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  1. socceroos will be ready for the world cup after long time without a participation in WC
  2. Nakamura is a very good player i never doubt on his quality :tup: ,Johnny , which teams di du prefer ? rangers or celtic ?
  3. :huh: this week you won against Ofi and lose against an other cretan team ,i would thinking pao win
  4. :o 5-0 !!!! i feel sorry for you guys lets hope at least a win in the last two games good luck to pao
  5. another victory for sure ! GO AEK !!! 2-0
  6. you have to win against real and rosenborg now ...it still possible
  7. sorry i change my mind it s O V E R ... <_< very disapointing
  8. keep faith the game is not over com on !
  9. Miura was the best Japanese striker in the 90's the veteran Kazuyoshi Miura has signed a loan-deal with Sydney FC. good luck to him
  10. i see a win for Pao you show to us how to play good against paok and barça the last 2 weeks 0-1 go Pao ! :blink:
  11. im with you guys for this game ! i want to see your 1st victory tomorow 2-1 rivaldo double
  12. whoa !lybe was to make a double !
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