatest goalkeep on his good day), Konstantinou, Delikaris, Kamaras, Filakouris, Grammos (on a good day), Kapsis, Kyrastas, Galakos, Alvarez, and so many others. But, do you see that a very good player becomes GREAT when it's associated with SUCCESS?????!!!! I mean, we remember so many names because they were successful, domestically or internationally. In the last several years.... very disappointing.... I'm sure that many very nice players have come to PAO in the last 7 years, but few will be remembered in the future. That's too bad.
  10. I'm sorry to see my team lose, but this wasn't too painful. I only hope we exit the CL this year without another thrashing... I'm very disappointed, and I hate to be talking like this about our PANATHA, but, folks, this is the bitter truth. We are not of Euro caliber. I like all the Greek teams to do well in Europe, but with the early exit of all 3, then all will have to concentrate on the Greek league.... Unfortunately, I'm not confident that we have the team to competer domestically either.. What else can I say? I wish I were in Greece to do something... It feels like Tourkokartia.... We're fighting for survival now.... :(
  11. I hope that we are not beaten up so badly. We need lots of luck. And, if by any chance, we get a good result, I don't want to hear that from now on things will be OK. WE NEED A CHANGE IN ATTITUDE AND IN PEOPLE. Look, we've been down before, but it's rarely we're so screwed up. So far I haven't seen the team playing good ball. I haven't seen cohesion either. I don't think Shoum has been making the right choices, but he hasn't had the big players PAO needs. And, if we are thrashed by the Germans, we need to make clear that drastic change is to take place immediately. They should bring someone who knows the Greek mentality and how things operate in Greece, and most importantly PAO's history. What happened to Rocha, Kyrastas? And, you know, don't laugh, but bring Saravakos and other great players to work with the current players. We've lost our connection to our great past. As for the game on Wednesday, our boys should run for 90 minutes, because the Germans, like the Brits, don't quit until the final whistle. I'm praying to Zeus...
  12. I'm upset but not surprised. When I said early on that we didn't have a good team this year and we should forget the Euro run and concentrate on the Greek league, many disagreed. Well, it seems that unless a big shake up happens soon the team might not even make it to the next champions league next year. What also pisses me off is that we are not even playing like a team that's improving. The same s%$#! every game. We got some lucky results and went first for a while, but in the LONG run a weak team cannot make it. Perhaps the Greek cup is our only hope--where we might show up for a game here and there. On the other hand, I'm glad that we lost to Aegaleo and to a bitter rival, and second, that this might trigger the needed changed. Though I'm not holding my breath. What else can I say? Dioikisi, management, AND the players who have no heart or sense of history should be ASHAMED of themselves.
  13. No, no, no! No-way friends. What makes you think that we can go through with this team? Anything can happen? Sure, if you have only 1 game to play and with luck you surprise the opponent. Bingo, you go through. Otherwise, we need a strong team to play 6 games and we don't have it! period. We'll get 3-4 points, and hopping for not being beaten too badly. Look, I've been a PAO fan all my life and I suffer when the team doesn't do well. But, I cannot live up in the clouds somewhere. From what I've seen so far: There is no cohesion, no glue, that brings the team together. Have many holes in our defense, and our strikers are dis-jointed as the center cannot feed the ball to them well. It's not that we play well but we are unlucky. Please, watch the team as it plays the whole game and tell me if there is a smooth play and if you get the confidence that those professional players are at ease in their roles and with eachother. Furthermore, I don't see a champions culture in PAO right now. From the management to the players and the coach. I think we should focus on the Greek league, try to develop CONSISTENCY, and work out the kinks and put a team TOGETHER. Win the championship (it's about time) and built on this success for the future. I disagree with many of you whose every other word is Europe. Yes, European play brings you fame, fortune and bragging rights. BUT, BUT, but, we've got it WRONG! First, we prove that you kick ass in your league and then we go and play with the big boys. We're trying the other way around. "We play with the big boys so who cares about the other Greek teams". WRONG! WRONG! Because, it's not we're exactly bringing in the euro trophies in, right? (like our basketball team) Then you can say, we're kicking ass in Europe who can affort to be less attentive to the local stuff. :whistle: And, finally, ALL the big guys in Europe have already kicked ass in their local leagues, and their run in Europe is a CONTINUATION of their success! :box:
  14. Sorry boys, but I don't think we are that good this year to be serious players in the CL. I agree with many of you, but I also think that since we'll get an early exit we should win a Greek championship. I know fame and pride comes from Euro play, but I want to win something sometime soon, because I want to tell my son someday that PAO has won a few trophies.... (and not ..a quarter of a century ago!) I have no real grasp of our coach, but although he'll be the sacrificial lamb, other things must change before PAO becomes a super team. That's all.
  15. You're right on! I don't want to repeat the same points you've made, but let me say this. A great team becomes great by playing and beating other great teams, not Kallithea, Ofi and Panahaiki. PAO right now doesn't have the people with the correct attitude and a winning mentality. From top to bottom. We're breeding a losers' culture. Money is not always the solution. I've known many teams (ie. New York Mets) that the have the highest payroll after the NY Yankees and they're dead last. Really bad team. And, if once every many years they show signs of being competivive and climb up in the standings, they CHOKE in the crucial games. Like we CHOKED in Rizoupoli. Don't tell me that we don't have the money or Greece is a small country and other garbarge..... I'll point to PORTO, yes, from Portugal. I'm fed up. The losers must go now. :tdown:
  16. As long as the players don't have the heart and the pride that they're playing for a team with lots of history, then I don't think Markarian or anybody else could have prevented the shameful show on Tuesday. I saw that most of the players were afraid to mark tightly or accept the ball and do something with it. If a team psychologically has the feeling of the loser, then nothing can be done at that point. We walked on the field like we did against OLY in Rizoupoli last season. You're defeated even before kick-off. I hope that something awakens the team and play well against AEK this Sunday, but I'm afraid that AEK has the upper hand right now. I hope I'm wrong, but we'll see in a few days.............
  17. A draw? NOPE. We must win. If I were in Greece, I'd join my brothers and make clear to those idiots who run, and play for, the team that they have no more leeway. Enough is enough. Of course, I know we suck, because the talent is questionable, and we play like sissies, with no heart, no pride. I'll keep saying it: the nootropia of the losers is all over the club. We should demand that the whole doikikisi must resign. Fresh faces, ideas NOW. I mean if they had any sense of responsibility they should be leaving NOW. Then I would have a meeting of all the players, the new dioikisi and representatives of the fans, and ask each and every player whether they understand the history of PANATHINAIKOS. I'd ask the to swear that they would give it ALL, and then watch very carefully how they play in the next few games. I've played competive football and I know this: You may lose because the other team is better prepared, has more talent, bad luck, bad refs, etc. HOWEVER, you sweat bullets and you give 100% effort. You act PROFESSIONALLY. From what I've seen, many of our players were hiding during the last game. They would not mark tight. They were cowards. This is absolutely UN-ACCEPTABLE. Not for us, not for our history. Oust.
  18. I'm very disappointed and humiliated by this defeat. At least we lost to a great team. After going 3 for 3, I still urged caution because we hadn't played against a good team. This was a test. I see that 1. we don't have PSYCHE/ KARDIA to give it all. 2. we don't have the TALENT. Perhaps we now can focus on getting the Greek ..kypelo, and get a title after so many years, because we suck big time again. There is no internal CULTURE OF PRIDE AND GREATNESS in the club. And, those who think that by just spending more money to bring great players will do the trick are very MISTAKEN in my opinion. I can point to many clubs that have very high payrolls and good individual players, but the mentality of a LOSER permeates the club. Nothing good happens. And, even if the good players manage to climb up, at a critical moment they CHOKE! Sorry for the harsh words but I'm a true PAO fan and it hurts. We have to accept reality and force things to change. It's easy to say after 3 wins that we are this or that and will win this or that, only reality hit us hard at Old Traford. :box:
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